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Sorry this is late, I’ve only just managed to catch up on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s episodes (Friday’s thoughts to come later).

Wednesday’s Episode – 10.01.08

Caroline:  It’s not looking good for Caroline – only her prints on the murder weapon and the DA is going to press charges.  The fibers found at the scene are of a cotton blend, so that’s no help clearing her at this stage.  I bet they end up belonging to Max – even though he’s innocent of the murder as well (in my opinion). 

Victor: I like that Victor wants to help Caroline and it does seem as though they are moving towards a Caroline/Victor re-pairing.  I guess enough time has passed since Grandpa Shawn died?

Sami: I never realised she was such a wimp about needles – having Lucas hold her hand (pictured left) while the nurse took blood!  How did she ever survive the births of her three children?  Interesting scenes between Sami and Lucas though – it looks like they are making them friends again, and I’m alright with that.  I always thought they worked well, if not better, as friends.  Sami is protesting too much about her feelings for EJ – and when she said (paraphrasing) that she was never going to be with him, you just know that that is foreshadowing.  You can never say never in the soapworld! 

Nicole:  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a bit on Nicole overload, but I’m finding her excitement over her pregnancy really endearing.  So much so that I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her; I really don’t think she’s going to get the happy ending she dreams of with EJ. I truly believe he is going to disappoint her – especially when he learns of Sami’s pregnancy.  Well, whenever that happens.

Thursday’s Episode – 10.02.08

Caroline:  If you’ve missed the Caroline/Trent scenes in weeks past, just watch this episode (recap by flashback lol).  The last encounter between Trent and Caroline where Caroline holds the knife towards Trent (pictured right); how frightened did Caroline look?  Especially after Trent did his ‘Russell Crowe telephone hissy fit’ impersonation.  Then we find out there are witnesses that saw her holding that knife on Trent?  Could things get any worse for her case?  Of course they can, this is a soap!  So here’s what I’m wondering – was that the same knife that killed Trent, and if so, how did the killer end up with it?  Were they trying to frame Caroline?  Doing a good job so far.

Daniel/Kate:  Woot!  This week I’m really enjoying Kate’s scenes.  I think it’s because she’s not trying to run her children’s lives – it’s more the other way around.  I’m especially liking her with Daniel – I see chemistry between those two… I wonder if they are going to repeat Daniel’s history and have him get involved with a dying patient.  That, of course, begs the question –  is Kate going to die?  Ha!  Kate must really be sick since, upon finding out Lucas brought Sami to the hospital, she asked if Sami was alright!  What the?

EJ/Nicole/Jawn:  Ahhh, that first scene with EJ wearing the hat from the zoo… so cute… *sigh*  Back to reality and I still think it’s weird that Jawn was the first person Nicole confessed her pregnancy to – but I loved his reaction (pictured left) – feigned shock and then rapt attention for more details – he’s better than your best gal pal lol.  Then when EJ walked into the room to begin his and Nicole’s date, "have fun… kids" lol.  Moments like these I don’t miss the old John.

Sami/Lucas:  Lucas and Sami seem to be moving back towards friendship: I can handle this – they are good as friends, even if it is a bit odd Sami talking to Lucas about EJ.  I guess she doesn’t have any girlfriends to confide in and Lucas is a good substitute (lol).

Thoughts from Friday’s episode to come.

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    Brooke you are a better person than I am. All of Nicole’s excitement makes me more anxious to see her crash and burn. Sorry I have now sympathy for a girl who falls for a guy that SHE KNOWS loves another woman. (Like EJ calling her Sami during sex wasn’t a big tip off). The Nicole Overload has zapped any sympathy I have ever felt for the girl. I’ve seen spoilers and I am anxiously awaiting Nicole’s bubble to burst! That girl has gotten away with too much shit so far and needs a reality check.

    And I too much prefer Lucas and Sami as friends. Lucas is a lot less angry and doesn’t scream as much now. And I agree, the minute Sami said “never”, I was like “yeah, you love him”.

  2. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I love John and Nicole. I was hoping he’d offer to marry her, so that he could protect the baby from Stefano and make Marlena jealous. I think a marriage of convenience that drove Doc crazy would be funny. Otherwise, I’d like her to get scheming again, and go to Stefano and tell him about the baby, move into the mansion, and live it up in EJ’s face! As for Sami, I’m sorry, but I don’t think she needs another kid! I usually hate soap miscarriages, but if Sami had one and was so brokenhearted she had to leave town (for Alison’s maternity leave) I’d be perfectly fine w/it.

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    I can’t stand the idea of Daniel and Kate, chemistry or no chemistry because, the Kate we knew wouldn’t do that to Chelsea. Kate has done so many stupid things in the love of her family, now they want us to believe that she will go after Daniel without caring about Chelsea’s feeling. I don’t think so. I rather see Daniel with Nicole or Chloe than Kate.

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    I’m loving Kate and Daniel. They are so much better matched then Chelsea and Dan were. And I have to disagree with the above poster claiming Kate is chasing Daniel. When she and Dan hooked up, Kate couldn’t read minds and could only believe what Chelsea and Dan told her, that they weren’t really interested at all in each other. Chelsea does not get to act like she isn’t interested in a guy but still have dibs on him (especially with dating her own super great boyfriend she foolishly threw away).

  5. Profile photo of zyona

    Who is this super great boyfriend? Nick? I don’t think so, he did not have a great chemistry with Chelsea. Don’t get me wrong I think Blake B. is a great actor, but I would like to see Days pairing him with a very attractive male actor. Hey that just my opinion.

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    I have no problems with Days confronting a homesexual story but I do have problems with then taking a character who is obviously heterosexual and then “turning” him gay to fit the stereotype. One reason I love Blake B. is because he doesn’t fit the conventional type of romantic leading guy. I still find him quite hot.

    But if they want to take their time and bring in two new guys for a gay love story, that’s fine.

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    I actually enjoyed Lucas with Sami, mainly because they weren’t screaming at each other like usual! I did enjoy Nicoles convo with John (its good to see her maternal side). I certainly don’t like seeing Caroline in jail, that is so wrong. She would never hurt anyone. I love her!
    I still believe Chelsea and Daniel aren’t done, don’t believe it- too much is out there still! Kate with Daniel is just an emotional tie because he is her doctor, she is scared and this is actually good for him to be able to help save Kate and close that chapter of his life from when he lost Rebecca. I see the next chapter of Daniel’s life starting to get the women he loves back, None other than Ms. Chelsea Brady!! Dansea, always! Thanks Brooke for your update! Always look forward to reading it! Keep up the great work!

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