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Here’s the Scoop! 10.01.08

The love story of Jason and Sonny MAY be coming to an end.
Sonny wants his organization back and Jason’s not in the giving mood. Would Kate stay with Sonny if he goes back to the biz? RUMORS say she’ll tell Jax that she can’t. No worries, he has that MOC with Claudia coming up.

Will Kate ask Diane if Sonny’s back in the mob? It looks like that’s what’s happening. Olivia MAY tip her cousin off but it’s Diane that confirms what Kate’s been told.

It’s Carly selling out! Carly sells her half of the Metro Court to Nikolas!

Olivia meet Claudia… I bet you don’t like her. Olivia will see Claudia and Sonny in a close moment together and she’ll confront him about consorting with mobsters.

Jason takes Elizabeth to see Kate today. Is he a little mean with her? There are RUMORS that he throws a low blow and asks her if she wants to leave her children motherless. Elizabeth tells Jason this does not change anything as far as she’s concerned. They argue, she leaves and he thinks he’s finally gotten through to her.

Patrick’s going to be a busy man. He’s operating on Kate, learning her deep dark secrets and turning down Robin’s proposal. No fear Scrubbies, they will get engaged, I’m hearing it happens at the park. Is the wedding before the baby I mentioned yesterday just an attempt at marriage? It looks like they’ll try to get married before the bundle of joy arrives. It’s Uncle Matt to the rescue as he is key in saving Robin during the delivery. CRAZY RUMOR that in his honor, the baby will be named Hunter. Didn’t they already do this with Morgan?

Luke returns and it’s definitely not a happy reunion for husband and wife. We’ll get more Tracy though and that’s always a good thing in my book. What about Laura? She’ll be around also as Luke is RUMORED to learn that Laura is improving. Has Tracy been in contact with Laura’s doctors all along?

JoLu…they break up, Johnny crashes the boat and then he realizes it was all for nothing. Lulu’s not as crazy as everyone keeps telling her she is. Laura’s really getting better and she really did get that note. While Johnny’s acting out, Lulu’s getting out of Shadybrook. Julie Marie Berman will take a two week vacation to go on her honeymoon. Will it affect her screentime? Not sure as pre-tapping MAY have occurred.

Will Karpov want Jerry to prove his loyalty? In another CRAZY RUMOR, the Russian mobster MAY want Jerry to kill Alexis. IF this is true, it’s not about Alexis being Jerry’s weakness. Alexis sets her sights on taking Karpov down and he’s not happy about it.

Still seeing RUMORS that Jerry wants revenge on Sam. He’s been played and it cost him Alexis. Really what we SHOULD see is that Jerry thought he could get Sam to break first and admit she’s been trying to work him over. The plan "blows up in their faces," Jerry loses Alexis and their is tension between mother and daughter.

Maximus Giambatti… Max and Milo’s Dad hits town next week. Jason plays enforcer to protect the lies the boys have been telling. Don’t forget Liason Fans, SPOILERS say that Maximus sees Jason kissing Elizabeth.

Remember to check the comments, here’s what you may have missed yesterday:

Could Jason’s injury be plot point? It looks like an OLD RUMOR is hitting the scene again. A crime MAY go down while Elizabeth is nursing Jason’s injury.

Scrubs Stuff… it MAY go marriage then baby? Remember there were RUMBLINGS about picking up a pastor on the way. That Patrick wanted to be married before the baby came. Now I am seeing that the marriage COULD come before the baby. What about Tristan saying he would be at the wedding?

There has been a death RUMORED for a long time. The coffin at Sweeps… oh who am I kidding, it’s mob land a death is always RUMORED. The latest? It’s a male.

Could we be seeing a Guza-less GH? RUMORS are all over the place. It could be a team of head writers as I suggested or he may just get his walking papers. Remember, the SCOOP was that he had until Sweeps to pull it together and he’s promising a Sweeps stunt unlike anything done in Daytime.

Will Jax reconsider Nikolas’ offer? RUMORS have Carly and Nikolas working together. Will it be Carly selling out to the Prince?

It looks like we’ll get more Jax and Kate time.

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    Thanks Regan as always. I see that first you wrote about Jason pushing Elizabeth away again and then them kissing in the office and then the “paint” and him being on her coach so that’s all good for us Liason fans. I hope it all comes out about Elizabeth and Jason/Jake finally, this is the longest storyline in history. Don’t get me started with the MOC again, still think it’s such a stupid storyline. I thought Maurice wanted to work with Megan Ward? Now he is going to back to Claudia aka Carly? I don’t like Jax/Kate together, they are just plain boring together, Carly spices up Jax’s life. I am so looking forward to Maximus coming to town, we need some comedy. If Guza gets the can, I will help them open the door when he leaves.Bring on the NS2 writters and give us our GH back.

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yep Roe… that’s pretty much how it SHOULD all go down. He shows her Kate, she walks away. They meet at the Studio, then she shows up at his office, she gets home to LuSam making out on her couch and the paint fight SHOULD be bringing up the rear.

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    JoLu Q’s: Nothing official about who’s the one that heard Lulu’s confession. RUMORS said she would be the one to meet Dante first and there is something that I am waiting to confirm before I drop it. Johnny and Lulu will eventually get back together.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you Regan for the scoops Regan.
    I really hope that The Liason storyline is geting somewhere…
    I want that the truth about Jake will come out, Any news about that??

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you regan for answering my question.
    I think that if they want to improve the show, they need to get Liason to another level, to hear in the 1000000 times “its not safe”, its getting old. and even if they will be together in secret, it will not work.
    They need to change all , let the truth come out, let Jason raise his son, and than we will see something new with our characters, like Jason with a real family.
    that will be a change……………………………..

  6. Profile photo of KingTV

    Whether or not this coming November Sweeps is the most exciting, dramatic that GH has ever had, I still think Guza and his merry band of misogynist, mob-obsessed, violence-loving team of writers should be publicly tarred and feathered and then fired, shoving every one of them out the door. I do not wish unemployment on these people, especially during these crazy, unpredictable economic times. Thank God my partner is also my financial investment adviser as that is what he does for a living, so all of my investments were safely placed and fortunately my company’s 401K plan has not been as devastatingly hit as others. I feel very fortunate.

    But back to this wonderful rumor of the removal of Guza. I liked the mob story when it began and it was mixed in with the rest of the show organically and just one part of the lives in Port Charles. There have been some highly memorable, classic soap moments involving Sonny and the rest of the criminal crowd, especially the “Clink-Boom” moment and a few other s/l’s that were integrated into the show involving characters outside that world which made them multi-generational, natural plot points and transitions that were highly successful. But since around 1999-2000 and ever since, the mafia has completely eaten the rest of the show and it is now more a really bad copycat of “The Soprano’s”. Sonny Corinthos is no Tony Soprano. On GH the world of the mob is unrealistically portrayed and legacy families and individual characters have been sacrificed at the alter of the criminal underworld to satisfy the fantasies and vision of one sick man, Robert Guza. He has taken every ounce of heart and soul out of GH and replaced it with shooting women and children and leading men who kill people and deal in illegal activities for a living. I do not understand the fans who actually love the mob influence and think that a terrorist holding many of the main characters hostage in a hotel and shooting one legacy character and killing another is a fabulous sweeps month. Like I said, when it was mixed into the show and balanced equally with the more traditional soap opera situations, it was fresh and a cool counterpoint to the civility of the rest of the city. But now, it has completely gone overboard and the mob is the sole focus of the show and is the reason I stopped watching it after 20 years. I am not the only one. I have learned that in life, rumors all have a seed based on some kind of truth so I am hoping that this rumor that Guza has until November ratings month to turn the show around and raise the ratings is ALL true. I would relish in the day it is announced he has been fired and hope that Frons has a great head writer in his mind to take Guza’s place, such as Claire Labine or Tom Casiello. I would immediately renew my GH season pass on my TIVO if this happens. I would return to one of my all-time favorite soaps in a heartbeat. But, if he is not fired and this show continues it’s downward spiral into doom, the show will lose it’s place in history as one of the great all-time daytime dramas.

    My point – I hope the rumor is true and Giza’s ratings stunt fails in the ratings and he is shown the door. But knowing the industry as well as I do, if the stunt he has planned has even the slightest bit of buzz or a very small ratings increase (which most soaps do during these months), he will remain and continue to pick the bones of the enormous legacy of the show.

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sweeps…. supposedly we’ll see a coffin and then we’ll go back in time to see who winds up in the coffin. Sounds a lot like MC and B&W to me so I am not entirely sure how its something never done before. It may not be hour by hour like the MC and we won’t see things play out over and over again like parts of the ball.

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    RUMORED JaSam scenes? It looks like Jason will see Sam on Karpov’s boat while investigating the shooting. There are RUMORS however (and you may need some salt) that Jason sees Sasha bailing her out after Jerry sets Sam up.

  9. Profile photo of mdonovan

    Regan any word on when Sonny’s son will turn up in Port Chuck and has it been confirmed that BA will play the dual role also im new to this Im a huge Jason and Liz fan and i cant stand Kate with sonny he needs a woman like carly or claudia or even Olivia someone with a backbone and we all know when he finds out that kate lied to him about his son the famous ”Betrayal” is coming out

  10. Profile photo of samrocks

    Jax and Kate? Although I think it would be great – corporate raider Jax and fashionista Kate Howard, I am bummed that Jax would be getting Sonny’s leftovers YET AGAIN. Why can’t the writers give Jax a woman of his own? (Brenda, Sam, Carly, and probably even Courtney if she hadn’t been his sister!) Was Chloe the only one? Technically, they have also shared Alexis, although Jax “had” her first. ;)

    Guza-less GH? Be still my heart…

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    “… I am bummed that Jax would be getting Sonny’s leftovers YET AGAIN. Why can’t the writers give Jax a woman of his own?”



    The only women that loved Jax and hadn’t sleep w/ Sonny were Miranda and Skye but he dumped them for Brenda. He even dumped Chloe to find the Brenda look-a-like. For about 5 minutes there was also V, I forgot what happened there. In the case of Courtney, he got Jason’s leftovers.



  12. Profile photo of Beth

    So Carly’s going to sell her half to Nikolas? I thought it would be Jax, and then they’d set up a chemistry test with Carly and Nik.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No wordo n when Dante hits town… Bradford playing the part is still in the RUMOR stages, they may cast the role.

    Jax and Kate will spend more time together… it MAY be just as friends.

  14. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    i posted this somewhere, but if they do go with BA, technically Spin and Olivia HAVE been in the same room before. She wouldn’t notice someone who looked exactly like her kid?

  15. Profile photo of samrocks

    Regan, thanks so much for the info, and I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what does it mean to say someone will play a dual role?

    Does it mean that (if BA is playing Dante) there will be two people in Port Charles who look exactly alike – Spin and Dante, that are NOT twins?

    Again, sorry for the stupid question, but I really don’t get it. :)

    I do understand TWINS, though – Vicki/Marley (Another World), Adam/Stuart (AMC), so all is not lost!

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    I think dual roles would encompass both (the same actor playing twins or playing two people who just look alike). And you’re right about not all being lost but it’s usually better when it’s the same actor playing twins than if it’s just two people who look alike. ATWT’s is a good example. Lily/Rose was good. Gwen/Cleo? Not so much!



  17. Profile photo of samrocks

    Season1217, I forgot about an obvious one from GH – Nikolas/Connor! Okay, I get it now – and though I’m happy that BA would get to do something a little different, I would prefer to see a completely different person.

  18. Profile photo of engradypind

    But did Olivia really look at Spinelli while he was in the same room with her, or was she focused on other action going on at the time? I’d really like to see Brad Anderson play another part that doesn’t dissolve into the comic relief sort of thing he has been used for previously.

    Kate and Jax? No chemistry except as friends. Carly and Nicholas? Dreadful idea. Why not go all out and match up Monica and Trevor, or Tracy and Anthony. How about Sasha and Nicholas? Ohhhhhhh, how about Lulu and Karpov? The possibilites for mismatches are just endless these days.

  19. Profile photo of BigDede

    I don’t like this “new angst” for Liason either. It’s time for Liz to get with another man and Liason just pine away for each other like that. Like how they did it back in the day with clone Lucky/Liz/Jason. It was more better and sweeter and we saw how Jason acted seeing them together. Also with Zander/liz/Jason. They need to give Liz a man, STAT!

    This MOC is the most stupidest thing ever! Why did Guza have Claudia be partly responsible for Myill’s shooting if he was going to make her nicey nicey with Sonny and carly. It’s stupid!

    If they hook up Carly and Nik, I think my head might exploded. I don’t think I can handle that. I wish they would give Carly back Deception. Let her run a company and pit it against Jax’s comestics.

  20. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Don’t forget, Rick Springfield plays a dual role as well. Technically…

    Spin has also been standing outside the hospital room all day and she’s been going in and out, so Olivia did technically have time to see Spin. I mean, even if it is out of the corner of your eye if you see someone who looks like your child, wouldn’t you look again?

  21. Profile photo of engradypind

    Pitting Carly against Jax in a business venture might prove interesting. That would give her something to do besides scheme to hurt other people as she is wont to do when others don’t immediately fall in thrall with her and give her her way. I’d like to see Carly do something positive on her own that hasn’t been financed on her back.
    Can’t you just see Jax doing something totally stupid like giving her his part of Crimson in a divorce settlement.

  22. Profile photo of engradypind

    If Bradford Anderson is to play Dante then let’s hope the character and Spin do NOT look that much alike. Bet Dante is going to be a chick-magnet, street tough kid just like Spin wants to be.

  23. Profile photo of BigDede

    Did anyone see who the actor is that might be playing Dante. it’s that dude from Y&R. he and GV played brothers on that show. GV played Deigo and I forgot who the other guy played. he was with Brittany on Y&R and was Billy’s friend.

  24. Profile photo of season1217

    You mean Raul?! The actor’s name is David Lago. He’s adorable and he looks like he could be Sonny’s son. I hope they go that route and not the dual role for Bradford. Nothing against Bradford but I’d rather they just continue developing the character of Spinelli then have him pull double duty.

    It’s funny I remember when Greg Vaughan was on Y&R and he and Sharon slept together and every scene w/ Sharon in it had her flashing back to the sex. It was hilarious! She was jonesing!:D



  25. Profile photo of isa

    I’m just waiting for the day when Liz is lying in the hospital with a bullet in her because of Jason. Maybe then she won’t be so hot for a booty call whenever Jason has time for her.

  26. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Liz has already been shot, kidnapped and put in crypt, and a bomb put in her home. Yeah, I’m sure one more bullet wound should make her come to her senses. Worked for Sam. Oh, wait….

  27. Profile photo of mdonovan

    Regan any word on when Sonny’s son will turn up in Port Chuck and has it been confirmed that BA will play the dual role also im new to this Im a huge Jason and Liz fan and i cant stand Kate with sonny he needs a woman like carly or claudia or even Olivia someone with a backbone and we all know when he finds out that kate lied to him about his son the famous ”Betrayal” is coming out

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