Daytime Confidential Top 20, August

No. 12: Farah Fath - One Life to Live (Down Two)

After peaking at No. 4 in June, Farah Fath slipped to No. 12 in August. Down from a No. 10 ranking in July. Fath is the only One Life to Live star to appear on the DC Top 20 every month since its debut in June.


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See what happens when you sexually molest a teenage girl on stage. You end up # 13 on the DC Top 20. LOL!Laughing out loud

So happy to see Jake Silbermann on the list.

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Go Victoria Wyndham!!! Laughing out loud

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Random thoughts:

a - It was delightful to see Eric Braeden on the list seeing as Y&R is putting together an artistic height right now with the head-writing team of Ms. Bell and Mr. Sheffer. Eric has been just superb as the grieving, alienating, angry, sullen, dark Victor in the aftermath of his young bride's death. He is showing such bitter sympathy, an acting zenith for sure he will be accepting an Emmy award next year. His dead bride leads me to -

b - Raya Medine falling just a few spots from the number one slot last month. I was floored when those data results came in because almost since the day she started on Y&R, the fans were in an uproar. her character had been hastily introduced, forced onto the canvas in a frontburner story in a romance with the leading man of the show. The cries of "Foul!" were loud and clear and a few months later, the character was disposed of in an effective story-producing event that has completely changed the entire tone, pacing, dialogue and atmosphere of the show. If it is her character's demise and the unusually strong negative
fan response to her marriage to Victor (CBS viewers are mostly a quiet, non-confrontational bunch with TPTB), then I am thrilled that she gained so much attention for the show on this website. The critics have been deservedly praising the show and the artistic turn-around for it can be traced back to the exact episode containing Sabrina's death. Personally, I don't think there was any major growth as an actress that would merit her getting increased attention for so i realize that it was her part of a much larger equation that can be attributed to her rise.

c - Nelson Branco is one of my personal favorite soap journalist working today. He is always on the mark with his criticisms and analysis of daytime drama as it exists currently. He is wickedly funny, smart, and extremely personable. I might even have a little crush on him (shh. don't tell my partner). His column on TVGuide Canada is my absolute must-see (along with for any news, backstage drama, interviews and daily spoilers. Hope he just keeps rising in the ranking.

d - Caitlin Van Zandt!! What an absolute surprise to find an actress from the lowest rated soap, GL, to be top 3 on this list. I had no idea that many people watched the show to even give her attention or post about her here. She is a really cute, quirky, talented young actress, who has shown that plus-size girls can have their prince and be the center of a s/l (not just her lap-band surgery either) in Springfield (which still looks like dreary Peapeck, NJ. No offense Peapeck, but I always thought Springfield was a broad, cosmopolitan city with a wealthy suburbs for the estates. There are no tall buildings, top of the tower restaurants or estates in Springfield anymore. It just looks sad but Caitlin makes me smile and that's why I am so glad to see her warranting this mention.

Thank you for your time in reading what immediately jumped out at me this month. Oh, yeah, and there were too many GH actors or former actors or rumored actors in the Top 20 alone (still Vanessa Marcil? Tom Pelphrey?). But, I completely understand that this is standard data survey results and knowing GH fans as well as I do, I know they can be a vocal, group-chatting, letter writing, loyal group. I know, I used to be one of them.

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OMFG — again?! Holy, Ellen Wheeler — you guys are seriously insane to have me on this list. It means people are just reading my articles — and has nothing to do with me, but more with my subjects. Take me off! LOL! Vicky Wyndam is going to kill me for beating her; LOL!

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seen Maurice Bernard at #3 warms my heart. he totally rocks. it's only a matter of time now that sonny gets pulled back in the mob.

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I am glad to see many of my favs ranked ....I agree with King TV although, it's nice to include former stars, it somewhat puts "current" stars at a disadvantage, however, I haven't read why they are included so don't know their thinking.

Re: Branco
I disagree with some of his opinions; all in all, I'd say his assessments are fair; especially when I read from columnist pimping certain actors/actresses as if they get a check-in-the-mail...he's always an enjoyable read even when I disagree...I appreciate and respect those columnists like him who can give me their opinions without a biased slant.

However, a lot of these stars ranked, I really don't know much about their work because of not watching much regular TV.... I'm more into International, and online programming eg webisodes, and clips that offers me a more diverse selection.