General Hospital: Night Shift Spoilers!

How about some Night Shift Scoop?

Tonight, Anna Devane makes the jump from Daytime to Primetime as Finola Hughes takes a turn on Night Shift. Robin calls in Mom for the assist when her Dad, Robert, is rushed in for emergency surgery.

Grey’s re-do?
Remember the racist EMT? Looks like Night Shift is stealing a page from the ABC Primetime hit. A group of racists take over the ER and Chief of Staff Dr. Patrick Drake must step in.

The aftermath of Claire and Leo…
can Kyle forgive his brother? What about his roomie?

The Finale… with all the returning greats does the script really matter? Of course it does as everyone is singing Sri Rao‘s praises. Robert will be in a coma and his friends come back to see him. Now, what isn’t clear to this SPOILER Guru… will Tiffany, Sean and Luke be there in real life or in Robert’s dreams? I am hearing that the Finale is quite the cliffhanger.

Tonight’s Episode Description:


Episode 211 ("Love/Hate") – Robin reaches out to her mother Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes) for support, after Robert is brought in for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, the staff has a hard time treating a group of racists, Patrick makes a stand, and Eric (special guest star Chad Allen) questions Kyle about why he can’t forgive Claire and Leo for sleeping together, on "General Hospital: Night Shift," TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

We’ve heard the RUMBLINGS that Night Shift Season Three is pretty much a done deal. What about Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson? Do they still want to pull double duty? Currently, they film Night Shift on Thursdays and Fridays and put in their time at General Hospital Monday through Wednesday.

My take… I’m a fan of Sri Rao and Night Shift. While I’ve had some concerns (which are still there) overall Night Shift is a nice relief from the Mob filled General Hospital. Before Jamey comes hunting me down, I still like the Mob and all things Jason Morgan but I must admit, the break Night Shift provides has been refreshing. There have been plenty of fans calling for Guza’s head (GH headwriter Bob Guza) and pushing for Sri Rao to fill his empty seat. Have I jumped on that bandwagon? Not yet. I have seen RUMBLINGS that Sri has been given the duty of penning Robin and Patrick’s upcoming wedding on General Hospital as some feel he understands the pairing better than Guza. IF this is true, would the fans accept a head writing team of Guza and Rao? A writer that understands the history and wants to write stories that include the hospital teamed up with a man that is known for his Sweeps and won’t let the Mob element go off quietly into the sweet night. As a Mob fan who wants the hospital to get equal playing time, this could be a great solution. My question however is, will Guza and Rao play nicely in the sandbox?

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    I haven’t loved Night Shift. It has been easy entertainment to watch but I really do think that GH is a better show, especially these days. I care much more about the characters which may be the reason I like GH more.

    However, I do like the way Robin in particular is written on NS2 more than on GH.

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    Regan Cellura

    I like how Scrubs is written… I still love GH more but like I said, it’s refreshing to tune into to NS and just see stories centered around the hospital.  I have my issues with NS that just won’t go away. Some of the castings have been genius (Noone and Allen) while others still have me scratching my head. I’m still not a fan of the change in the character of Leo although I appreciated the explanation last week.

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    Regan Cellura

    Honestly… there isn’t much that I don’t like. As I said I question some of the castings, I’m not a fan of how the new Leo is being portrayed and while I don’t mind using Grey’s as a guide, if you’re going to copy it, it better be done just as well. I hated Claire falling for her patient. It was no Izzy and Denny love story. Can they redeem it with Kyle and Eric? You bet but they also have another story to tell and with Chad Allen on for mulitiple episodes they should be able to do that s/l much better.

    I love ASJ and I am thrilled to have him back so please do not take this the wrong way… while I get the autism story and Stone I feel like Jagger just doesn’t fit for some reason. To me, he showed up out of nowhere, Robin notices something is off with Stone and into the autism story we go. I feel like with Jagger, a character with history to GH, he has nothing holding him to the canvas other than his son is being treated at GH. I would have much rather seen him on GH back in the fold at the PCPD with him pulling double duty on NS as his son is being treated. Which is the other thing that gets me. Wasn’t the original concept of the show the night shift in the ER? Obviously they’ve gotten away from that and that’s fine but at times, I feel like they’re still trying to justify the title of the show.

    As for nuLeo, I believe he is staying as is. I have not seen anything that says the original is coming back. He had other commitments that took him away from NS.

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    I hate Night Shift so I wouldn’t want to see that writer on GH, personaly. Thank heavens Tristan Rogers is such a great actor to pull of this cancer storyline, whichs hits close to home for me and I’m sure many other people. I just wish they would mention it on the mother ship.

    NS is filled with bad actors and really weird stuff. The guy with the four kidneys, making people pay it forward and dying, just like the movie. I don’t watch Greys so I don’t notice if they are copying or not. Jagger just does not fit. I sometimes wish that Port Charles hadn’t killed of Karen. I hated the first season of NS to, but I’ll take season one over two anyday of the week.

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    I guess I’m in the minority here, because I find NS to be a far better soap than GH these days. It has real soap stories, versus the same ol’ tired mob stuff. Robert and Robin have been superb! Their relationship has been written soooo much better on NS than it was on daytime GH when Robert came back…they totally trashed Robert Scorpio when he came back to the daytime show….their conversations on NS are some of the best soap stuff I have seen in ages! And having Jagger back on my screen has helped as well. Also, Robin and Patrick are written much more like adults on NS…versus the whiney kids they are on daytime GH. Tristan has been absolutely fantastic on NS…his acting is far superior to anything that we see on the GH daytime show. I love that the stories focus on the hospital. I love that there are actual patients…sure the patient actors aren’t that great, but I love that they actually have real hospital cases. I love Saira…Robin’s friend. I hate NuLeo…and I really think Saira and Jagger would have been a much better pairing…I guess that would be one criticism I have of the show. I have enjoyed seeing a different side of Epiphany with Toussaint. I hated Kyle and Claire in the beginning, however, they have grown on me a bit. So, all and all, in my opinion, NS is far better than GH right now….I’ll take Robert, Robin, Jagger, Patrick on my screen any day over Sonny, Jason and the rest of the mob. I wish NS was on all year long!

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    I know we all have our own opinions but what is it that you don’t like about NS?? IMO NS has rocked, while at first I wasn’t liking the Greys copycatting (cause well they ARE the original), it has gotten better and I can actually tolerate blondie. While GH as of late has it’s moments NS is still the better soap right now. Again, JMO
    If Guza won’t go away, cause we ALL know they’ll never fire the sweeps mob God, then maybe bringing on Sri as his partner isn’t such a bad idea….he can be the hosp part and Guza (hack) can be the mob part and therefore it balances out. IF they work together. I think it’s cool that Sri (is) going to write for their (Scrubs) wedding. Maybe that’ll show the GHers something (who don’t get SN). :)

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    Regan you may not know this at all….since it has to do with casting but have we seen the last of the original portrayer of Leo? Was his real life brother just filling in because of a previous engagement or is he done with soaps? I hope we get to see Dr. Julian back on GH (the original). :)
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kyle either.

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    Yeh when nuLeo first appeared it was AWFUL, but they have toned him down some. I agree with you, IF they are going to do GA, at least do it right. I mean Greys is the original and all….but at least do it right, not half ass. I realize that it’s only an hr show in a 3 month arc, but I totally wasn’t falling for Claire and that (old) boyfriends (??) s/l. I just don’t like her. I think they just tried to hard to make her Izzy and she’s no Katherine Heigle. No offense, ya know. LOL
    Yeh I’m liking the Kyle and Eric s/l and I think they can as well…what I noticed was diff about this time was how some of the newer characters didn’t start off on GH and lead in to NS (like Leyla, Jolene….etc), so I see what you’re saying. That probably would’ve helped.
    Darn, I was hoping oldLeo was coming back……oh well. :( I guess we can probably expect to see NuLeo on GH when NS is over. :(

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    Salem you’re deft not in the minority…there are plenty of us who like NS. :) I do for sure. I think season 2 is even better than season one. I do have to agree with Lady though on one thing, I DO wish that Karen were still alive as well. :) Would love to see her and Serena on GH. Then again, they are women so I’m sure Guza would find a way to ruin them as he has all the women….JMO of course.
    I absolutely loved the scenes between Robin/Robert/Anna….they were so great….I had to get a tissue. :) Love how ‘funny’ is with Patty Cake (Patrick), he is hiarious! I hope Robert will be ok, if not I will be super po’d! NuLeo is not as bad as he was in the beginning (of NS) but I miss the old one….I guess he and Saira aren’t for long….now that she knows. Don’t blame her. I do love Kyle though, he is such a sweetheart, still not a Claire fan but she isn’t so……..”nails down a chalk board” annoying now. I wish NS were longer as well. I will look forward to every July from now on. :)

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