Y&R: Trouble Comes to Genoa City

Its about to get really juicy!

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    Love the new Billy! It is about time we have a young man who has a spine and seams to still have his balls.

    Lily has Cane balls in her purse.
    Vicky has JT balls in her purse.
    Phyllis has Nick balls in her’s!

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    It’s funny you would say that, timepass, because it seems that those same women have been neutered by those same men, as well.;)


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I feel that both parties are being portray as that I can’t leave or speak for myself with him/her around. I like a strong women who has ideas and smarts and a guy who is not a idiot and knows what he wants. But BM is great in the role and he is going to be a hellraiser in the Abbott/Chancellor household.


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