A Formal Complaint

Is there somewhere a fan can register a formal complaint because I’d like to make one, specifically with All My Children?

A few years back an unknown by the name of James Scott debuted on All My Children as Ethan Cambias. Two years later Ethan had been written into a corner and killed off. Fortunately, he quickly found a home on Days of Our Lives as EJ Wells DiMera and is now one third of the show’s hottest triangle.

In 2004 Jeff Branson debuted as Jonathan Lavery and proved he had acting chops, holding his own amid a controversial storyline. But like James Scott’s Ethan, Jonathan was written into a corner and then phased out of the show on the quite. Branson is now set to appear on Guiding Light as Shayne Lewis. Granted, we have yet to see how the role of Shayne Lewis fits with Branson but to be sure a lot of All My Children fans will be watching, either on TV or through YouTube highlights.

In 2007 All My Children discovered Billy Miller, who debuted as Richie Novak. One of daytime’s greatest finds of the past five years, Miller’s character was killed off within a year. Miller just debuted as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless last week and it’s safe to say that anyone who has seen him in the role knows that this is going to be his "break out" role. On today’s episode (September 29, 2008) when Billy Abbott reunited with his siblings all I could say was awesome.

So why is it that the young actors All My Children discovers are ending up as highly popular characters like EJ DiMera, receiving kudos as Billy Abbott or are anticipated as Shayne Lewis? I do not have the answer but I really wish someone did.

As much as I wish each of these three actors the best of success, it is bittersweet to know that had All My Children not written them out they may be still be shaking up Pine Valley.

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    This just shows how lax the writing was for this show. They ruined the returns of many fan favorites and couldn’t properly use the talent they had or write decent s/l’s for them. AMC’s loss has been DAYS, Y&R’s and very soon GL’s gain.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Just as long as they don’t do the same to my Petey.

    And really, Ethan and Jonathan were pretty sucky characters from the beginning. I always found Jeff Branson irritating as an actor- that may be because of the atrociousness of the Jonathan character, but I was not sad to see him go. And while Scott shines on DOOL, he wasn’t much of a standout on AMC, and his firing seems to have been more about backstage issues than anything else.
    I do agree with you, though, on the loss of Billy Miller. He is a wonderful actor, and I wish tptb had tried harder to keep the character viable. Our loss is Y&R fans’ gain.

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    I LOVED Jeff Branson and I thought he was a great actor, believable as both a menacing nutjob (when he trapped Kendall, Greenlee and Lily in the cave, and when Jonathan abused Maggie) and as the brain injured Jonathan in love with Lily. The writing was awful, but Jeff proved he could play whatever was thrown at him. AMC’s loss here is definitely GL’s gain.

    Billy Miller to me was “blink-and-you-missed-him” no great loss. 10 years from now, who will even remember who Annie was, let alone her psycho brother? That’s not to say he wasn’t a good actor, just that as a a/l point in the grand scheme of AMC’s history, Richie is just a dot.

    I also don’t miss James Scott, and if Days is taking advantage of his talents, so be it. He was hardly believable as Thorsten Kaye’s son. The only thing the two actors had in common was their dark hair and their accent. The fact that James Scott was about a foot taller than Thorsten didn’t help. He’s more believable as a DiMera, IMO.

    AMC always seems to let their best talent go. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Josh Duhamel, anyone?

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    Well, to be fair Sarah and Josh were given much better material than the three actors mentioned. They also won Emmy’s. Also, Sarah and Josh left because the grass was greener on the other side.

    Jeff, I loved no matter what crap he had to play with. Billy, could have been very valuable to the show, I still feel they should have made him and Annie Ray Gardner’s illegitimate children. And James, was never given the chance to shine, especially now that I see him as EJ on DAYS. I thought Ethan was a useless character but now I see that he could have been very good on AMC if they had written the character better.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Soaps have a long history of people starting on them and then heading for greener pastures. Some survive and prosper (Vanessa Marcil, Demi Moore, Josh Duhamel, John Stamos, etc..) while some don’t. The reason this is so tragic is that all of these actors have great potential and AMC just threw them out with the bathwater. Why?

    Luke, I’ll tell you why and Jamie was closer than one might think:

    They all revolved around the world that is Ryan Lavery.

    Ethan was with Kendall – Ryan’s ex. Kiss of death right there. Even when they moved him on, he still was involved with Zach – still in the Ryan universe. Buh bye, hot guy – you gotta go.

    Jonathan was his brother. Too easy.

    Richie was the brother to Ryan’s wife, Annie. Too close to the Ryan universe. See ya!

    An established star like TK can survive plus he’s not considered the eye candy that Cam is. And before anyone gets crazy, I don’t blame Cam for this. I blame TPTB that ooze all over this guy and act like he’s the second coming of Jesus. They all realize one thing though:

    Hot guy – average actor.

    Look at every other hot guy on the show – they’re either far enough away from the Ryan universe that it doesn’t matter or they’re established actors. Check it out, you’ll see.

    The Curse of Ryan Lavery has struck again. Aiden Turner – run for your life, dude…

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    I completely agree with you williamjc. Any man that is in Ryan’s world is available to be on the chopping block. They all seem to take a back seat to Ryan. No offense to Cameron Mathison, he is a gorgeous man and I loved him in the beginning. However he has become the Sonny Corinthos of AMC, except in reverse. With Sonny, if you aren’t a part of his inner circle, you’ll fizzle out and die (literally). It’s pretty sad that they are focusing all the storylines on a single character. That’s the reason I stopped watching AMC, and will be the reason I will stop watching GH.

    As for Aiden Turner, I’m afraid he’s already being written into that corner. It would be better for the actor to leave and hopefully be approached by GH. Afterall, his family is over in Port Charles. I would just hate it however if he left and was scooped up by CBS or NBC. I do not watch those channels and I refuse to start just because I love a certain actor (otherwise I’d have been watching CBS just for Roger Howarth).

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    James Scott and Jeff Branson I agree with. I don’t have the love affair with Billy Miller that many do- I think he overacts, and I’m not impressed at all with his work on Y&R. I still think he’s so over the top. I’m not familiar with the Billy character anyway, so I don’t know how he’s supposed to be. I just see Richie in nicer clothes, quite honestly.

    Jeff Branson was a true loss to AMC. He could do anything, and Jon had more potential than written. I’m sure he’ll succeed just fine on GL- and I don’t know anything about that show, or the character either. I just trust Jeff’s talent.

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    In a backhanded way, AMC should be glad to be someone’s stepping stone to soap stardom. We’ve seen it before where actors have debuted on other shows, left (by whatever means), go to another show and create a name for themsleves. This decade, it turns out to be AMC’s turn to see talent they waste bad writing on.

    So far James Scott is ensconced in Days of Our Lives. Let’s hope that lightning strikes twice more for Branson and Miller who were also voted out of Pine Valley.

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    Good for DOOL, GL and Y&R for picking out AMC’s discarded actors and giving them characters and writing that is strong enough to handle all the talent these three men bring to their roles. It seems the blame should be placed on the writing team of AMC for not capitalizing on the strengths of each actor and taking their characters on the show and folding them into the canvas organically and involved with a well-written s/l. James Scott has been a brilliant addition to DOOL in the role of E.J. DiMera, tying him to the show’s most notorious family and carving a deep place for him in the show’s roots by pairing him with Sami and investing in the future of the show by E.J. fathering one (now 2) Brady/DiMera children. His charm, sexiness and wit are used to their best advantage on DOOL and AMC was obviously overwhelmed by the package Mr. Scott brought to the table. Jeff Branson is gaining a legacy role on GL by casting him as “Shayne Lewis,” the son of the show’s most super of super-couples, Reva and Josh.

    And Billy Miller, in just a few episodes has already brought a new energized, mysterious quality to the role of “Billy Abbot” on Y&R that already has loads of promise to be an enthralling, complicated young man who has returned home to find life in Genoa City quite a different place from the last time he was there. Plus, as spoilers have indicated, making him the real father of Chloe’s (Kate) baby gives the show a tried and true Cain and Able s/l for Billy and Cane, half-brothers, who have never met, battling over their mother’s love and possibly, a child that neither one of them planned. Being a huge fan of Y&R myself, I am thrilled to have Billy back in Genoa City where he belongs and having a great actor to play him and the new chapters of his life that will ultimately unfold on our screens.

    When casting new actors on a show, it is best to tie them to a core family or character so as not to alienate them to the other citizens of whatever city they live in but also the fans, who need a built-in element to be able to care about the newly introduced role (or recast). That is apparently the mistake that AMC made when hiring these actors. Like I said, good for the other shows, who let AMC do the work of discovering fresh, exciting new talent and by letting them go, giving them the chance to show their true abilities on a show that rewards their cast with good characters and a solid story.

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    I agree with those who’ve cited the Ryan factor but the bigger problem is Frons.

    If he were smart he would realize “it takes diff’rent strokes to move the world” and cultivate a diverse stable of heartthrobs. Instead he insists on indulging his manlust and making it all Ryan all the time. It may not be Cam’s fault but that doesn’t change the fact that until the Lavery virus has been removed from AMC lock, stock and forehead, the show is doomed.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Sorry Luke, but except for Miller, the actors you mentioned were never going to give Sir Lawrence Olivier any pause for concern…or even that boy who plays Napoleon Dynamite.

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    Are you serious?! Jeff Branson is amazing! Billy Miller’s good but I don’t see him accepting any Oscars in the future!:)



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