Super Soap Weekend Info Released! It’s the Last SSW!

SOAPnet has information up regarding this year’s Super Soap Weekend and guess what soap fans? It’s the last one! Cameron Mathison is on as host of the weekend with thirty-one ABC Daytime stars attending.

"All My Children" stars Rebecca Budig (Greenlee),Thorsten Kaye (Zach), and Aiden Turner (Aidan); "One Life to Live" actors Kristen Alderson (Starr), Michael Easton (John), and Erika Slezak (Viki); and "General Hospital"’s Kelly Monaco (Sam), Jason Thompson (Patrick), and Laura Wright (Carly). That’s already enough to get us there, but there are 22 others coming! Get the full list tomorrow — right here!

What’s a soap fan to do without SSW? ABC Daytime has a plan!

The bigger news is that — starting in 2009 — there are going to be MULTIPLE events to connect fans and ABC Daytime stars. Whereas Super Soap was only once a year (and in Florida), next year’s brand new "Soap Nation" tour will feature MANY events across the country that allow you to meet your favorite actors and actresses.

Look for ABC Daytime to be in a city near you in 2009. They’ll have stars at the CMA Music Festival, Rock the Soap Cruise hosted by Bob Guiney and Broadway Cares. And don’t forget Claire Coffee fans, she revealed to the DC Team that she will also be in attendance at SSW. Stay tuned to DaytimeConfidential for the complete list of attendees.

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    I’m sad but not surprised that this year will be the last SSW. I’ve been there in 2003 and 2004 and I have friends who go every year. Each year it gets more and more nuts. This past year, fans actually slept on the pavement outside the gates to the theme park so that they could be the first ones in to the autograph lines when the gates opened! ABC/Disney has to bring in extra staff from other parks to manage the crowds, and the soap crowds close the park off to other park guests for an entire weekend. They also have to close popular rides like Star Tours to accommodate the Fast Pass machines for autographs. I also know that they stopped bringing in the “big” stars like Steve Burton and Mairice Benard b/c Disney couldn’t control crowd reaction. It’s also the reason why Robin Strasser won’t attend, b/c she’s claustrophobic and can’t handle the hordes of people around her.

    It’s also my personal opinion that the Street Jam portion of SSW hasn’t been the same since ABC lost performers like Wally Kurth, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Adrienne Leon and Scott Clifton.

    I’ll be eager to see what ABC comes up with to replace SSW. If you have a chance to go one last time, I urge you to do so. It’s crazy and fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand in the hot Florida sun with 40,000 other screaming fans! Just know if you go, the odds of actually getting to meet a star or even get close to one is minimial. If your goal is to actually meet one of the stars, save your $ and go to the show’s offical fan club weekend events instead. JMO.

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    I’m probably being a drama queen with this statement, but I can’t help but to think that this is Disney in a way wiping their hands of the soaps. It’s hard for me to believe that Disney isn’t making money off of this event, considering how popular it is and how many people pay to enter the park for the event. Maybe the headaches it caused putting together was not worth the benefits, and maybe it wasn’t generating money any longer, but it could also be another way Disney is tightening the belt on the ABC Daytime division altogether.

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