The Great Jabot Caper

I’ve started to think about how Jack/Jeff/Gloria may be able to take over Jabot from Katherine/Jill/Cane since rumors are running rampant that it might just happen. Information has come to my attention that Jeanne Cooper (Kay) will be doing double duty on The Young and the Restless. Insiders tell me that she’ll once again play Marge Catrooke, Kay’s double from 89-90 storyline, where Cooper acted divinely.

What if Katherine gives the Jabot stock to Gloria because of her little mental lapses that are due to her stroke? The writers are making sure to put an emphasis on it and it would only be fitting to bring it back up, now that the walls are starting to close in on the Abbott/Baldwin gang’s quest. It wouldn’t shock this Y&R viewer to see Jack and Glo take advantage of Kay’s mental faculties, hell Jack did with Victor, and we all know how shady "Glo Worm" can be when she wants something. Or how about Jack using Marge to get the sale of the stock?

We all know that Jack loves using doubles (Hiya Alistair!) and he’s desperate to get Jabot back for the Abbott clan. How else can you explain his alliance with Jeff and Gloria? It seems as though the foundation is being set for Kay and Chancellor Industries to suffer a huge fall. Could Katherine’s mental state be the key to the unraveling of her kingdom?

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    This very well may happen, Jillian. I bet Jack will some way double-cross Jeff & Glo once he snags Jabot. Since he can’t legally run it, maybe he can enlist Billy to do it and pull the puppet strings from afar…

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    Why don’t put Billy in there? He was pretty upset when Colleen tells him that Cane is running ‘Jabot’ now. Maybe he wants his little own revenge and asks Katherine for stock, which he then could handle to Jack to get the company back for the Abbott’s and maybe get a better position. Just an idea… :)

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    Luke Kerr

    Does Billy own Jabot stock? If so then could make things EXTREMELY interesting. It would be Jill, Catherine and Cane vs. Jack, Billy, and Gloria….that would be awesome.

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    Why is Cane even in the discussion? Okay, he’s Jill’s son but just like Gloria said this dude was throwing shrimp on the barbi not that long ago. Why is he heading a major corporation?!


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    Jillian Bowe

    I think Billy does own Jabot stock. He works there and is John’s son so it only is natural if he does. I’m on the fence on his alignment. He can go with Jill since he can’t stand Kevin and his mama or he’d go against her since Jill gave the keys to the kingdom to Cane….

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