Is this Y&R or Hannah Freaking Montana?

The word Eden used to conjure up images of peace; Nirvana, the state, not the band (RIP Kurt); the star of Imaginary Bitches; long, flowing, crimped hair on the head of Marcy Walker; and the fabled garden where Eve tricked Adam into taking a bite.

Now, thanks to Y&R’s casting director, it has come to symbolize a loud, grating, young adult actress who would be better suited on a Disney channel afternoon program than a soap opera. I am sorry I can’t take it. There’s only so much a fan can be expected to bear.

You’re already bringing back that OTHER loud little girl— the one who sings— and now you have brought on this Eden character, Michael’s little sister, to assault my ear drums. What, I ask you, did Tracey Bregman and I do to deserve this???? Okay, so I threw that McDonald’s sack out of  the window of my Mustang a few years back, I’m SORRY already!  If Y&R is going to keep casting these loud, overacting little girls the least they can do is send a brutha some earplugs. Side Note: Why in high hell did Traci Abbott have those chopsticks in her hair?

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    Is it wrong that I want to punch a little girl in the face?

    Sorry, but this kid needs to lose the angry girl scowl. I had to mute the scenes with her in it this past week just to get through the show.

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    OMG! I thought I was the only one muting her scenes! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I cannot believe she was cast in this role. “The Young and the Restless” has always done an excellent job with finding young talent, but… man… this is bad… Like “Passions” bad.

    There is no need for her over-emoting. There is no need for the scowl on her face that makes her look like she’s smelling something rotten… There is, however, a need for a recast.

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    This girls sooo annoying…Why did they cast her? The singing girl, and she in the same scene, could you imagine…Singing, scowling, crying, and blaming the world for their problems….God, please get rid of this girl…I don’t think she’ll get any better… At least the other one could at least sing…and tajht’s not a good thing either }:)

    ///I want a Horton Christmas ball with my name on it…Am I obsessed?///

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    She is so annoying. And her father is BORING. And now we get the singing girl back?

    Where are the Abbots, and the Newmans, and the Baldwins? Why are they bringing in all these new people, with so many others for which to write?

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    AMEN! I’m fine with the River story and the fact that he has a daughter is absolutely fine as well. But, ERIN SANDERS has got to go! I’ll make it my own personal mission to get this girl OFF MY SCREEN! I’ve sat through bad actors for years and years now. But this girl takes the cake. She makes Tammin Sursok look like an Oscar Award winner!

    GO AWAY…go FAR FAR away and NEVER EVER come back to acting…EVER!

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    From the very beginning?

    In the beginning, practically everyone wanted her head on a platter. She later became well liked after the character was given a good case of writer’s Ritalin.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I hate that child. I’m so sick of having to watch these people learn to act ONSCREEEN! But, of course, after a year, we will like her and the character will be written out or recast…

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ambyr was always funny to me and actually rang true as a teenager, she was loud too, but funny, LOL. This one is loud, disrespectful and theatrical. Her inflections are so Disney Channel its not even funny. I halfway expect her to take off after Kim Possible any second.

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    Work Jamey! Your spot-on observations never fail to succeed in their intelligence and keen awareness of everything soap. Yes, yet another new Y&R teen character who plopped out of nowhere for seemingly no reason other then to annoy us all to hell. And I am glad that someone finally has taken the Y&R casting dept. to task over their last few mistakes. One character after another appears only to serve no actual purpose and is then shipped off again for seemingly another reason. There is nothing about her to add to the already tangled dynamics of the Fisher/Baldwin clan. My prblem is that the character was totally unnecessary. There is no reason to have added another element to this over-boiling plot. Especially one that is so whiny and ear-shatteringly high-pitched, nasal and complaining. I do not mind teen characters, mostly when they are actual legacy characters related to the core of the show and while she is a relation there was absolutely no need to bring her on the canvas to moan and cry about her daddy being in jail like a spoiled rich brat not a karmic kid raised on an ashram. The writers need to decided who she is before they set her free to run amok Genoa City. Plus, this pity the girl who does not know how to read schtick is already working my last nerve as if she could ever change from street urchin to fair lady like Drucilla did so many classic years ago. I see hints of many of Y&R’s past great characters in her but none of the sharp personality and straight on bitchiness required to play such a role. Why throw an inexperienced actress into the middle of acting giants on the number one rated soap for the sake of more conflict then already exists. Enough muddying up the town, Ms. bell and Mr. Sheffer. i did not think they would continue what has become an annual Y&R tradition, bringing on useless characters because an idea light bulb appeared ovcer their head that said "give Michael a sister. That would be great!" Um, no it wouldn’t and with the failures of all the other characters who have come on gone so quickly on this show, you would think they had learned constraint. Instead we are stuck with this nasal-Nancy mucking up the s/l that is powerful in it’s own. Having Michael finally discover his true father, the one that abandoned him and the entire reason for his initial behavior on the show towards Christine. Michael hated women because of his father. He still has many of those issues to work out. That alone is wnough story without mixing in an annoying teenager for Michael and Lauren to take in when he should be having existential angst over his real dad suddenly appearing in his life again. Another wasted character to hate and wait for their exit date to be announced. The countdown has begun… LOL! The remark about Traci’s chopsticks confused me until I actually saw them sticking out of her hair and to see that her outfit matched! She looked like a waitress at a garish Chinese restaurant. She lives in new York City, the fashion capital of the country and she is wearing a Halloween costume, a uniform, a terribly racist ensemble that belittles the Chinese culture. I would expect much more from a suppsoedly intelligent, thoughtful writer like Traci. Despite her size, she should be in fierce NYC black, chic and sophisticated like so many of the successful and wealthy women that reside here. I see them in my office, on the street, in my building and none of them have cheap dime-store sticks holding a messy bun together! What a disservice to the character and the actress who had to act her way through that scene without bursting into tears or laughter at the sight of herself on a monitor. Come on Y&R! Start editing yourselves better and keep the focus where it has been the last few months, on restructuring the core families to the forefront and connecting new characters to existing ones without sacrificing Bill Bell’s high standards for s/l and character excellence. Chloe is the best example to date of a character that was on an island all by herself only to find out she is esther’s daughter a now amajor player in the lives of the Chancellors. These ancillary wannabe family members such as Tyra, Ana and now, Eden (which is such a peaceful name for such a noisy, screeching girl) need to hightail it back to whatever rock they crawled out under from only to come on, annoy the viewers for a month or so and have fan reaction dictate yet another quick departure. Unfortunately, I hear that Tyra and Ana are soon to return. Just when the show was becoming FF-resistant, here they come to get my itchy finger ready to press. The show has improved so nicely without any new faces or unnecessary, wasted characters to waster any time on. The story with Michael was good enough as is. There was no actual need for Eden other then to "shock" the fans that he had another half-sibling. I do not even want to give her the time to learn how to act. I want her gone, sooner rather then later.

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    I put the guilt on the director shoulder. That person is supposed to tell the actors how to behave. He likes loud mouth, hence that character. He also likes not so good actor and does nothing about it hence a lot of characters too long to list here but to name the worst; pod colleen, tyra and her daughter…god it is painful to watch!

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    I have to say…to whoever cast her….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

    From the first words out of her mouth I thought…Oh cr*p, am I gonna have to listen to THIS every time she speaks?? (shudder)

    I could deal with the story I suppose if they had a character that one could relate to……

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m quite sure not all homeschooled children are as loud mouthed and rude as they are portraying her as and blaming it on homeschooling. Her inability to relate to other kids because she’d been homeschooled is a terrible cliche based on a misconception.

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    Did we not read that they change the person in charge of casting on Y&R?

    I wonder if it is before or after that new addition, because frankly the casting as been horrendous for year on Y&R!

    Not always for lack of talent, more like not the right person on the right role!

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    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t stand her. EVERYTHING out of her mouth seems to be joined with a sneer or ugly scowl. The sooner she’s gone the better. Poor Tracey and Christian.

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