90210: Brandon’s Back!

Brandon’s back! But you won’t see him onscreen. Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) has agreed to return to his roots as a director. According to Michael Ausiello, Brandon’s not the only Walsh making a return to the zip code that made them famous. Shannen Doherty is said to be in talks to reprise her role as Brenda Walsh. Doherty has already completed the episodes she originally committed to.

Look for Priestley’s name is the credits for the series’ 18th episode.

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    Regan Cellura

    Now that Dylan’s the dad…. I think Perry should make an appearance. I like having Kelly around and I liked how Brenda fit in but this is a new show. I don’t necessarily want a 90210 do-over. I like that Silver is Erin and would love to at least hear about David and more about Donna…Explore Andrea’s daughter a little more. Is Andrea back in the zip code, are she and Jesse still married? We can learn about our classic faves through these new characters. A cameo here and there is fine but I have 5 seasons of DVDs and SOAPnet to see the oldies but goodies.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think they should do a full-on reunion movie this May, that ties in both the old with the new. The original gang graduated 15 years ago this past May, they could play with time a year and do the reunion in ’09. I think it would be explosive. We never had a Brandon/Kelly/Dylan/Brenda quadrangle fully explored on our screens since Brenda left around the same time as Kelly and Brandon heated up. I would also love to see Andrea, David and Donna since they make since for the new show, but I could give or take Steve. But I agree I don’t want it to be all about the older kids. I do think they missed the boat in making Dylan the dad though. Brandon and Kelly were so romantic and it’s a hard sell that Kelly had a kid with Dylan so many years after the original wrapped up knowing what a collassal screw up he still was. I could see Brandon popping into town for a visit and knocking her up. Plus Dylan and Brenda were the true money couple.

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    Its so apparent with the recent interviews luke perry has done,that he wants to put 90210 behind him.The writers should’ve planned out storyline more thouroughly.Im hoping this show can lure shannen doherty back.Hey jamey i had an idea when i was watching my 90210 dvd’s.Maeve quinlan is doing a greta job wouldnt been genius if the writers cast sharon case as adrianas mom and her name was darla the girl steve was seeing in season one andshe ended up being steves daughter

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    Jamey Giddens

    And why on Earth is he being a diva??? I can (almost) get Clooney’s reluctance not to return for the last season of ER, but what has Jason, Luke or especially Ian done that has them turning up their noses? Granted Luke has done quite a few projects, but nothing he’s touched has been as big as Dylan McKay. You’d think he would WANT to pay homage to that.

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    What a misleading headline. Brandon’s not “back” unless he appears on camera.

    We don’t JP behind the cameras, we want him ON SCREEN as Brandon in a story!!

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    My eyes ’bout popped outta my head when I thought Brando was coming back. :( I’d love to see Dylan come back if not for just one ep. Now that we know Sammie is his. Love to see David back. Have we seen Hannah since the first ep aired? Is Nat and Joanies (?) daughter to young to be in HS? Love if they had her on there as well…..wait, they had a boy….love to see him on there. I think she and Jesse were divorced when 90210 left the air……I think? I’d love some cameos.

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