The Phantom Menace

I've been really busy the last few days and have had to play catch up with As the World Turns, but now that the DVR has practically melted down I'm still enjoying what I'm seeing overall...


Darth Vader/Darth Sidous (James Stenbeck) continued to woo weak-willed, emotionally confused and immature Anakin Skywalker (Paul Ryan) to the dark side by twisting psychological daggers in Anakin's/Paul's back. As I've said before, this isn't a new development, but rather a direct nod to ATWT's history of James' attempts to turn Paul to "the dark side."

To a large degree, this turn of events reminds me of the time many years ago when James, who was having an affair with Emily (then played by Melanie Smith), goaded Paul (then played by Andrew Kavovit) into shooting James when Paul thought James was sexually assaulting her. The whole thing was later revealed to be a ruse engineered by James' to test whether Paul had the stones to be a "true Stenbeck." James has been playing these head games with Paul for decades! Ya'll say you want your soaps' history respected? There it is folks!

It was a hoot to see that, James go over the railing of the lighthouse! Remember when James fell out of the cargo plane after his mass murder attempt? Or when his helicopter was blown out of the sky? By now James ought to be getting around using one of those turbo wheelchairs advertised on late night infomercials!

Speaking of History: I love that Jack and Carly were dragged directly into the mix. Both characters (don't forget Meg, as well) have a nasty history with James going back 15-20 years and it is only fitting Jack and Carly would get some face time with the monster.

Glad that Carly had that convenient bandana available to tie up Jack's bleeding hand because it so didn't go with her green top, but what do I know? I can barely keep up with whatever Nina Garcia is going on about on Project Runway.

One thing I really loved was Carly saving Jack. Not only were the location scenes exciting, it was very nice to see Carly in action mode! She and Jack still have that molten hot chemistry! It just goes to prove Maura West can do just about anything.



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Love me some CARJACK! Even while I was a diehard ABC fan I knew about Jack and Carly on ATWT. Love love love them.

Loved the read as always.

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I am a new viewer to ATWT and I absolutely love Maura West and Carly. I have read up on the character's history and even though Carly used to be kind of shady, I still adore her. I hope her and Jack do get back together, although I did like Janet's character and I don't want her to be left out in the cold. They need to hook her up with someone new so she doesn't throw a wrench in the CarJack reunion.
Also, Alison/Chris/Aaron don't really bother me as I fast forward through some of their stuff, but I do think it was a big mistake to let Dylan Bruce go.

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I must say, ATWT, has been pretty decent lately. I thought that history was going to repeat itself for Emily & her eggs. It just seemed too convenient that she was going to get her tubes tied just as Alison learned that she couldn't have children.

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Bernard, you are my husbands hero. You used the Star Wars metophore.  Help me sweet Jesus! LOL  I tell him all the time "Must you people be all over my soaps?"  He said gracefully "Honey, we rule the universe."

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Luke and Noah need to go scuba diving in Snyder Pond and discover the underground city where Stenbeck have them held hostage. There they will also find Kaya, the child Emma Snyder bore when she lost her memories and fell into the pond and started calling herself a Fish Named Boopsy. Oh wait, that happened on One Fast Forward Button To Live!

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Love this article. And I agree with everything said.