One Life to Live Spoilers & Scoops!

We haven’t done these in awhile and like I’ve said, I’m a bit behind on my One Life to Live, so bear with me.

Here’s the Scoop!

Love Lindsay? We do and the RUMOR mill says she may not be in Llanview much longer. Catherine Hickland is a Daytime Confidential favorite and Lindsay will be sorely missed. Supposedly there will be one more meeting for Bo and Lindsay, but that footage may hit the cutting room floor. Expect Bo to start flirting with Dallas,TPTB are attempting to see if real life chemistry can translate to reel life. However, Dallas is also rumored to be one of the murders coming soon, so fan response will dictate.

How does Clint react to Bo and Dallas?
Not well and this should cause some friction for Nora. Clint has other issues coming up as well.

Have you seen the Fall Preview?
Interesting tease of an Antonio – Jessica reunion or was the tease a Cristian – Jessica reunion?

Tess is still on her path of revenge and Jared has no idea he’s close to Natalie. What does Tess have planned? Natalie learns it straight from Tess. Expect Tess to ‘force’ a kiss on Jared when he least expects it. RUMORS have the Natalie captive storyline ending sooner than expected. Jared MAY be spending some time locked in there as well when he does not react as Tess expects. Does Natalie fake a seizure to get Tess to open the door?? Maybe.

Brody tells Shane they are going camping.
Where is he really taking Rex’s son? Brody won’t walk away from Shane but will Bo come in with the assist and dig up dirt on Brody? What exactly happened in Iraq?

Rex gets shot. While in surgery he will see Jenn, the woman we all thought was the love of his life, and Colin, in a game show type rendition of  "So you think you can be Shane Morasco’s dad?"

Langston’s fate is in a judge’s hands.
We told you A Martinez is already heading out of Llanview but he’ll drop a bombshell first and its Cole who sees Langston’s uncle with Clint. Will there be an explosion? It looks like things get explosive at LaBoulie with Dorian and Ray. Is Ray really dead? His body won’t be found.

Todd and Marty. Things continue to get hot and heavy between the two. Do they go all the way? RUMORS have Trevor St. John and Susan Haskell filming on closed sets. Closed sets usually mean love scenes, but in this instance it could mean Marty’s revenge.

SPOILERS say Todd will actually steal Starr’s child
! Dr. Joplin reports that the baby has died. Blair, Marcie and Starr all grieve over the lost baby, but Blair gets suspicious when they say Starr can not see her dead baby. What’s a mom to do? Mommy’s got a gun! Blair gets Shaun’s gun and goes after the doctor who confesses to participating in Todd’s plan.

While that’s all happening… John finally figures out Marty is Todd’s secret woman, he heads over to Todd’s for the final confrontation. Now it’s time for the salt boulders to roll. The rest of this storyline is being kept very hush hush, but we are trying here for you. So this is what we have heard. When Blair and John arrive at Todd’s, only Marty is there with a baby she does not want to part with. She has come to the realization that this must be her own grandchild and she won’t let go. No one can find Todd. Marty says she just remembered everything and has no idea where Todd is, but does she?

In an interesting twist, is Marty holding Todd hostage?
Does she kill him? Whatever she does, it’s probably less than he deserves. Death seems the likely option as there is some talk about Todd’s will floating out there and there is also talk of a possibility (get the boulders out) that Todd and Marty may get married. The ICK factor just grows.

Back to the Tess situation. What happens when Viki arrives on October 13? RUMORS have Viki pretending to be Niki. First to get the scoop from Tina, and then to get Tess to make way for Jessica. Her story then seems to move into Charlie’s orbit.

What happens to Tina?
Cord shows up to save Tina from Cain, who returns with Viki, and then takes Tina on a little getaway. This SHOULD be to accommodate Andrea Evans’ first out. When she returns, will Tina get a new love interest? Evans hinted in interviews that it may be someone already on canvas, and back in the day she was paired with Patrick London played by Robert S. Woods (Bo).

What about Cristian? It seems Vanessa will help him and she may even end up being the one responsible for the explosion that "kills" Ray. Will Vanessa and Cris hook up and leave Sarah high and dry? RUMORS have Sarah departing with her family and they seem to feed into those OLD RUMBLINGS that Justis Bolding would be leaving.

Will Allison return? Supposedly the "big secret" will still see the light of day. Who is Rex’s dad? RUMBLINGS are out there that  it may be a familiar villainous face. Who is Blair’s father? It’s who’s the daddy time on One Life to Live!

Tina kicked some serious ass on these SPOILERS!

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  1. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Clarification please….in your paragraph about Dallas and Lindsay you say that fan response will be dependent on if Dallas dies…this is in the same paragraph where you say that Linsday may not be with us long. Are you saying there is a possibility that if the Dallas response is high enough that Linsday will end up dead?

    if that’s true then let me go on the record….getting rid of CH and killing off Linsday would be a HUGE mistake. HUGE.

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lindsay is not being killed off… she’s paying for her crimes locked away in Statesville. Catherine Hickland will be off OLTL but the door SHOULD be open for a return in the future. 

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! Babe never serves a day for her crimes, Krystal does a little bit of daytime but not much, Erica’s jail stint is turned into a tv show, when Jason Morgan in jail he has more visitors than the Pope, and yet Linsday, who killed off one of the agonizingly awful characters in recent memory, to the elation of many fans has do to actual time so that the character can be written off. UGH.

  4. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Dallas….I could take her or leave her. Lindsay certainly doesn’t need her for a s/l. What this is about is getting rid of one of daytime’s most under rated and under appreciated actresses who can and does outstanding work in practically every scene. Why would you get rid of Linsday by locking her in jail when you could build up the Nora vs. Lindsay rivalry is be beyond me. Why isn’t Lindsay working with Dorian? Why isn’t she manipulating people. It is a TRAVESTY that off all the abc character to have to do time for committing a crime that Lindsay would be the one that has to do it.

    Sonny shot his wife in the head for heaven sake and didn’t go to jail. Lulu killed Logan and is getting off free. Bo and Rex went back to 19 freakin 68. There is absolutely no excuse for not being able to get someone out of jail and give them a storyline when you are writing time travel storylines.

    We are truely living in some sort of space rift in daytime at the moment.

  5. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Luke please don’t throw tomatos but I would love to see Dallas with Bo. Eeek I know. :D I don’t want her messing with Clint, I love Clint with Nora, I just hope they can get over their ‘stuff’ and I hope the Buke boys get BE back.

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