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Here’s the Scoop! 10.07.08

RUMORS of a traitor within the Morgan Organization. It wouldn’t be the first time someone close to Jason was playing for the other team. Some SPECULATED it was Cody who was the traitor. What if it’s Bernie?

Jerry and Alexis and more of this Jerm mess… I can’t wait for this to all end. I wasn’t against JLex but now, I am. Is there anyway for Jerry to be redeemed? He’ll still protect Alexis and talk Karpov out of killing the D.A. Remember, Alexis catches Jerm in the hot tub.  Peace offering? RUMORS say Jerry goes to Alexis with information on Karpov. Will Sam fill Lucky in on what happened with Jerry? She MIGHT. There are RUMORS that he finds out at the PCPD. IF you are a JLex fan, I am hearing there are some good scenes for them before it all goes downhill.

Some of you were happy yesterday when I backed off the MOC RUMORS. There are a few THEORIES on how this COULD play out. One is that when Claudia takes her information to Sonny, the plan is worked out to work Anthony over from the inside. Another is that Sonny and Jason team up to take ZaCrazy down and there MAY be a fake death in the near future. One more THEORY? This one says that Sonny considers marrying the mafia princess but he’s not the only one who considers making Claudia their bride.

Elizabeth calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the studio. She tells him she needs his help and when Jason arrives he learns she wants him to help her paint the studio. SPOILERS say they look at pictures of their son and don’t forget, Jason takes a spill and hurts his ankle.

What’s up with Loco Lulu? Julie Marie Berman is offscreen because she is honeymooning. Johnny SHOULD be asking someone to check on Lulu as he won’t go see her himself. Maxie and Spinelli both pay her a visit at Shadybrook. Maxie goes to Johnny and asks him to go see Lulu. RUMORS say Johnny learns that Lulu had a breakdown and when he goes to see her, she’s gone.

Sweeps filming has begun. Another big bang? RUMORS say we MAY be getting more special effects.

RANDOM RUMORS… Jerry tries to kill Sam. Johnny goes after Ric. Claudia knocks her brother out. Johnny wants Ric to go against Anthony. Jerry drugs Nadine. Sonny goes looking for Karpov. Olivia meet ZaCrazy. Sonny has an ultimatum for Jason. Jason considers making a move against his former partner and friend. Claudia gets some time with Maximus.

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    Any more word on Dante? Are we still going to see Olivia’s brother come to town…Vito?

    Special Effects…I would like some cohesive storylines. I would like star crossed lovers to finally come together. I think they need to save the special effects for the next Transformers movie. True soap lovers/watchers really do not need the cgi special effects.

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    I am finding the whole Elizabeth and Jason promise of an exciting fall, a terrrible letdown. Elizabeth seems to be just prop for Jason in the Jason and Sonny ongoing story. Nicholas and Emily, Sam and Lucky, Jax and Carly, Ric and Claudia are all together with little or no angst already. Why promise what TPTB will not deliver time and time again, why raise expectations again?

    Elizabeth needs to be her own woman, working, caring for her children and living in her world. I wish she would just let Jason come to her on her terms.

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    Thank you hrfmom. Spoken like a real soap watcher.That is why I enjoy watching Night shift. There is no mob stuff happening. Just good story telling.

    Hey Regan,
    I know I read somewhere that Guza had until sweeps to turn this stuff around or he was going to be replaced. Is that still true? What if Guza messes up the storylines so much it would be like the new the President. Whom ever it may be, they are gong to have a mess to clean up.

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    ok I just had to say that I would love olivia to partner up with mac they looked good on screen the other day?? Anyone agree??? I hate the whole jerry and sam thing makes my stomach turn when they are together. Any thing new on Michael waking up like ever?? Thanks Regan you always have the best spoilers

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    Thanks for getting up early Regan, and keeping us in the loop. Here’s my theory on Bernie:

    Karpov + bad hair = bad mobster.

    Bernie + sudden bad hair = bad mobster?

    Is this the clue that Bernie is working with Karpov?

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    Regan Cellura

    Dante: He’s coming and we’re waiting on casting news. Look for Sonny and Olivia’s son to appear towards the end of Sweeps.

    Vito: Olivia’s brother. RUMORS had him coming to Port Chuck. I haven’t seen those is awhile.

    Liason: We’re getting more scenes and they won’t all be angsty. IF THE RUMORS are TRUE, we SHOULD get a bigger pay off during Sweeps.

    Guza: As far as I know, Sweeps is his deadline. We will see what happens.

    Michael: The plan SHOULD be to wake him out of that coma. No word on when that MAY happen. There’s alot going on with the secret son and the mobtastic Sweeps. IF Michael is awakened, I wouldn’t start looking for it until February, maybe even May Sweeps.

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    Michael…are they going to SORAS (i hope i got the acronym right!) him?

    Is the traitor between Bernie and Cody or is there another suspect like Spinelli or Diane?

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    Remeber way back when when there was a big reveal revovling around the police comisioner.If I not mistaken his name was MR. BIG, and he was a big time mob guy. (that is when the mob guys were actually the bad guys) He ended up being the police commisioner and I think Anna took over as Police commisioner. Those were the days.

    Regan, any news pn Maxie celebrating her Birthday on holloween this year? They don’t ever celebrate her birthday like they used to.

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    Hi Regan. Any word on who will be in the coffin or some thoughts on who it might be? I hope it is Jerry because his character is really going nowhere lately. And I really dont like the story line with Sam.

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    Regan Cellura

    EARLY RUMORS said Michael would be SORAS’d. I would ASSUME that is still half true as RUMORS had Dylan Cash POSSIBLY coming back. Again, this is a we will see scenario and like I said I ASSUME we won’t see anything until February or May as Sonny will have his hands full with the latest son.

    Maxie hasn’t celebrated her birthday in awhile and fans have been asking for a Halloween Party/episode on GH. Maybe Spinelli could do something for Maxie to celebrate her birth.

    I have seen nothing about Spinelli or Diane being the traitor.

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    Bernie looks really nice but wasn’t his brothr’s name Bennie and he looked nice too. Didn’t he turn out to be a traitor?

    I love my Mr. Craig and Sam. They are going to help Alexis get away from Jerry. I can’t wait for the hot tub scene. Any chance the song “true colors” will be playing as background music?

    Maxie was at the the black and white ball and they never mentioned that it was her birthday. Right?

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    Thanks Regan, love that picture of Jason and Elizabeth, can’t wait for this to play out and looking forward to some happy times for our couple. Seems like everyone is hitting the sheets except for our couple. I thought along time ago that Bernie might be the traitor according to a real old rumor that said it’s all in the accounting. I also thought Cody because he’s been appearing on so many shows but since the audience liked him, I went back to Bernie including with the conversation he had with Spinelli and then Jason about Sonnny last week. Jerry and Sam, they should end that already, I was more interested in the drug caper and then solving it than Sam playing with Jerry. I too don’t know how they are going to redeem him, he just keeps getting in deeper. The only way to reedem Jerry is for him to come out as being an FBI agent or something. I still believe that Sonny and Jason will hook up in the end but before that, I think Sonny might do some damage to Jason like reveal his weakness to AZ. The old rumor was that someone would reveal Jason’s weakness but wouldn’t it be wild if that someone was Sonny?

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    Regan Cellura

    Yep Roe, that old RUMOR, it’s all in the accounting. And if I remember correctly, Sonny’s accountant has betrayed him before. Not Bernie or Benny… the name is escaping me.

    There are RUMORS that Liason will have their sexay times too…. we’ll see if they play out.

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    i hope it’s bernie I really like cody he is so hot lol. I still like the olivia Mac pairing he needs more screen time too I luv him. And yuck whoever said scotty with Alexis I think Scotty needs to live a very lonely hellish life I soooo hate him. I can’t wait for Laura to wake up is that happening this week?

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    i hope it’s bernie I really like cody he is so hot lol. I still like the olivia Mac pairing he needs more screen time too I luv him. And yuck whoever said scotty with Alexis I think Scotty needs to live a very lonely hellish life I soooo hate him. I can’t wait for Laura to wake up is that happening this week?

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    wasn’t his name Frank? I remember when they were stuck in a cave and he outed Brenda for being a drug addict.

    Season 1217, those were the days were’nt they. Loved me some Frisco and Felicia. Sean and Tiffany. Duke and Anna. Bobbie and Tony.Robert and Holly. Help me out here I know that there was a character named Jimmy Lee, he was a Quartermaine and he ahd a girlfriend was it Cecilia? I am to old to remember.

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    Mr. Big’s name was Burt Ramsey and he was either the commissioner or co-chief of police, along side Anna. They were good friends before the truth about his identity was revealed.

    Edward’s illegitimate son’s name was Jimmy Lee Holt. I believe he was born named Eric Quartermaine. I think of all people, Lila found him. And Celia was his cousin, ewwwwah! I think they even married. Double gross!

    The funny thing is I wasn’t watching GH back then. I was only 6 or 7 but I read up on as much as I can and watch YouTube clips.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Regan Cellura

    RUMBLINGS that Vincent Pastore will be back in February.

    Scrubs wedding… goes from whacky to serious as the date they’ve picked is Oct 29th.

    Olivia wants Dante to stay put. He’s a grown man though and he doesn’t have to listen to his mom or his dad if he doesn’t want to.

    Laura back on the 23rd?

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    Elizabeth needs to be her own woman, working, caring for her children and living in her world. I wish she would just let Jason come to her on her terms.
    Oh, we have that story, don’t you know? That’s what we were supposed to be assuming she was doing all summer. It just doesn’t warrant screen time. RME

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    Are you thinking of Harry Silver, who I think was Sonny’s original right-hand-man? I think Harry ended up betraying Sonny a long time ago. Then again, who hasn’t “betrayed” Sonny on this show.

    Does anyone else wonder why ZaCrazy didn’t just shoot Jason at the wedding if he’s the one he wants dead? Talk about a Rube Goldberg device for assasination!

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    mamalo, I think AZ didn’t shoot Jason because he wants to destroy 2 lives by making Sonny go against Jason and them be at odds with each other and thinking if he had Sonny on his side, he can first destroy Jason and then destroying Sonny is easy. Jason is the hard one to kill not Sonny. That’s why I think AZ didn’t go after Jason plus he also wants Karpov out of the picture too and him run the whole mob in PC.Blame Karpov, Sonny kills Karpov,Sony tries to takes down Jason and then AZ takes down Sonny.

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