Sherri Vs Elisabeth Smackdown

Never a dull moment with The View ladies. Its official I MUST get tickets for round 2!

Who came out on top?

Sherri Vs Elisabeth Smackdown

  • It's a draw (12%, 64 Votes)
  • Elisabeth (24%, 133 Votes)
  • Sherri (64%, 355 Votes)

Total Voters: 552


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  1. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I think Elisabeth is good at debating BUT I wish it wasn’t so obvious that she’s going off of talking pionts. It used to be you could tell when she was talking about what she personally believed and what were talking points, now everything has become talking points. Not that the others don’t have their own talking points, because they do, but it isn’t the same as it used to be.

  2. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Sylar? Luke, IMO Elisabeth is, "so-so," on debating but when she can’t get anyone to agree with her or see her side of things she decided to play dirty. She brings up things that ARE NOT relevant to the issue at hand.

  3. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    She is ganged up on, but she SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS at debating. When she doesn’t get her way she starts shrieking like some prehistoric bird and crying like a five-year-old and that’s even when Barbara or Sherri are on her side.

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I can understand why Elisabeth believes how she believes. She’s a beautiful, perfect, blonde, with a husband, a home a white picket fence, tons of money and a baby (or two? I forget.) in the baby carriage and she’s heterosexual. Hell, I’d be a "conservative" too! the system TOTALLY works for her! LMAO

  5. Profile photo of elle

    my gosh what a crybaby. EH of all people, telling Sheri “you’re getting personal, calm down, relax.” good God. Stop you’re shrieking, EH, stop your crying and act like an adult. Every darn time they ask her something about her party, she turns it around on the democratic party, without even answering a question. It’s ridiculous. I truly wish they would replace her with an adult.

  6. Profile photo of Danielle

    That woman has no clue about what it’s like to be on food stamps, to wonder where your next paycheck is coming, how your going to feed and clothe your kids, live in a neighborhood without picket fences, what it’s like to be a person of ethnicity, to know that the home you bought with your life savings is about to be taken away, to know what it’s like to pay 400.00 in medication that insurance will not cover, bill collectors calling you all day and night, to work in a job you can’t stand but you need to pay the rent somehow or you’ll get evicted….I could go on but I won’t I am just fired up forgive me!

  7. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    my gosh what a crybaby. EH of all people, telling Sheri "you’re getting personal, calm down, relax." good God. Stop you’re shrieking, EH, stop your crying and act like an adult. Every darn time they ask her something about her party, she turns it around on the democratic party, without even answering a question. It’s ridiculous. I truly wish they would replace her with an adult.

    Yet another thing I left out because I wanted to see if someone picked up on that also. Nobody ever tells her to calm down and relax when she screams like a damn banshee but only when Sherri gets up in the crack of her ass she decided to pull that out. I also loved when the audience agreed with Sherri she decided to act like a tot once again and say something like, "I never expect to get cheers from the audience." Like that’s really going to make me root for her. She needs to stop acting like a petulant child and grow some. Just because she sunned (ny saying) Rosie doesn’t mean she’s a qualified comentator. It just means that she got one up on Ro because Ro didn’t stoop to her level of mud slinging.

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Elisabeth is patently delusional if she thinks the Democrats are to blame for the subprime crisis. How many Democrat banking CEO’s just got cut fat severence packages??? Something tells me those fellas won’t be voting left. Dear God in heaven. Kudos to Babs for showing she can still reign them in though, I say she won!

  9. Profile photo of season1217

    Conservative doesn’t mean having your head so far up your butt that you could give yourself a colonoscopy. I can see that if you haven’t lived in other people’s shoes that you wouldn’t necessarily know what they are going through but there is a little thing called understanding and compassion.

    The Hannity’s and Hasselbeck’s of the world are not conservative. They are right wing nut jobs who can’t see pass their own reflections in the mirror and the sound of their pretty little voices to consider that there is even the inkling of a possibility that they may be wrong.

    We all have our own belief system where we think we are right and others are wrong. That’s why they are our beliefs. But the crap that occasionally spews out of her mouth can be hypocritical, ridiculous and downright retarded.

    For a long time I sympathized w/ Elisabeth, especially, when she cried during that discussion about the use of the n word (I agreed w/ her POV there). But after yesterday’s and again today’s episode that sympathy has waned. Either educate yourself on the facts and come prepared to bring it or go home!

    Her condescending atttitude toward Sherri really pissed me off!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  10. Profile photo of Danielle

    My comments were directed at her and her alone, not because she is a conservative but because she has no clue, plain and simply.  I have friends who are conservative who have struggled in life, but the crap that comes out of her mouht even shocks them.

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    My comment wasn’t directed at your comment, Danielle. The funny thing is when I finished typing and posted my comment you had posted yours.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  12. Profile photo of Junebug

    Good god! can’t they find an INTELLIGENT conservative? Perhaps “The Veiw” keeps her on to make other conservatives look bad? The reason Elizabeth is so often “ganged up on” is because she insists on repeating the most ridiculous and insulting rhetoric. She does nothing, NOTHING to further her own cause. . Her inane babbling is so transparently one sided its embarrassing. I would find her devout loyalty refreshing if her debates weren’t completely devoid of any merit. Time and time again she comes off as a close minded, ignorant, hypocritical bigot that will opt for regurgitated media lies over truth or logic.

    She’s just a sad excuse for a conservative woman and I really wish the show would replace her with someone with a functioning brain and a modest amount of debating skill.

  13. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    I must agree with everyone who has said that it’s not Elizabeth’s conservatism that is at issue. As for the other hosts, Joy can be very grating sometimes and Whoopi has a tendency to oscillate from confrontation to avoidance. And Sherri does react personally to issues at times. At the very least, even in the most heated of debates, they know how to listen to the other side.

    But Elizabeth is a wind up toy these days, almost mindlessly parroting talking points without ever acknowledging that the other side of the table may have a valid argument. Jamey and others hit it on the head too with her hypocritical shrieking and crying. Whenever Barbara has to calm her down, Elisabeth claims she’s not upset but it’s just “passion” on her part. So imagine my delight when Sherri so smoothly used the same argument when Elisabeth tried to call Sherri “angry.”

    On a day when US stocks lost another 500 points, Wells Fargo and Citigroup are fighting over Wachovia, a $25 billion auto industry bailout, a $7 billion bailout for California, New Orleans still not rebuilt, a devastated Galveston & Houston & Baton Rouge, a day after the announcement of another 159,000 jobs were lost bringing the year’s losses to over 700,00 nationally, Pakistan & Iraq & Iran & North Korea doing the Nuclear Hokey Pokey, and a looming recession/depression after a $850 billion shot in the arm which didn’t staunch the stock market meltdown… I don’t give a rat’s diarrhetic ass about William Ayers, Rev. Wright, John Hagee, Charles Keating, or witch doctors if they do not have a direct and tangible bearing on the problems facing us at home and abroad.

    Elisabeth, like the candidates she supports, would do herself a world of good if they could address the issues that people most care about instead of mindlessly parroting Bill O’Reilly’s latest bullet points.

  14. Profile photo of timepass

    What is scary is fanaticism and Elizabeth is one of them about politic.

    No nuances, lying a lot, having “one point of view” and the same for everyone, that is almost like a cult.

  15. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I have to agree with Regan on this one. There is not enough diversity left on the show. Bring in an independent! My political views put aside, Elizabeth gets ganged up on. I honestly wouldn’t blame her if she left. Although, I’m sure there are lots of viewers that would be happy if she did!

  16. Profile photo of Danielle

    My comment wasn’t directed at your comment, Danielle. The funny thing is when I finished typing and posted my comment you had posted yours.
    Season, I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was not pointing out the fact that she is a conversative, but her comments what make her look stupid.  And as for rodent bowel movements or gastrointestinal issues, yes that’s just gross but I get the point! LOL 

  17. Profile photo of roe0824

    I actually watched yesterdays show and they ganged up on Elisabeth again and I changed the channel. I think Elisabeth is the youngest there and they treat her like a child sometimes, they need to make everyone speak on the show. Personally, I think Baraba was the winner she makes more sense than any of them.She is right, the world is in a financial mess and all these politicians are doing is smearing one another instead of trying to find a way to help the country and ease the peoples nerves. I think they both stink and I don’t thinnk either one is going to help our country out of this mess.

  18. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I totally agree the panel isn’t balanced but I think you’d have a hard time finding an independent or even another conservative "celebrity" to join the show. For several reasons.

    1. Liberal celebrities outnumber conservatives by 100 to 1 at least. Very few conservative stars talk about their politics in Hollywood because being a conservative in Hollywood and talking about it will basically get them blacklisted. If they do they are usually some "past star" who doesn’t have a major show or movie in production. Look at what happened to Angelina Jolie when she made one somewhat positive comment (and certainly not an endorsement) about McCain. She was ripped up one side and down the other for three days in the entertainment industry. Imagine if some A list star like Angelina "came out" as a Republican and joined The View? It would a feeding frenzy. The reason Liz has made it on the The View is because it was a step up from eating bugs on Survivor.

    2. When is the last time any of us have seen an independent celebrity? Jesse Ventura maybe? Off the top of my head I can’t think of a single independent female celebrity who has announced or appeared on TV to talk both sides of politics. How would you define said independent celebrity? Would they be socially moderate or liberal and fiscally conservative or vice versa?

    3. The View could find an "unknown" independent but what person in their right mind would want to be thrown into that tinderbox? Sure, it would be great pay but at what cost to their personal sanity?

    4. If The View was looking for a second conservative co-host to join Liz who in the world would they bring in? I honestly think the show likes having LIz be the "bimbo" conservative so that everyone else can gang up on her and so that Barbara can play mother hen from time to time. The moment a second conservative joined the show the entire dynamic would change and I don’t think that any of the other four could handle it. Joy was just making faces like a child today and sticking out her tongue while Liz was talking to mock her. Sure most viewers probably are thinking the same thing but as a co host, even in a heated argument, it isn’t appropriate.

    5. If Liz were to leave for Fox, what then? Do you really want The View to turn into a spa day for liberal women who are going to agree on pretty much everything but a few minor points? No way would that be as much fun to watch. This isn’t the Pre Rosie The View…This is a Post Rosie The View. They never discussed politics the way they do now before Rosie. Like it or not, Liz and her willingness to draw a line in the sand about her beliefs is the reason this show is staying relevant. People would start tuning out the moment they knew the hot topics were going to be love fests.

  19. Profile photo of season1217

    Before Elisabeth who was the “conservative” voice then. I don’t remember there ever really being one.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  20. Profile photo of Amy

    EH epitomizes what Palin is, a woman who has no curiosity beyond the talking points given to her. She stands for all of the lowbrow characteristics of the Republican administration these past 8 years, and for none of the reasons that made the party admirable during my grandparent’s time. She talks about fiscal conservatism as if the Republicans practiced it, when our debt has reached unprecedented proportions since 2000. The View needs an independent/more intellectual Republican who understands what’s happening in the world without having to resort to sensationalized and distorted facts in order to win a point

    ETA: My pick would be Shannen Doherty – she’s a Republican, outspoken, everyone expects her antics, and would use the “b*tch please” face

  21. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    The View not only could find a conservative voice to fill Elisabeth’s seat if she leaves, they will find one when she leaves.

    And I guarantee that person will be a Latina.

    Whenever a chair has opened at the table, The View has rotated guest hosts for months during the summer leading up to the fall. These on-air tryouts produced Elisabeth and Sherri. In the interim, nearly all the Latina guest hosts were conservative and actively lobbied for the job, including Rachel Campos and Lauren Sanchez, although don’t quote me on the latter’s political leanings. However, I recall the vast majority of Latinas who guest hosted were conservative with some on religious grounds (mostly Catholics), others politically and in a few cases, both.

    With Joy and Barbara, white women are covered. Sherri & Whoopi shore up the black side of things. They’ve already had a Pacific Asian Islander (Lisa Ling), and at least one lesbian (Rosie). That leaves the door wide open for a Latina and a play for the Latino demographic/audience.

  22. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    A quick note about Sherri Shepard:

    She’s an odd duck. When she first came on the show, she admitted that she did not know very much about politics and, as the election season progressed, she vowed to learn more. While she has emerged as what some might call a “liberal” politically, Sherri has remained the sole religious fundamentalist at the table.

    On certain issues related to religion, Sherri has often emerged as an ally to Elisabeth. Yet Elisabeth is not a fundamentalist herself, preferring a more “intelligent design” viewpoint such as the world was not literally created in seven days, as Sherri believes.

    Sherri holds a point of view not shared by the other hosts. So, it’s not quite as 3-against-1 as it has seemed of late when it comes to Elisabeth and her views.

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    LMAO Elisabeth is NOT the reason The View is relevant!  And there are several bigger stars who are conservatives than a Survivor reject. Patricia Heaton comes to mind. She is outspoken about her beliefs and she could hold her own sans quivering bottom lip and temper tantrums.

  24. Profile photo of L Hernandez
    L Hernandez

    Poor little spoiled ElisaBITCH, it’s a matter a time before she is booted out on here butt. She knows she is wrong, why doesn’t she admit to it and just say that Bush screwed up this country and yes it’s time for a change. She is a good debater, but she just thinks she is too good for everyone else and I hate when she always has to get the last word in. Thank God for Whoopie for going to commercial break. And yes Sherrie came out on top, wish she would of slap some sense into her.

  25. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Well that was interesting…..I really hate when people tell me to calm down when I get emotional about something and I’m not really upset…It actually just pisses me off and then I really lose it…lol….Ummmm isn’t Elisabeth the one that usually gets really hysterical and cries and all that drama…..a saying about a pot and kettle comes to mind…….

  26. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    I don’t know where people get that Ole’ Bessie’s the reason The View’s hot. I’d say Babs, Joy and Star Jones made the show hot. Lissie is expendible. They can have any other Republican chicak on there, one that may just make the show look more intelligent that that bug eating heifer.

  27. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    People don’t tune in to hear what Joy is going to say. People don’t tune in to hear what Barbara and her non opinion opinions are going to be. They may have tuned in to to see how Whoopi compared to Rosie but the two reasons people are tuning in to this show now are to see Sherrie’s gaffes and Liz’s taking on of the other ladies on the issues.

    Does anyone seriously believe that The View would be generating headlines and interest in the entertainment and political worlds if it weren’t for the fact that Liz get’s the other four all riled up? People can call her all the names they want but it’s her arguments (good or bad) and Sherri’s gaffes that keep this show in the news. If it weren’t for those two all it would be is Babs pimping her book, Joy railing relentlessly against any and all conservatives and Whoopi sitting their moderating all the book pimping and relentless railing.

  28. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I agree that EH comes off as “spoiled, whiny, all-it-all” and don’t know what the other half is living or doing to survive. She was brought up with both parents in a suburban neighborhood with a picket white fence and didnt have to struggle to survive like other people did. I do believe that she is ganged up on and I used to feel sorry for her. but her comments and whiny shrieks is annoying me. The Republican party mess up the party just as the Democrat Congress too. Both sides are involve, with greedy investors and CEOs and people who couldn’t afford a house, to make this mess of whats going on with the country. Everybody has a blame in this, but i want to know who will have a plan to repair the damage that is done and the McCain camp dont know anything even. I think she needs to look at her party part in this mess instead of looking at the other side to blame. She can disagree about Obama, but have a good reason and not to because you dont want a Democrat in office.


  29. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Oh yeah, I agree simon….before Liz became the "Rosie Slayer" her arguments were much more based on personal beliefs. Since then it’s been as if she gets the daily talking points and just uses them instead of saying what her personal beliefs are. Granted, they all probably get talking points BUT it sure seems like Liz relies on them much more than she ever used to.

  30. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    I tune in for Joy and Whoopi Luke. So do many others out there. If she wasn’t on the show I’m sure it would be popular as ever just like it is without Rosie and Star. People thought it wouldn’t be after they left but look at it now.

  31. Profile photo of BigDede

    Who says the View has to have all women on there? There has to be some young guys out there that’s conservative who can actually make statements that make sense. Barb should think outside the box and get a guy conservative who speaks sentences and doesn’t act like a spoiled brat when she doesn’t get her way.

  32. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Yeah they are Luke. Just like Star did before who I tuned into see, and Rosie did also. Lissie’s only claim to fame is her bitchfest with Rosie and eating bugs. If she weren’t on the show, I’m pretty sure Babs and the girls would do just fine if not even better if they had an intelligent conservative on.

  33. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    I’m not of fan of Elizabeth’s at all, but I wish she would just bitch slap one of them, actually just Joy, lol. They do gang up on her, she does shriek. I suppose it’s good tv, I don’t know. I love Sherri, but she believes the world is flat and nothing predates christians. Um, hello. I’m just so sick and tired about hearing these celebrities talk politics. When one of them can’t aford gas or are in danger of losing their home, then talk to me. They don’t have to struggle with paying the rent or feeding their kids. Sure, they use to in some cases, but how many years ago was that? Hollywood is so out of touch with what is real and what isn’t, makes me sick. I don’t listen to any of them, or the ladies of the view.

  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree with pretty much everything Luke had to say. Yes, EH talks too much from the talking points. And yes, she doesnt really have a lot of real life experience, but I too wonder if thats why they picked her. If she were older and like this people would get tired of her lack of wordliness. If she were more well versed, the “view” of THE VIEW might not necessarily win all the arguments. It seems a bit silly to me that they even pretend its a real debate because the minute they all gang up, EH loses her cool and then it turns into some crazy crap – entertaining maybe, headline making – seemingly so, but a good representation of the real political debate in America – not so much.

    As for the politics, I wont debate R vs. D or how “cool” the media makes it out to be to support Obama, or the insanity over the Angelina Jolie comment and the blacklisting of Republicans – all I will say is that my favorite question from tonight’s debate was the one where the woman asked why anyone should trust either candidate since both parties got us into this mess. Both candidates acknowledged the sentiment behind the question but neither gave much of a real answer. Ironically this question goes to what EH and SS were debating….EH brought up relevant questions about Obama’s past/connections. SS ignored what EH brought up and and instead talked about equally relevant questions about McCain’s past/connections. EH ignored what SS said about McCain’s ties, and went back to Obama’s issues. Where was the voice on the panel that asked why our only two choices for president both have very real, very major ethics issues that havent been fully vetted. Did neither party have a candidate to put up that wasnt compromised? And why hasnt the media really examined these two candidates the way they should? I am excited that this election with result in a historical “first” no matter who wins but I am otherwise underwhelmed by the options.

  35. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Luke, The VIew has been a constant topic for the entertainment press since season one, LONG before the Survivor reject made her first appearance. Debbie Matenopolous kept them in the news, on The Soup and Saturday Night Live during season one with her shenanigans. Every blonde Hollywood it girl from Cameron Diaz to Sarah Michelle at the height of Buffy fame played her. When evil Babs gave her the boot, the ratings shot up even more as they looked for her replacement. Meredith’s shocking revelations about her sex life and disdain for deodorant also helped make them pop culture phenoms, again LONG before Elisabeth. Starr, who Barbara ADMITTED in her trashy tell al was the most popular with viewers, gave the show a love to hate diva for eight seasons, and Lisa Ling was a SMART, slightly conservative young adult who people actually listened to. This show was a ratings hit and pop culture phenomenon pre-Rosie and Elisabeth. If anything it has been dumbed down by their twin apperances. Now we’re stuck with this ridiculous format of Silly Sarah Sassy Pants being fed information from Hannity and Combs to come on and shriek and squeal about. She is a flash in the pan and so not the reason to watch this show when you have a wildly popular Oscar, Tony and Grammy winner (Whoopi), the pioneer of female journalism (Barbara) and two comediennes (Joy and Sherri) all who came to the table with built in fanbases. If someone ran the numbers I bet Elisabeth is the lowest common denominator by far. No one ever got this far in life from eating bugs in a rain forest. It’s so hilarious that some conservatives say stars should stay out of politics, but it’s A-okay to champion someone who has absolutely no idea about what she is talking about and whose claim to fame is a reality show. Liz knows what she is doing. She ain’t leaving The View because her handlers have no doubt told her she would tank on a Fox news program. If Sherri Shepherd can best her in an argument, she has a loooong way to go on the road to relevance.

  36. Profile photo of elle

    I’m trying to remember who EH replaced, and I don’t know if they were more conservative. There was Lisa Ling, and Debbie M, (sorry, couldn’t remember last name, but she’s a host on one of the entertainment shows, I think?) I can’t remember who else. They need to review EH- seriously, if they even do that on this show- review their talent on a yearly basis of their contract. I don’t care if she’s Gedde’s favorite. This girl can be rude to BW- she acts like a child, she cries, she doesn’t present an argument, but rather turns the subject around to avoid answering a question- that is why, imo, she gets ganged up on. There is no way on earth she’s poor little EH. If she could conduct herself as an adult, and present mature discussion, perhaps the other panel members wouldn’t get so exasperated and feel the need to gang up. That’s just how I feel when I watch, is all.

  37. Profile photo of Danielle

    My mother taught me that if you want to be taken seriously you need to present yourself in a way that others will want listen to you, without being loud, shrieking, arguing with everyone when they don’t share your views.  That being said EH has done none of this.    Regardless of what side you are on right or left, R or D, I think a person like Lisa Ling who thank you Jamey for mentioning her, I could not think of her name other than she was the girl on Oprah who goes to the Congo or into the bride burnings in India.   Back to my point on Lisa Ling, she is somewhat conservative but this is a person who can relate to what is going on in the world, who has gotten off of her front porch.   Someone like that I take seriously. 

  38. Profile photo of Danielle

    Lastly, I’d like thank all of you for responding to this poll! We should do our own version of The View, I’d bet our ratings go through the roof and none of us would be shrieking! LOL

  39. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I CAN NOT believe I am defending EH.

    It’s ok to be "slightly conservative" and "somewhat conservative" but as long as someone is nearly all conservative and whose family provided her the American dream with the white picket fences, a good education and a work ethic that this automatically discounts everything she’s said, will say and/or has or will accomplish in their life because she has created and is living her own American dream that she helped to create by eating bugs on a reality show?

    You can not tell me that EH didn’t have to hustle to get on Survivor or that after it she didn’t have to hustle….it’s not like Babs was there just ready to hand her the spot on The View on a silver platter. It’s not like she’s Paris Hilton, whose entire existence and career is based on her capitalizing on her family’s name and dancing on top of bars. The only real context we as viewers have about EH is what we’ve seen from the two or three (if you count Look for Less) TV shows we’ve seen her on.

    Yes, Meredith, Lisa and Star all provided varying points of view from a life experience and professional standpoint and people tuned in for those but before EH and Rosie this show got headlines for Starr the bridezilla and Meredith kissing another woman. Now it get’s headlines for its heated political discussions and Sherri’s gaffes.

    I totally agree that she’s using talking points for her arguments now and that she seems to cry at the drop of the hat but you don’t get to where she is without "life experience," even if it may be a different "life experience" than the rest of us who may not have had white picket fences she has.

  40. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    *Umm, who said anything about work ethic?????????????? I’m sorry but a talking head hair model from a reality show knows nothing about work ethic in comparison to Barack Obama who came from poverty and worked his way up to the top. She likes to cloak all of McCain’s sins, i.e. voting against Martin Luther King day, etc. but wants to call Barack a "scary radical" well I am sorry, from where I am standing she is the scary radical.

    If she had her way gays, blacks, women, etc. would be treated as second class citizens forever who are at best "tolerated" (gee…thanks!) and it would be perfectly alright and reasonable to profile anyone of brown skin.
    Why wasn’t there this much of an outcry about white radicals after Timothy McVeigh bombed the building in Oklahoma City??? Would Bush have insighted terror in the hearts of Americans  in regards to people of McVeigh’s particular shade of skin had  he been in office then??? Doubtful. And for Elisabeth, for this woman to sit there as bank after bank collapses due to Bush and Cheney’s habits of looking out for their Wall Street cronies and blame the Democrats is beyond laughable. Cheney’s former company Haliburton got most of the contracts to rebuild Iraq. Do you seriously think that is a coincidence??? Exxon tops the Forbes list year after year, yet it takes me two hours to get gas for $5.00 dollars a gallon! This country is in the worst shape it has been in since the Great Depression after eight years of a leader SHE backs. So…how can she blame the other team????

    * Radical conservatives are just as frightening as radical liberals. I can’t stand Rosie and I can’t stand Elisabeth, they are flip sides of the same coin.

    *Hustle to get on Survivor??? Luke, she filled out an application and sent in a video!  She didn’t bust her ass performing in dives across the country like Whoopi, Joy or Sherri before making it big. She wasn’t a trained journalist like Lisa, Meredith and yes, even Debbie. She was a reality show winner who for some reason TIIC decided represented what twentysomethings in America were like. :O No one resents that twit for her charmed life, we are simply pointing out that this is why she thinks the way she does. It all works for her, everyone else be damned.

    *It’s exactly like she’s Paris Hilton. Only instead of Sex videos and bad reality sitcoms it was bug eating that forced her upon the viewing public. Now she gets to sit across from a  journalism legend because of it.

  41. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    EH didn’t hustle for that job. She competed in a competition for the job and got it. She won it against Erin Hershey Presley and ‘Real World’ star Rahcel Campos. 

    The View always had headlines BEFORE Hasslecrack came on the scene from the guest to the host and I don’t mean the Bridezilla things either.

  42. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Star Jones brought MUCH more to that table than being  an out of control bride. She was a wildly successful prosecuting attorney, Today Show commentator and had prior broadcast journalism experience. And she could handle an argument with poise and elegance and win the debate, which is why Rosie O’Monster, a self-confessed control freak, didn’t want her on the panel. She couldn’t stand having someone there who could match her. So instead Rosie picked on poor, little Elisabeth, who at first I felt sorry for, simply because Rosie could yell the loudest. But Rosie created a monster. A minature version of herself, only a Conservative version with better fashion sense.

  43. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Jamey, I’m not arguing EH’s beliefs for her, they are her own.  I’ve already agreed that her arguments since the Rosie feud have been based off of talking points and that she cries at the drop of the hat.

    What I maintain is that as much as many people love to hate her or even out right hate her, EH provides a voice on this show that before her did not exist. A conservative voice. A voice that has generated headlines for The View unlike any before her and Rosie. If we are to believe Babs it’s one that is "needed" on the show. Not every Republican agrees with EH, not every Democrat agrees with Rosie. EH should not be tossed aside just because she’s more than slightly or somewhat conservative for some viewers tastes or because she had a white picket fence upbringing that gives her a different outlook on life. Rosie wasn’t tossed aside because of her views, she quite because she couldn’t handle someone standing up to her after she’d been the schoolyard bully from the day she arrived. It’s no surprise that EH has become more shrill and vocal since then, the gang mentality was and has been in full force since Rosie.

    Yes Babs is a journalistic icon but if there is one thing The View has proven it is how truly out of sync she is.  Whoopi isn’t a journalist. Joy isn’t a journalist. Sherri isn’t a journalist. Why must EH be a journalist to sit across from Babs? If this was about each of them being a journalist we’d be watching PBS and snoring our asses off.

    Question: If EH is a hair model does that make Sherri a wig model? LOL

  44. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    There is no gang mentality with those women, Sherri lines up with Elisabeth 50 percent of the time. There was a gang mentality when Rosie was there, but now Elisabeth is the lead bully. It’s like what happens with a lot of child abuse victims, some grow up to be victimizers and that’s what Elisabeth is. 

    Elisabeth says the most absurd, inciting, asinine things, constantly brings up Obama’s past—yet whenever McCain’s comes up she replies, "but he said he was sorry"—so yes the others attack her. This is a woman who burst into tears about the N word in the face of two black women, who no doubt have been called the word in a negative way in their lives, because SHE feels she has the right to tell them how to use it. Talk about making everything about her!

     And who said she had to be a journalist? I pointed out that the non-journos at least had successful careers as their claims to fames and a nod to helping shape their world views. And I am just as critical of Sherri, although she impressed me in this clip. Babs and Geddy only brought her on because she was Star-lite. A "sassy" black woman without the smarts. One who was more controllable and less (gasp) difficult. Yeah, because Rosie was a big, old bag of sunshine and moonbeams.  Babs is HATING this I can tell you that right now! She NEVER had to admonish Star or make her shut her silly mouth on national TV like she does Elisabeth every third episode. Sure ratings are up, but Babs legacy has been peed on worse than a teenage girl at an R. Kelly sleepover and you can bet, ratings or not, that causes her sleepless nights. Jerry Springer had good ratings for a time too…

      And What exactly has Elisabeth done to be the voice of conservatie America on morning television??? If I were conservative, I certainly wouldn’t want Nellie Olsen representing me, complete with blubbers, tears and pouts. Although, since her v.p. of choice also lacks credentials and credibility I guess she feels perfectly justified in speaking for half the country. Oy vey. Patricia Heaton, Kelsey Grammer and Dixie Carter are all INTELLIGENT, well-spoken conservatives. As is Susan Lucci, even though she doesn’t really talk politics. They could find someone to give the Right side who is rational at least.

      And again Luke, look back into the canon of this show’s history. The View generated nearly defeaning buzz during their first year out the gate thanks to Debbie. I don’t see every hot blonde in Hollywood dying to play Elisabeth on SNL like they did with Debbie.  If anything Rosie vs. Elisabeth helped revive it after eight long seasons, but I am sorry it is a discredit to Meredith, Star and Lisa to sit here and act like that blonde dingleberry is what has made this show a success. It would be like saying Vanessa Marcil was the biggest star of Beverly Hills, 90210.

  45. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Church Jamey! I don’t get why people think that Bessie’s the reason why the View’s hot. It isn’t. There are several conservatives out there that can bring smarts and sass to the show. Mary Matalin’s a great choice and she also has the intelligence to back up her view. The I can’t stand about her is that when you have some clear things to back up your point of view of things and to counteract her pick she always hits below the belt and when you call her on it out comes her shrieking and tears. Sherri’s always defended Bessie and was pretty much her ally until she stopped drinking the monavie juice that Bessie was feeding her and has started to come into her own. The reason why it looks like Bessie’s ganged up on is because she says the most asinine things and when corrected on it so that she’s not made a fool of, becomes hostile and irratic.

  46. Profile photo of season1217

    “Oh this argument is sad. Vote Nader people!”


    OMG, ladyofthelake!:D I totally forgot he was even in the race. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  47. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    season1217, there’s a few people running. The Socialist Party, the Libetarians, Independents, the Constitition Party, the Green Party, the Communist party, you name it. None of them will win. But I’m seriously voting for Nader. ;0

  48. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    LOL….now if we could only find Ross Perot from whatever cave or crypt he’s hiding in and get him back into politics we could be living in the twilight zone.

  49. Profile photo of Trisha

    As much as the others gang up on Lizzy, she does need to learn how to debate like a mature adult. Sometimes mid-argument I feel as if she is about to say, “I know you are, but what am I?” When they ask her a question about something her party has done, she says, “Well what about the Democrats?” That’s not the signs of a good debater. A good debater can answer the question first and then turn it around on the opponent. But what she does shows that she can’t hold her own in the conversation without screaming and whining.

    I do wish they could bring in another conservative who is actually an intelligent adult. And to whomever said that at least she isn’t Ann Coulter, that’s not saying much. Liz might as well be Ann’s little sister. In my opinion, both women are nut jobs that give their party and conservatism a bad name.

  50. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Now even I have to defend Elisabeth. She isn’t anywhere near as bad as that sociopath with a book deal Ann Coulter. That monster actually said the 9/11 windows were happy their husbands were dead. It is amazing that anyone buys her books, let alone speaks to her in public. And then she’s always hollering "Christian" morals. Puh lease. Ann Coulter is the most hateful, un-Christlike individual on the planet. She needs to get laid, by a Muslim.

  51. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    season1217, I completely forgot Perot said that. He was a mess.

    And Ann Coulter is the devil. Sorry to anybody that likes her. She called those 911 widows whores too. Ever seen how she dresses, whose the slut there. She makes people of faith look terriable, she makes conservatists look terriable, she makes blondes look bad, she makes people who write books look bad, the list goes on and on. Who buys her phony act. Anyone ever watch the cartoon The Boondocks? That eppy were they made fun of Ann Coulter, they had her pegged.

  52. Profile photo of Danielle

    First of all Ann Coulter needs to be put on an island with Rush Limbaugh after he has had a vasectomy of course.

    Secondly, this post has had 71 replies (71 being me!) LOL

    Jamey I swear your in my head sometimes because everything you said I thought!!!!! LOL

    Luke, I found Ross Perot, there’s a video too!

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Okay I want to see if I get this straight – she isnt ganged up on because of the four other panelists ONE of the four agrees with her 50% of the time?

    I dont think EH made this show, far from it, but she made the show more polticial and in the political context her arguing makes the show buzz worthy. I dont think BW wanted a smarter conservative because having someone inexperience guarantees that the conservative view point will always lose in any debate they have. Thats clearly what they wanted. I honestly hate when this show gets poltical because I think with the exception of Barbara, what the rest of them know about politics could fill a thimble. All that said, I think EH gets overwhelmed because she is always on defense. It seems to be a general sense that everytime the 4 bring up antiR/Anti McCain stuff EH says what about the dems. Doesnt that assume the convo should be about McCain and not about Obama’s ethics issues = defense rather than offense? Keating was 15 years ago and of the five senators involved (McCain being the only Republican) as I remember it his involvement with the man was really pretty minimal vs. Obama who had a long standing and close relationship with a number of controversial figures including Rezko, Wright and Ayers. Keating was fully hashed over back when the s#it hit the fan near 15 years or so ago. Do we really know as much about Obama’s relationships.

  54. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Danielle, I was trying to point out that when, as a few people said, her debate tactic is to change the subject or say “what about the Democrats” that assumes that the subject will always start on the other foot. The moderator on the panel typically starts the topic so if Whoopi says McCain did x, y or z, if EH doesnt ever say what about when Obama did x, y, or z she would always be on defense. Without an effort to broaden the topic, the topic would always be what the Republican did – does that make sense (it isnt easy to explain in writing) and in going to back to Keating 5 stuff it seems like that is less “newsworthy” given that there is no new information about it. Because Obama has been on the national stage for a shorter period of time, the information being discussed is new(er)/news in that a lot isnt known about it one way or the other – assuming that the show is as it says it is…a discussion about current events from a female perspective.

  55. Profile photo of Danielle

    Ok let me point you ended your post with an open question without placing a ? of couse, " Do we really know as much about Obama’s relationships." That leaves the door open for a whole other topic which does belong on DC.  Secondly, you went on about Keating, Rezko, Ayres and Wright. They are not the subject of this post.   If you read the previous posts all of us were saying that it’s not that EH is a Republican, it;s the fact that she lives in a bubble, shrieks and cries when someone doesn’t agree with her.    

  56. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I sent this to you privately but now I feel I have to “read the previous posts”…

    Did you not find any of these things political… I am just trying to understand your position.


    Amy said

    “EH epitomizes what Palin is, a woman who has no curiosity beyond the talking points given to her. She stands for all of the lowbrow characteristics of the Republican administration these past 8 years”

    Or when L Hernandez said…

    She knows she is wrong, why doesn’t she admit to it and just say that Bush screwed up this country and yes it’s time for a change

    or when Jamey said….

    Would Bush have insighted terror in the hearts of Americans in regards to people of McVeigh’s particular shade of skin had he been in office then??? Doubtful. And for Elisabeth, for this woman to sit there as bank after bank collapses due to Bush and Cheney’s habits of looking out for their Wall Street cronies and blame the Democrats is beyond laughable. Cheney’s former company Haliburton got most of the contracts to rebuild Iraq. Do you seriously think that is a coincidence??? Exxon tops the Forbes list year after year, yet it takes me two hours to get gas for $5.00 dollars a gallon! This country is in the worst shape it has been in since the Great Depression after eight years of a leader SHE backs. So…how can she blame the other team????

    More and more I feel like I might not wanted at this site anymore. I dont mind debate, you know that, and I dont even mind having the minority viewpoint, what bothers me is that I feel like I am routinely singled out for posts that are entirely in keeping with the tenor of the overall thread. Just two weeks ago, my favorite character gets called samwhore and no one says anything but if I say Lizard should be killed off GH, I get told to “play nice” and take it to the debate thread. Now here again, I dont see how my post was any more political or less political than the others esp. since the clip was in fact about ethics charges concerning both candidates. What bothers me is that I feel like I am held to a different standard.

  57. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Erica you are definitely wanted on this site and you can express your views just like the rest of us. Lord knows I say whatever comes to my mind! LOL I don’t know what’s going on, I just saw this, maybe I should read back, but as heated as this election season is and with The View, a daytime show, it is certainly fair game as far as I am concerned.

  58. Profile photo of Danielle

    EET I am sorry that you feel that way. I guess it was because you ended the post with a question which would have led the topic in a completely different direction. Obviously we are all passionate about the state of our country at this time.  You know I love you and enjoy chatting with you, please don’t go away, I’d be sad!   By the way, I forgot to say that I think you would be great replacement for EH! Your intelligent, know your fashion and your would be much better to listen to!!  :) I might not agree with everythign you say, but again I do apologize it was not meant to single you out. Forgive?

  59. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Missing punctuation is not a reason saying a comment is bad.

    EET’s comments about Obama are no different than Jamey bringing up Timothy McVeigh. She has not attacked a fellow poster. Comment discussions rarely stay on topic and we do not require that they do. People are entitled to express their opinions. Disagreeing with another users opinions is not a reason for telling someone not to post.

    EET, you did nothing wrong.

  60. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    You know I am very fond of you personally danielle, so its not a matter of forgive. I could never stay mad at a fellow fashionista. I just feel like I am singled out a lot and sometimes that smarts a bit. I dont care that people bash bush or cheney (I am actually NOT a fan of cheney’s AT ALL) or even Palin (who I actually like) I learn something from everything everyone posts. And to be honest, I think they all share in the blame. I wish that POV would get added to the VIEW panel. Is there no one of the five that might stand up and say that our ethics laws in this country STINK and that it allows bad people from both parties to enrich themselves and their “buddies” at the expense of the taxpayer. Look at the recent convictions – fed, state and local — even when we catch them redhanded at worst they get a couple of years. In fact the only two that really got long sentences (D-Traficant and R-Cunningham) pretty much only ened up that way because they had so angered everyone in their own respective parties leaving them each with relatively few champions. Congress hasnt had an ethics investigation that started internally (vs. as a response to external pressure) in decades if at all.

    But that aside, I just feel that being vocal in one’s opinions shouldnt be inappropriate on a message board as long as no one is being abusive or personal. I honestly dont see how my original post was any different that the three I mentioned.

  61. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Okay Jamey – you brought us to that topic. As Emperor what five things would you do to “fix things in not time flat” (and by the way I am so glad you mentioned that story – you know how many people have never heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes?? No surprise but I loved that story sooo much when I was little. I dont know if its because it was political or if I just like the idea of some dude running down the street in his long-johns with the butt flap half unbuttoned LOL!!)

  62. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Five things I would do if I was Emperor, hmmmm, I would:

    1.) Create a foreign policy that strives for diplomacy first at all cost. I would invest billions of dollars in alternative forms of energy, i.e. wind farms, ethanol, etc.  and tell Houston billionaires thanks but no thanks they can keep the money their lobbyists have been using to continue our imperialistic war mongering all for the sake of oil.

    2.) I would take religion totally out of the equation. Radical Christians have done just as many psycho, bat shit crazy things as Radical Muslims, so this is why separation of Church and State is essential . It will also allow us to look at our relationship to Israel rationally as opposed to through interpretations of ancient scriptures. But generally I would stay out of things with other countries. Who said we have to play big brother? And why is it that we only play big brother when there are resources there for us to strip? Would we really even be in the Middle East if it wasn’t oil rich? Why aren’t we in North Korea or Africa or any of the other places where Saddam-esque dictators are brutalizing their people? I’ll tell you why, because there’s no oil in them thar hills. Taking religion out of the equation will also untie the hands of doctors and scientists who could darn near heal half of what ails us, from Diabetes to Alzheimers if they were allowed ot freely embark on stem cell research. Even Nancy Reagan supports this research now because her husband suffered from Alzheimers. It is so insulting to here the Right say we are a "culture of life" when it comes to an embryo that can feel no pain, yet in the same breath they support the death penality and Wars. Finally, by taking religion, or should I say religious hypocrisy off the table, then gay people could get married and divorced in ten years just like the rest of the world. It is so ridiculous that these hate mongers hide behind the bible to prevent people from getting married. Why aren’t they so against divorce? The same scriptures they use to justify that "marriage should be between a man and a woman" also state that God hates divorce, yet 50 percent of the country has been divorced and the numbers are higher among evangelicals. Funny, no protests with picket signs outside of our local divorce courts.

    3.) I would seriously regulate the pharmaceutical industry and make marijuana legal. These same people who started the "War on Drugs" are A-okay with big pharmaceutical companies selling anxiety and depression meds at high dollar prices that are killing teenagers and causing side effects like diabetes, etc. among older Americans, but they refuse to see the medicinal benefits of a good old bag of weed. Marijuana is no more a gateway drug than a beer leads to downing a fifth of Vodka everynight. But if people were allowed to grow some herbs in their backyard that would cut into the Pharma-Billionaires take. Also I would make health care available for children, the elderly and those unable to work. I don’t believe in Universal health care, because I feel if you are upwardly mobile and in good health, you should take your behind to work and get health care like I had to. However, I do think it should be affordable for lower class workers.

    4.) I would spend much, much, much more money on education. Education is a key to getting people out of poverty. Bush has cut student loans and grants time and time again, yet continues to provide tax breaks for his Wall Street and Houston cronies.

    5.) I would create immigration laws that are fair and do not incite fear about anyone who is brown coming into this country. How soon people forget this country’s history. Our fore fathers built this country on the backs of African Slaves and darn near wiped out the Native Americans, then they stole the rest from the Mexicans. Now people wan’t to act like you are unpatriotic if you call them on that b.s. America marketed herself by saying "Give us your poor, your downtrodden, etc." as a way to lure people here to make it a melting pot and the great nation that it is, now it’s like, "There’s no room at the inn." This was all a product of the fear and paranoia Bush insighted after 9/11. Why should poor Mexicans who only want to do the jobs we all don’t want to do anyway not be allowed to come over here and make a better life for themselves. They didn’t take down the Twin Yowers, nor did all Muslims for that matter. It was a select group of radicals. Yet Bush has allowed radicals of his faith to whisper in his ear for the past eight years.

  63. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Interesting post.

    I think we disagree most on foreign relations, but there is a lot of common ground in other areas and thats what I was most curious about – on the view they focus on where they disagree, rarely on where they agree. – and I suspected that we might agree on quite a bit.

    I agree with your thoughts on making a real committment to alternative energy and the good news is I think both candidates support that idea. While I am not sold on stem cell research, I am a big proponent of investment dollars for medical research and I think it usually offers some good and important spin off technology. I understand what you are saying about pro-life and pro-death penalty, but I am not pro-death penalty except in rare rare cases (treason comes to mind) so at least I hope you find me to be consistent. As for gay marriage, I have no problem with expanding that right (I am sure I surprised you on that one, but I really am more of a libertarian on social issues.) I think its a bizarre concept that one person’s marriage or non-marriage effects the sanctity of anothers. How is it that neither party and neither candidate has the bravery to do whats right on that issue, but I guess its one of these things were the battle probably has to be won culturally by moving in increments. I actually am not a fan of divorce and think its far far too common, but I am not sure how we could decrease that via legislation. I just had the pleasure of voting FOR medical marijuanna here in Michigan, although I dont know if it will pass. Dealing with chronic pain for more than a decade, I wouldnt begrudge anyone treating their medical needs in a way that they and their doctor feels is medically necessary.

    As for Immigration, I disagree and I agree. In the 80’s the immigration laws provided slots based on an equation that gave each country a certain number of slots per country based on a host of factors. Kennedy switched that to family based immigration and for me that took us away from bring in a less globally representative pool of immigrants each year. I also believe that he did away with certain visa slots and added that to the general pool. To me these were huge mistakes. I also think english and citizenry is an important aspect of that process. We have to keep in mind that as our ancestors arrived they did so in the spirit of assimilation not accomodation – which doesnt mean letting go of one’s heritage but bring the best parts of that heritage to the collective heritage. It was that sense that has infused our music, fashion, literature, language and (one of my favorite aspects) our FOOD just to name a few.

    I also agree and disagree on school money. The expansion of grant money has turned the last decade of graduates into a generation of debtors. I am not sure that made higher education more accessable to people since most schools looked at the “free money” as a way to raise tuition costs. I would rather see state universities be given the resources to raise their standards across the board to those of private universities and then perhaps explore some sort of waiver system to allow state schools to swap/exchange in-state slots with other states, making the lower, in-state tuitions more widely available.

    But I think if I were Emperor for only one day, my biggest focus might be structurally. To me, one of our biggest problems lies in our legislative PROCESS. How silly is it that we can never accomplish the things that are sort of universally supported because the legislative process allows a small number of officials to hold a popular idea hostage to an unpoplar idea that has been tacked on. We should hold our elected officials to the HIGHEST standards and prosecute them for grand theft if their greed results in lost money through contracts. And I think a law should be passed that ANY contract over a relatively small dollar amount cannot be a NO-BID contract…EVER. To quote a long-term tfo poster, “Just sayin” LOL

  64. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Erica’s Evil Twin, YOU should be the conservative voice of The VIew. You actually made me think about my stances on some things as opposed to catching the next one way ticket to parts unknown.

  65. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I will only take the job on the VIEW if I can hire Danielle to do my wardrobe. The gal knows her Donna Karan from her Armani and I would definately need some help!!! LOL

    But since that isnt going to happen, I would love to see a. Elizabeth hire a debate coach and b. wouldnt it be great if they brought on a fan whenever one of them wanted to take a day off. Have fans write essays to one specific cast member and then the cast member could choose from the applicants. Wouldnt that be fun! Jamey you could go on but you would probably have to do it in drag – can you channel your inner RuPaul? LOL

  66. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Okay, I’d love for Luke to do a political debate podcast: EET and Luke vs Jamey and Danielle!!!

    LMAO!!! you think the The View turns into a shouting match….that would be nothing to me vs. Jamey.

  67. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    She is ganged up on, but she SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS at debating. When she doesn’t get her way she starts shrieking like some prehistoric bird and crying like a five-year-old and that’s even when Barbara or Sherri are on her side.

    See I purposely left that part out because I wanted someone to pick up on that. *LOL* Yeah when girlie can’t get her own way she shows out like a kid that was told no to getting more ice cream. Sherri always defended Hasslecrack but I guess it got too much for her when Ole’ girl decided to play dirty.

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