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Here’s the Scoop! 09.30.08

It’s the last day of September, my birthday month coming to a close so let’s end it with a little Liason. Kate’s been shot, obviously the trip to Italy is off…where will the angst filled couple go from here? As I’ve mentioned, Jason uses a visual aid, Kate in her hospital bed, to try to get through to Elizabeth. She walks out of the room and he thinks she’s finally got the message loud and clear. Boy oh boy are boys dumb! Elizabeth pops up at Jason’s office and informs him otherwise. She’s here to stay. The paint fight is coming and the injury I mentioned yesterday? Well it looks like Jason hurts his ankle or leg. Will Elizabeth nurse him back to health? More meetings coming up for my favorite pair. They’ll meet at the Studio before she pops in at his office.

Anthony in the balcony with a rifle.
That was the easiest game of Clue ever! Claudia tells the fam that Karpov is innocent and she’ll go to Sonny with the assurance that the Z’s had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting. Sure… just like you had nothing to do with the bullet in Michael’s head.

Clic Kiss? SPOILERS have Claudia and Ric in an almost kiss. The heat between these two is ridiculous but what this blogger finds more ridiculous is that we’ll still see a triangle between Nadine, Nikolas and Claudia. Stick with Clic I say! So what stops the kiss? Ric wonders who Claudia really wants, him or Sonny? Will Ric factor in to Sonny’s Plan (see below) or will he try to ruin it?

Sonny and Jason are not playing nice. Even Carly will get worried over the increasing troubles between the former best friends. Sonny wants Karpov gunned down, Jason says no. Sonny wants the business back, Jason says no. Jason will issue Karpov a warning to appease Sonny. Is this warning issued before or after Karpov shows up at GH? Innocent or not, it’s a bad idea to show up at the hospital room of a woman who’s fiance believes you put her there.

We’ll get to Sonny’s plan in a minute… let’s talk about his son. RUMORS say Kate tells Patrick the secret and while she’s confessing what she’s been hiding, she SHOULD reveal that Sonny’s secret son is Olivia’s son Dante. Why is she telling Patrick Drake? Kate thinks she’s knocking on death’s door and she knows that Olivia will never tell Sonny the truth.

Will Bradford Anderson tackle the dual role? RUMORS broke last week that he MAY be playing Dante, Sonny and Olivia’s son. If you remember, Tom Pelphrey had been offered the part and he turned it down. According to the gossip mill, the original plan was to use Anderson and now that Pelphrey has said thanks, but no thanks, they’re going back to Plan A. Many fans are not too happy about Sonny having a child with a new character who isn’t even a contract role. The fans would rather see a Brenda return with Sonny’s kid in tow than Olivia being the mommy. With Vanessa Marcil signing on over at Lipstick Jungle, the deal TPTB were close to closing with the fan fave fell through. Could Marcil return after her run through the Jungle? Sure but I doubt it will happen. Obviously, Brenda’s return must have been put on paper as a way to entice Vanessa back to Port Chuck. Do you just shelf a story like that or will Brian Frons consider recasting the iconic role? A Vanessa return defintely gives General Hospital a ratings boost. Will a Brenda re-cast do the same?

Sonny’s Plan… is he playing into ZaCrazy’s hands or is he playing the old man? Has Claudia finally found the right mobster to take down dear old dad? I mentioned yesterday that the MOC coming up SHOULD be between Claudia and Sonny. The Plan? Work the old man from the inside and take him down.

LuSam… off on the camping trip. They’ll return with the boys and wait for Elizabeth to come home. When she gets there, it’s just after seeing Jason.

Nikadine… hitting the sheets and Nadine takes off afterwards. Nikolas is confused and confiding in Alfred.

Speedboat meet Freighter…Johnny meet handcuffs. After ending things with Lulu, Johnny finds a bar, decides its a nice night for a speedboat ride and then crashes into a freighter.

Does Tracy know that Laura is having break throughs? RUMORS have been a rampant that she does. What happens when Luke returns and sees that his Angel is coming around? Will Tracy lose her man? RUMORS say Laura will tell Luke she’s ok with him moving on as there is no way to tell if she’ll ever fully recover. Could this be TPTB’s way of finally giving Genie Francis the same type of deal her male counterparts are getting? Will Laura come and go as her condition improves?

Contract Stuff… we still haven’t heard if Kelly Monaco has re-upped with the show. Maurice Benard‘s deal has not been announced. What’s with the hush hush? It seems to me that both of their characters have decent storylines coming and this SPOILER guru ASSUMES that the announcement of new deals are not far away. According to RUMBLINGS, Rick Hearst signed a new deal because of the storyline presented to him. Don’t forget, Ingo Rademacher is on an extension until December. What about Sarah Brown? She signed on for one year and that comes due in January. Is she staying with General Hospital? Claudia entered under some rough times. The writer’s strike was given as a reason/excuse for Claudia’s poor reception. Will Sarah re-sign with the show to give Claudia a fighting chance or take her leave? I for one do not envy Brian Frons. He’s had quite a few heavy hitters to negotiate with.

RANDOM RUMORS… Carly and Nikolas in a close moment? Liason may still have some angst coming but I’m seeing they are a go! Is Jason the one getting faulty meds? Remember he gets injured. Genie’s return will help facilitate Anthony Geary‘s exit. Sonny declares Jason an enemy. Trevor warns Ric to watch out for Anthony. Spinelli wants to be Maxie’s prince charming.

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    Thank you Regan. I hate Guza and all his angst with couples! Didn’t I read not too long ago that Jolu might be one of the surprise weddings? I’m so sick of the back and forth with them and all the other couples on this show! Doesn’t he know how to write anything besides angst?!

  2. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Would Kelly Monaco be on the list of Super Soap attendees if she wasn’t going to resign?

    Will Dante and Spinelli be identical twin strangers or did Oliiva have twins seperated at birth? Didn’t Sam also have an identical stranger?

    Why are Sam and Lucky making out in Liz’s living room?

    I don’t think Brenda should be recast!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sam and Lucky are bringing the boys back from the camping trip… they are waiting for Elizabeth to get home.

    I would assume KeMo being on the SSW list is a good thing. AMC Fans, Alicia Minshew made the cut also.

    Right now, it looks like IF they go with BA playing Dante, they will be identical strangers. RUMORS say BA will have a totally different look. BUT RUMORS also say Dante has been at boarding school, so he may not be your typical Bensonhurst kid.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you for the Scoops Regan.!
    I really hope that Elizabeth won’t wallk away from Jason, and Will fight for him.
    And Lucky shouldn’t Kiss Sam in Liz’s home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I would assume KeMo being on the SSW list is a good thing. AMC Fans, Alicia Minshew made the cut also.”

    Have any of the shows ever sent a cast member who had recently left the cast?

  6. Profile photo of ahanshew

    BA has the acting chops to pull off a dual role. Spinelli has been on my nerves lately so if this means less Spin time, I’m for it.

    I really like Ric and Claudia together. They really smolder! I really hope SB stays on.

  7. Profile photo of pchca

    Just saw your comment from last week about Matt & Maxie vs Spixie. Yes, there are way more Spixie fans than M&M fans. But that’s because the Guz has given viewers no reason to like M&M – all of his writing focuses on Spixie. However, just like Nelson & Luke always say on the podcasts, viewers can be easily swayed if given the right material.
    I have no doubt Jason & Kirsten still have their chemistry. But they need to be given the right material. If Guz continues to write Matt as a jerk and Spinelli as the hero, then obviously people will forever love Spixie.
    Always an uphill battle on this show…

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    This is riduculous. How many times have dual roles worked? Not enough to be confident that this s/l won’t suck!

    Also, Brenda coming back w/ Sonny’s child wouldn’t work. If it was Jax’s that would make more sense seeing that Clinton was in office the last time Brenda and Sonny had sex. And would Brenda even have a child knowing that she carries the gene that caused her mother to kill herself and almost Brenda?


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  9. Profile photo of hrycko48

    I agree Season. Dual roles are stupid and make little sense. I like Spinelli for the most part but I don’t think anyone who watches this show is going to buy him as a mobster’s kid in a dual role. His character is too unique. Just suck it up and hire someone else Frons.

    And as for the whole Brenda thing, if Vanessa won’t come back then they shouldn’t bother to recast the role. That would be like recasting Lila or Laura, there’s some roles you just can’t do that to. I hated it when they had someone else play Edward. It was too weird.

  10. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Hey, Edward is a recast.

    There are really only a few roles that shouldn’t be recast. On GH, Brenda, Luke, Laura, Robin, Monica, and Tracy. But, that is only my opinion. I could see any other character with a recast. At one time, I would have thought Carly but that ship has sailed.

  11. Profile photo of Dr.House

    I just wish they’d move a little bit faster on the whole Spixie thing because now Matt Hunter has a completely separate storyline with the Drakes, so let him stay there and develop as a character and put Spinelli and Maxie together already.

    This is classic soap stuff where they drag out things forever…just like Jason and Sam…I thought they’d never get together after all the dragging out of that storyline, but the finally did. I just hope Spinelli and Maxie get together in the end and they don’t mess it up!

  12. Profile photo of roe0824

    The question is should I watch GH anymore? These stories come up including with Sonny are really stupid. Why can’t they just use Spinelli as Dante? It makes no sense to give him a double role and how long will he do a double role? The only one to ever pull that off was on AMC with Adam/Stuart and he was great in the role. I don’t see this one going so well. Marriage of convienece for Sonny? I still don’t get that one either. Claudia and Ric could take over the Z’s organization like I said yesterday, she doesn’t need Sonny to do it. They better keep Jason/Elizbeth together because lately, that’s the only thing I have been watching, all the rest, I don’t even pay attention to. Plus, I want Laura on fulltime and I want her back with Luke. I love Tracy but Luke/Laura is the way to go and then have Robert Scorpio and the rest of the crew come back and deal with their kids lives and then you have a soap opera. It could be like the Q’s and dealing with Robin/Patrick, Lulu/Johnny, Nik/Nadine, and Lucky/Sam, all the kids all mixed up with their parents getting involved in a story.

  13. Profile photo of engradypind

    How many more Sonny love slaves do we need on this program? NONE!! There are already too many women on this show who have played musical sheets with the mini-mobster. There are already too many women who have become Sonny’s sloppy seconds, his leftovers. Enough already!

    I agree that B. Anderson has the ability to play dual roles. If the look is sufficiently different from Spinelli’s there shouldn’t be a problem. Wonder if Maxie will fall for him too?

    Right now Matt Hunter is in a dead zone. He has all of the Drake arrogance and none of its charm. Nor does he have a story line worth mentioning even in passing. On GH if you aren’t in the mob you aren’t on screen. In terms of pairings, there isn’t much out there to link him too. If paired with Maxie you have a retread of Days of Our Lives. Put him with Nadine and boredom sets in. That pretty much leaves Layla and she is more woman than that little boy can handle. Who is left? Lulu? Possibly, but Miss Lulu needs a good spanking and put to bed without her supper on a regular basis until she grows up.

    I hate it that things move so slowly on GH. This isn’t development; it’s stagnation while the writers trying to get themselves out of the corner they seem to perpetually write to.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    MORE SCOOP! Could Jason’s injury be plot point? It looks like an OLD RUMOR is hitting the scene again. A crime MAY go down while Elizabeth is nursing Jason’s injury.

    Scrubs Stuff… it may go marriage then baby? Remember there were RUMBLINGS about picking up a pastor on the way. That Patrick wanted to be married before the baby came. Now I am seeing that the marriage COULD come before the baby. What about Tristan saying he would be at the wedding?

    There has been a death RUMORED for a long time. The coffin at Sweeps… oh who am I kidding, it’s mob land a death is always RUMORED. The latest? It’s a male.

  15. Profile photo of mnv517

    Wow. Thanks Regan. I’d hate to see Tony leave the show. I just wish they would bring Genie back full time. She said she would be more than willing to rejoin the show. I wish TPTB would wake up! Ok, let me not get going here….

    Thanks again Regan.

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m not so convinced that he would leave. Who knows though, anything is possible. IF Genie returns, I would bet it’s on her terms and that contract she’s always wanted would have to come along with it.

  17. Profile photo of kgbmc

    BA in a dual role does not make sense to me unless they would be twins. Will they be twins? I enjoy BA but this may push me over to the other side.

    Elizabeth does not look to happy in the preview pictures that I saw at the studio, Jason doesn’t either. I hope they are a go but it does matter how these characters are written and what they say and do, not just that they are together.

    Elizabeth at this point needs to make sense to her fans. The writing needs to improve for Liason.

  18. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Elizabeth is so pathetic. All the women on this show are pathetic, but Elizabeth tops that. Jason’s pathetic too.

    No Brenda recast please, but Jax could leave the show and I could care less. He needs to get his own kid instead of taking children that belong to someone else. As for Brenda coming back with Jax’s kid, I can totaly see it.

  19. Profile photo of mnv517

    A Genie and Tony pairing would be dreamy. I could never get behind the whole Tracey and Luke thing. Kind of weirds me out. Although, it is nice to see that softer side of Tracey. She deserves a good pairing of her own. Maybe she can help save Mike from his gambling ways! LMAO. In any event, Tony leaving would be greatly disappointing.

  20. Profile photo of season1217

    Tracy and Robert should hook up. They’d be just as funny as together. But I’m not sure how much I want Genie back full time. I’m too worried what the writers would do to her. If Rao was writing for her I think I’d feel better.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  21. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    AND MORE SCOOP… could we be seeing a Guza-less GH? RUMORS are all over the place. It could be a team of head writers as I suggested or he may just get his walking papers. Remember, the SCOOP was that he had until Sweeps to pull it together and he’s promising a Sweeps stunt unlike anything done in Daytime.

    Will Jax reconsider Nikolas’ offer? RUMORS have Carly and Nikolas working together. Will it be Carly selling out to the Prince?

    It looks like we’ll get more Jax and Kate time.

  22. Profile photo of sueboo54321


    Funny you should say that – I was thinking about Robin and Patrick’s wedding just yesterday. I was wondering who would give Robin away. Will it be Robert or Mac? Who is Patrick close enough to have them be his best-man? Am I wrong or is Coleman his best male friend? I think Maxie should be Robin’s maid of honor with Liz and Brenda bridesmaids.

  23. Profile photo of BigDede

    Nik and Nadine have sex! I wonder if foreplay will involve one of her sock puppets.

    Seriously, TIIC is pissing me off with Claudia. She is the reason Mykill is in a coma or whatever. Why do they insist on trying to get her cool with Sonny/carly/Jason. It doesn’t make sense. We haven’t forgotten she had a hand in what happened to Mykill.

  24. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    So, question. Has Olivia managed to not see Spin at all these last couple days? They have been in the same room together but Olivia was so focused on other things that she didn’t notice someone who looked exactly like her son?

  25. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    NO POO Sonny’s kid shouldn’t be with Olivia! It is an outrage. I am not a Brenda fan but would have had to accept it as it is more than plausable and would be big but if not Brenda then for the love of soap GODS please let it be Kate’s!!! If they can conveniently forget the fact that Claudia is responsible for Michael laying in a hospital bed with a hole in his head, certainly they can gloss over the fact that Sonny and Kate/Connie resisted the urge way back when. Good Lord it makes perfect sense. Connie got knocked up. Olivia is the slutty one. She says I’ll take the kid, the family will believe it was mine. Connie goes on and has her big life in the big city… resentment, jealousy, regret. You would have it all!!!

    The other way, Olivia having the kid and Connie going to do her thing in the big city. Good for Connie! She knew enough not to get knocked up by the mobster and went on and made herself a success. Olivia has nothing to complain about.

  26. Profile photo of elbugten

    So many comments! Where to begin?
    Dante: I think BA will be great in a dual role and I can totally see Maxie falling for Dante, much to poor Spinelli’s chagrin, thus Spinelli trying to emulate Dante. Have they ever done a love triangle where 1 actor played 2 parts? Vicky and Marley on Another World both fell for Jake and Jamie, but not at the same time, I don’ t think. I think Olivia will have raised Dante for “Connie” so that “Kate” could go have the life she always wanted, hence the resentment when Connie never returned home. There was so much confusion in the church that Olivia never noticed Spin resembled Dante, and Kate wouldn’t know what her own son looked like if she never had contact with her family.

    Genie Francis’ return/ Tony Geary’s Exit. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tony left the show entirely. I know he had knee surgery back in February, causing him to miss the Broadway Cares event in NYC. I think he’s getting tired of doing GH and let’s face it, how many times can they keep writing Luke out? They’ve just about run out of excuses for his ebing off the canvas. As for Genie returning, I read somewhere that she’s relocated her family back to LA so she’s probably more open to returning to GH full-time than when she was living in Maine. While I can’t imagine GH w/o Luke, if Genie were to return, I wouldn’t mind a Laura/Scotty repairing, if written properly. They need to soften Scotty up a little. He’s become too harsh lately. He’s a little too hell-bent on vengence for the death of his instant son for my taste.

    Recasting Brenda: As was said on one of the podcasts, they’ve already tried that with Lily, Angel, Hannah, Reese, etc. I’m surprised they haven’t thrown Leyla at Sonny. If they can’t get Vanessa Marcil back, then forget it. Period.

    Scrubs Bridal Party: If they’d integrated GH and Nightshift as promised, they could use Leo as Patrick’s best man and Saira as Robin’s maid of honor, but since daytime watchers don’t know these characters (esp. Saira), that won’t work. Is that why they made Matt a Drake, so that Patrick could have a best man at his wedding? I think Elizabeth would be the likely choice as Robin’s maid of honor.

    I think it will be Anthony in the coffin. They’re already setting it up so that Ric knows what he did, Claudia and Johnny want him dead, anyway, Karpov has a motive if he finds out who set him up, Not to mention Jason, Sonny and Trevor. There’s enough suspects right there for a whodunit. My prediction? “LooLoo” will do it and then block it our of her memory, lol! Or better yet, he’ll set it up to look like someone murdered him, but won’t actually be dead! The old Grant Harrison trick, from Another World!

  27. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I hope the rumors of Tony leaving are just that – because I just got a bit excited when I saw that Genie may be getting the same kinda deal as ‘the boys’. If they bring her back and give her Tonys kinda deal that would be great, but to leave her catatonic – I don’t know…would it be worth it? Then I see that Tony may leave….so it’s all kinda sucky. LOL
    Figures they’d give her the deal then.

  28. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Luke and Tracy are hilarious together, so funny. But I would love to see Laura and Luke back together, even if they are divorced. We know we all want Genie back, now Guza just needs to get his head out………
    and sign her back.

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