Melissa Archer Inks a New Deal!

Great News! Melissa Archer (Natalie) has inked a deal with One Life to Live. According to Soap Opera Digest, the actress will be staying put in Llanview.

"I renegotiated last Friday," Archer tells Soap Opera Digest. The actress is remaining hush-hush on the terms of her new contract.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I liked Natalie and Jared. But Ron has raped them too. The stain of Nash’s death is forever upon them. Wow, I HAVE been watching that show too much, that line was SO 80’s primetime soap! Where are my shoulder pads! Tina, let’s catifight in a mud put and pull off each others earbobs!

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    I think it’s great news in that we won’t have to watch “Natalie In A Pit” for 6 weeks while MA irons out her deal like her last contract negotiation. Although we ARE currently watching “Natalie In A Box”, so maybe my point is moot, lol.

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    I go back and forth with Archer, but right now I like her, and I’m finding Natalie one of the few characters on OLTL that I am rooting for. (Jared I could take or leave . . .)

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    I am surprised by this announcement only because I didn’t think MA’s contract was due for renewal until next year. Hmmmm! But I am thrilled. Natalie is my favorite character on the show and Melissa has continued to grow as a performer throughout her tenure. I guess that’s why other than the legacy characters like Starr and Matthew, she’s THE veteran performer in the under 30 group. I am delighted to know she’ll be around for the foreseeable future. :D

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    Melissa’s contract was not up for another 6 months or so. Supposedly the higher ups want to lock people in BEFORE the writers embark on a big new story for them. There are also rumors that heads will be rolling soon. It will be interesting to see what happens …….. and Jamey … whenever you are ready :)

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    I agree with Trudi in that I’ve enjoyed watching Melissa Archer grow into the role of Natalie. Personally, I really like the pairing of Natalie and Jared. Two flawed characters who came to town with questionable morals certainly have a lot in common. She’s actually more enjoyable than she was when she was paired with Goth Cop John. They always bothered me, that and the fact that he’s like 12 years older than her or something like that!

    I also agree with Jamey that Natalie and Jared are cursed by the blood of Nash. I’m hoping there’s a way that this pans out and I believe that will happen when Viki comes back to town.

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