Ellen + Shemar = Jennifer Aniston

Matchmaker, matchmaker, who wants to be a matchmaker? Last week Criminal Minds’ star Shemar Moore admitted having a crush on Jennifer Aniston while visiting the Ellen show. Ellen, the gracious person that she is, promised to help try and hook the two up.  Watch Shemar’s admission and dunking after the jump.

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    Couldn’t agree more with what Jamey said. Hopefully Ellen will try … and we know she will. Wasn’t there something with Lauren Graham where she tried to be the matchmaker too? Just doesn’t know who it was … just that it sadly didn’t work out. But here it has to! Jennifer and Shemar would make a very sexy couple and I have no doubt that he would be good for her. :) I hope you guys keep this story updated… :D ;)

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    I know Shemar is gorgeous, but I could have sworn he played for both team, because I seen him in ATL on labor day weekend, but hey who knows maybe he went to rehab for two weeks like Ted Haggard and God Cured him, so he can be with Jennifer Aniston. Good luck, I hope Ellen will keep her promise and hook him up.

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    I’m sorry, did I miss something? He was in Atlanta so that makes him gay? Or is ATL a gay bar? LOL!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, and if he "plays for both teams" that doesn’t make him gay either. That would make him bisexual. Why is it perfectly okay for two hot girls to tongue wrestle their way through their college dorms then go on and marry Biff or Spud and plop out two kids and a mortgage, but if a man "plays for both teams" he should be thoroughly written off by woman kind. I’m sure Jenn’s seen some va jay jay in her day day!

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    I will never say that a guy should be written off by a woman, because he is bisexual as long as she knows the truth. According to my brother, there is no such a thing of bisexual, you either like a men or women nothing in between. Of course I understand his theory, because he think every good looking heterosexual guy is gay or in the closet since he seem to fancy them. (Don’t hate my brother he is just confused soul) but I loved the part where you said “I’m sure Jenn’s seen some va jay jay in her day day!”

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