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Here’s the Scoop! 09.29.08

Karpov’s not the guilty party. Who will all learn that Anthony was the one holding the gun? Well it looks like Ric will know the truth eventually. Claudia will figure out that Karpov didn’t pull the trigger and Jason wants to investigate despite Sonny ordering him to take action. Looks like ZaCrazy’s plan is working pretty well. Will Jason declare war?

So we know that Sonny and Kate never make it to the "I Do" part of their wedding.
What about those pesky RUMORS I posted last week? According to these RUMORS, Sonny will take a bride it’s just not Kate. Is the newest Mrs. Corinthos going to be Olivia, Claudia or Carly? My money is on Claudia. Would Guza really have Sonny in a Marriage of Convience with the woman responsible for his son being in a coma?

What about the former dynamic duo of Sonny and Jason?
As we’ve mentioned, Sonny wants the biz back. Will Jason give it up? It’s not likely.

IF Sonny’s next Bride is Claudia… here’s how it COULD go down. Sonny wants to act against Karpov but he finds out that it was Anthony behind the shooting. He and Claudia strike a deal. She’s getting more involvement in the family business but she’s still a woman so she’ll never be allowed completely in. Jason won’t give Sonny the biz back and he needs power. Marry Claudia, let ZaCrazy think he’s really pulled one over on the almighty Sonny Corinthos and really be working him from the inside.

A speedboat and a freighter… the two are not supposed to crash into one another.

Remember…. there are more weddings coming. In an interview, Claire Coffee said she was being fitted for the weddings coming up and she wasn’t in attendance at Skate’s nuptials. According to RUMORS there are more marriages coming up.

Camping trip kicks off today. Lucky and Sam pick up the boys from Elizabeth and she heads to the airport to meet Jason.

Will Elizabeth confide in Robin? She MAY be telling the expectant doc more about her and Jason. Including who Jake’s father really is. Robin breaking down? RUMORS say she’ll have a mini-breakdown.

Paint fight… More RUMORS are pointing to yes and remember, the paint fight and LuSam table love were dropped togther. Food is involved in LuSam’s scenes and RUMORS say Jason gets hurt during the paint fight.

Who’s kid is it? RUMORS about Sonny’s son hitting town are all over the place. There was some SPECULATION that Olivia isn’t the mommy BUT now I am seeing that the BIG SECRET is that Kate (Connie) knew Olivia was pregnant with Sonny’s baby and agreed to never tell him. Could that be why Connie left Sonny standing on the corner? Where has Sonny’s son been? RUMORS say he was raised by Nonna, the grandmother we’ve been hearing so much about. What brings Dante to Port Charles?

Karpov thinks Jerry has double crossed him. He needs an easy target to get back at Jerry. Insert Alexis.

Sweeps! Someone’s in a coffin… will the story be a Whodunnit? RUMORS have had Karpov dead by Sweeps. Maybe he’s in the coffin. CRAZY RUMOR that the flash forward of the coffin is actually for next November and that all of the next year will be leading up to the funeral. Are we watching LOST?

Kate knew exactly who lived in Port Charles when she decided to make it her weekend getaway. Jason is with Elizabeth when he misses an important message. Luke and Laura start filming together this week! Sam’s arrested…who turns her in?

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    If Sonny marries Claudia would this be GH’s equivalent of the Marty/Todd s/l on OLTL? And where does Kate fit into all of this while Sonny’s making revenge plans? I don’t see her give the okey-dokey to Sonny marrying Claudia.

    Robin has a mini-breakdown over the news of Jake’s paternity? Why? And why would Liz tell Robin, of all people, the true paternity of your child if you want it to be a secret? Last time I counted she’s 0-2 in that department.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I think Robins breaking down would be because she spilled the beans to Aj about Micheal and Jason did not like that. You know it would be really stupid of Liz did tell Robin.. HELLO…. she also told Nicholas about Spencer.. Robin can not keep a secret when it deals with keeping someones son away from them.. I kind of like for that…. Go Robin…

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    I also forgot to say, Sonny has been kinda nice to watch lately. I am going to hate seeing back in the biz. And if he has to marry Cardia it is going to be worse..

    I just hope that Olivia will be on Kates side and not have her team up with Carly.Kate is not going to be to happy with Sonny marrying someone else.

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    I dont think Robin’s breakdown has anything to do with Jason being Jakes father…I think while confiding in Liz about Patrick and breaking down Liz will tell her about Jason being Jakes father.
    When Robin told both Nik and Aj about the children they had no knowledge but Jason and Lucky already know the truth so she couldnt do any damage.

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    I would have preferred Sonny having a son through Kate. Like make it so that she left her child behind to pursue her career and left him to be raised by her family. Kate’s excuse also would be that she did not want the son to grow up in a world of violence and that’s why she didn’t tell Sonny.  It’s just another way to throw Sonny’s sperm around!   Also, the marriage of conveinence sounds stupid would much rather have it between Claudia and Ric they have some spark!

    Robin having a breakdown because of Liz/Jake or her own emotions?

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    I’m getting a little tired of these secret son stories. Let’s see, Diego/Alcazar, Logan/Scotty, Matt/Noah and now ?/Sonny… I expect recycling stories on soaps but this is getting ridiculous.

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    I’d have less of a problem w/ the secret sons if the stories were told better. Lorenzo/Diego and Scotty/Logan were absolutely ruined at the altars of Jason, Sonny and oh, look, now Johnny has his own altar. What mostly concerns my is that this whole s/l with Sonny is only going to have him use words like “loyalty” and “betrayal” again which is also a recycled s/l of when Carly kept Kristina’s paternity a secret.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Hope you had a good weekend Regan. Well, I was beginning to think there was hope for GH and now I am not so sure. This time, I think we really need a new writter and I think they should get him from NS2 because this show is getting really dumber than before. Ok, why would Sonny marry Claudia out of convience when he really loves Kate? Is she going to go for it? Sonny can form his own organization, he doesn’t need Claudia which is so stupid and if they go that direction, Maurice should not sign a new deal because the storyline is stupid. Ric/Claudia should marry and then them 2 could take over the Z’s organization and that would be good since Ric always wanted power and Sonny/Jason could work together again even if Jason is still in charge. Who cares about another son and who it’s mother is? So now is Sonny also going to have an affair with Olivia because she is Dante’s mother? Personally, Dante should be Spinelli as Spinelli but his name was changed while living with his grandmother and Olivia should recognize him somewhere. We always wanted to know who his parents were anyway. Thank goodness we have some other stories that might be good, Luke/Laura, Lucky/Sam and hopefully Jason/Elizabeth because I think if they are not on, I might shut my tv off. Just give us some romance and less violence and I think everyone will be happy with GH.

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    Dante? His name should be Damien, since he is the spawn of Satan!

    Also, GH, don’t think just because you’re having 4 weddings and a funeral that that equals romance!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Question: I haven’t been watching GH that much but does Laura know that Lulu is dating Johnny? If so, does she know he’s in the mob? And what was her reaction to the news?


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Regan Cellura

    JoLu: They shouldn’t be apart for too long. I keep seeing a push and pull for them. Lulu is heartbroken and decides she’s not putting her heart out there again. Johnny realizes he made a mistake especially when its revealed that Laura really did wake up.

    Laura knows she is with Johnny. She knows he was on trial for murder. I don’t remember if she knows he is a mob prince.

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    Thanks Regan.

    See this is my problem and I know it’s coming. Anyone who knows the character of Laura knows that there is no way in hell she would be okay w/ her daughter dating a mobster. Hello, anyone remember her holding baby Lulu amidst a hail of gunfire! I fear that they’ll make her a mob sympathizer singing Johnny’s praises.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    “Elizabeth needs someone to confide in that is trustworthy. She seems so alone all the time.”


    That’s because these idiots refuse to bring on this girl’s family.

    And I think Robin is a very trustworthy friend for Elizabeth.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I think having Sonny marry Claudia is like “pouring salt in the wound” of all us SKate fans. Not that many of you care. But just saying it will be a HUGE slap in the face. Its kind of like if after all this time Jason is forced to marry Sam for a MOC. Its total BS.

    Its bad enough having to watch, the wedding that you waited a long time for go down with a shot, some character come out of no where and lay claim to Sonny’s child, Kate being abused by every member of the cast on a daily basis. Yeah, I will be just about done if they have Sonny and Claudia actually say the i’dos! Total horse poo IMO.
    Long live SKate!

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    WEBagent11, I think you meant Sonny and Claudia had consensual sex. I’m not talking about them having sex in the past. I’m talking about the fact that, if the rumor is true, and Sonny marries Claudia, the woman who’s responsible for the bullet in his son’s head. I mean while it’s repulsing to learn that you’re falling for your rapist, I think it’s equally repulsive to marry someone responsible for your child being in a coma, marriage of convenience or not.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Danielle – Kate’s “violence” excuse wouldn’t really be a viable option since (and I may be wrong about this), Sonny wasn’t very high up in anything back in Bensonhurst.

    I’m bummed about the mob stuff going back into full swing. Sigh. At least the new season for primetime shows has begun…

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    I agree Season. I can see Robin and Liz becoming close friends. They have Jason in common, so that is a start. I’m glad that they have each other. Cause Robin doesn’t really have any girl friends and since Em’s death neither does Liz….so it makes perfect sense. :)

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