Justin Bruening on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Justin Bruening dropped by The Bonnie Hunt Show today to talk about Knight Rider and all the fancy upgrades they’ve given to KITT since we have talking GPS in our cars and cell phones. Check out the clip after the jump.

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    I love Bonnie Hunt! Laurence Olivier… not so much! I curse that talking car and that damn show. PUSHING DAISIES FOREVER!:D


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    Bonnie Hunt’s new talk show (which I believe is paired with Ellen in most markets) is one new show I don’t miss. I often watch her right after The View, thanks to the DVR. She’s refreshing, hysterical, bright, and a nice cleansing of the palate after watching The View. And I love her casual wear.

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    Jamey Giddens

    What irony. The brilliant Bonnie Hunt, who for some reason could never attract an audience to her sitcoms, is interviewing someone with the appeal of a gray, rainy day who is starring in a heavily-hyped multi-million dollar primetime program.

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    The Bonnie Hunt Show is on opposite OLTL in my area. Yay that she has a new show, boo to the timeslot. I’d rather watch her at 3 instead of General Mobsters. Right now, it’s either General Mobsters or Judge Judy.

    As for JB, I think his acting is improved a bit since Knight Rider. Or maybe it’s that he looks hotter than he did when he played Jamie Martin, who always looked like a teenager to me. He looks more like a man now than a boy.

    Anyone know what hiw wife, Alexa is up to these days? I still miss her as Babe on AMC.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Justin seems SO sweet and I hate to rib him, but I have to be honest. He is so not ready for a series lead. He should do some totally indie stuff for a few years, play a gay hustler, a heroin addict, etc, get a bit of edge, then I might buy him as a front man.

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    It’s funny you would bring Britney Spears up, samrocks. I’ve always felt that Alexa Havins and her favor each other.


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    RE: Justin playing the lead in Knight Rider. Do you think David Hasselhoff was any better when he played Michael Knight? Remember, he started on soaps, (Snapper, Y&R), too. This ain’t Shakespeare, folks! I mean, he’s in a show where he acts opposite A CAR!

    My problem with the show is KITT’s voice. I thought William Daniels was so much better than Val Kilmer. I keep waiting for KITT to say, “I’m Batman” lol. VK kind of creeps me out If they can’t get William Daniels back, then how about Jonathan Hillerman (Higgins, Magnum, PI) or Grandpa Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls? Someone like that would work. One of the reasons Knight Rider worked the first time was that KITT was smarter than Michael academically, but Michael knew how to read people better than a computer could. KITT needs to sound a little condecending, b/c he knows Michael isn’t as smart as he is, but have a little kindness, too. Right now, VK just counds creepy. JMO.

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    Luke Kerr

    Val Kilmer is without question my biggest problem with KR….his voice sucks….in a day and age where you can make a digital voice sound any way you want I don’t understand why they don’t just have some sort of virus delete the other voice and they have to upload a new one.

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    Elbugten, I keep an eye on Justin’s career since he and I used to work together (at the same bar – I’m not an actor). I caught a few minutes of Knight Rider the other night, and I was so not impressed.

    As for Alexa, she had a small role in 27 Dresses, but I’m not sure that she is involved in anything else at the moment.

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    ITA Jamey – I literally fell right off my couch when I saw him in the NBC ads for Knight Rider! He’s a pretty boy with potential, which doesn’t count for much if you don’t develop it.

    Speaking of being a pretty boy, one of his earlier gigs was a role in a Britney Spears video! He’s the guy in the pool in “Boys.”

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