New 90210 Hits It’s Stride; McCord Proves Weak Link

SPOILER ALERT: The CW’s 90210 finally earned its spot as Appointment TV for this soap fan tonight as it girl Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) was busted for drug possession and several couples heated up. Sure its been fun catching up with old friends like Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Kelly (Jennie Garth), but until tonight’s episode I was wondering if the 2.0 teens would actually prove intereresting enough for me to invest in for a full season, not to mention 10 as I did with the original Peach Pit crew.

Not surprisingly it isn’t the actors The CW heavily-hyped, Shenae Grimes (Annie) or  McCord, formerly of Nip/Tuck, as Naomi who are proving to be the teen soap’s break outs. Those distinctions go to Tristan Wilds as Annie’s adopted brother Dixon and Jessica Stroup as the brilliant Silver.  How awesome is it that Kelly and David (Brian Austin Green)’s kid sister from the parent show is fast proving to be the show’s anchor, a lesson both daytime and primetime could learn from–honor your history. The CW was banking on Grimes and McCord as their Gen Next front women when all they had to do was pick up a script from the original.

Stroup’s natural chemistry with the phenomenal Wilds, who first tasted fame on HBO’s The Wire and can be seen in The Secret Lives of Bees premiering Oct. 17, is the most realistic and fun teen romance I’ve seen on television since a girl named Summer fell for a boy named Cohen.

 Dustin Milligan as sensitive, rich boy jock, with puppy dog eyes Ethan, is also turning out to be a good investment for the struggling netlet, especially now that he has been mercifully extracted from the orbit of the scenery-chewing McCord, by far the show’s weakest link. Too bad it couldn’t have been Naomi who OD’d instead of the far more interesting and relevant Adriana (Jessica Lowndes). I guess we’ll have to tune in next week to see if theater goddess Adriana meets the same fate as David’s geeky blonde friend from the1990 version. 

Milligan also managed to help Grimes—who was much better on Degrassi: The Next Generation— take her performances down a thousand. She appeared much more relaxed and realistic during tonight’s episode which saw the budding couple serving as parents of faux baby (Uh cliched much?)

Tonight’s episode even managed to throw in a rare surprise in the day of Internet spoiler gurus like Michael Ausiello and our own lovely Regan. Who would have guessed the bratty new student who is obviously crushing on scruffy school teacher Ryan (Ryan Matthews) is actually an undercover narc? In tonight’s episode she is working with principal Harry Dixon (Rob Estes) to ferret out West Bev’s resident drug pusher. How Nancy Reagan of them! I totally got a Silk Stalkings (the sexy USA procedural that launched Estes’s career) vibe from the storyline. Good job CW, I’m finally hooked.

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    Luke Kerr

    AnnaLynne McCord is without question the weakest link on the female side of things…I was worried about her being on the show the moment her name was announced. She was on Nip/Tuck and I wasn’t impressed with her there.

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    What the heck is that girl in the first caption wearing?! Is hooker chic in? Blair Waldorf would slap the Abercrombie & Fitch right out of that girl!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I myself still haven’t warmed up to Annie. I’ve gone from not being able to stand her, to somewhat tolerating her. I don’t know what the reason is, perhaps the actress, perhaps the character, I don’t know. But something irks me about Annie.

    I LOVE Silver. Like, major crush, love. And she’s making Dixon more interesting by the day. Forget Annie and Ethan, I think 90210 has found it’s breakout couple.

    As for Naomi, not a fan. The only time I liked her was in the very brief scene with Ethan’s autistic brother. That was what, 30 seconds? They need to stop making her whine every two minutes and maybe people will get to she the ‘layers’ this ‘typical bad girl’ was supposed to have.

    I can’t wait for Kelly to return. Though I have to say, I did not miss her as much as I thought I would tonight. Tonight was a pretty good show. I’d been on the fence about the show as a whole since the beginning of the season. After tonight’s episode, I think they hooked me.

    Damn it.


    Oh, and yeah, I’m really happy new girl isn’t really a student. Her and Matthews are great together! Now I REALLY can’t wait for Kelly to get back.

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    I did not watch tonight’s episode because Kelly and Brenda weren’t in it. Call me when the originals return.

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    I totally agree about Naomi being the weakest link out of all of them…I didn’t particularly like Tristan at first but he quickly grew on me…I came into it thinking that I wouldn’t like Annie because I didn’t particularly like the actress who portrays her on Degrassi and I wasn’t sure if I would get over it…but I’m warming up to her as well….I already miss Shannen though :(

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    Great post! Yes Naomi is the weakest link…goodbye! I do not care about her parents separation nor her attempt to get them back together. And those faces she makes when she’s upset are cringe worthy. I just hope her best friend dies. I do not feel sorry for this girl because she has a Dina Lohan type mother. Annie is no Brenda Walsh, she is super annoying. But Silver is where it’s at. I love that they have her loving music since David was a music lover. As a character from the first 90210, she should have been the anchor to being with.

    Dixon is super cute and him and Silver have that natural chemistry that make is seems like they have known each other for years. I just love them.

    Ethan is okay now that he’s away from the 30 year old teenager but sometimes he looks lost. I’m just waiting for the “cliq” to happen. I don’t want Ethan with Annie though. Annie is just annoying.

    If this show was just about the Grandma, Dixon and Silver, I would be a happy woman.

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    I tuned in for two episodes, not a fan of the show. When I was younger, I liked the original for about four years before I grew out of it. I tuned in to see Brenda, I really wanted to see Shannen Doherty. Loved her since Little House.

    For the love of God though, someone feed those girls. How can they even hold there books without snapping their arms.

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    I was a huge “The Wire” fan, so I knew Tristan could hold his own and Dixon’s budding romance with Silver (clearly the most talented of the teen women set) has proven that the director knew chemistry when they saw it.

    McCord needs to dial it down a thousand and find a rhythm. The show is finding it’s voice, and if it lets Dixon and Silver lead the way, they should have a pretty decent run…

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    LOL, Jamey! You must have gotten the butt during the separation procedure.:D

    I have yet to watch this show but I know that Jessica Walter must be stealing scenes and taking names. She’s amazing!

    Also, on a personal and entirely inappropriate note, what would you do w/ that finger after it’s buttered, THEBEST?!;)


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I knew from the second the new girl walked into the classroom that she was a 21 Jump Street undercover cop. It was just so obvious. And then for anyone who didn’t already know it she’s then seen in every scene asking for party drugs. Overkill much?

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    I’ve got two episodes on my dvr to catch up on, but I did want to throw my two cents in about the new vs old cast. I grew up watching 90210 and was not thrilled to hear they were redoing it. But as soon as Jennie Garth signed on, I knew I’d watch. Kelly and Brandon were my favorite couple on the original, and I’m honestly only watching to see if they reconnect.
    That being said, I still watch the rest of the episode that Kelly is not in, but it’s been tough to sit through. Silver is by far the only likable young girl on the show. The actress rocked the “is she gay, is she not gay” morman character on Grey’s a while back, and she’s proving to have star quality.
    I’d love to feed everyone a couple burgers from In & Out, but can’t deny the fact that if I got asked to be on the new 90210 I’d probably stop eating too.

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    Luke Kerr

    I still maintain that the problem with 90210 is that except for Silver, the porn empire heir and the adults the teen characters seem to have no depth….Every single young character besides those two seems like they are Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl, who is that shows worst character in terms of depth imo. They should send silver and the porn heir to GG, send Nate to 90210 and then I’d never have to watch 90210 again.

    Granny Bluth, as much as I love her, isn’t enough to keep me tuning in every day. Though I am intrigued by this long lost son s/l.

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    Jamey Giddens

    See the long lost son storyline is the biggest, smelliest, overly-chiched turkey for me. And the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise did not build its house of cards on "depth", it built it on prety faces who can at least reasonably act. I would gladly take the actor who plays Nate on GG as a replacement for McCord, because at least he can get through a  scene without looking like he has Tourette’s and he’s hot and really that’s all this type of show needs. It was never meant to be Masterpiece Theater.

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    Oh Jamey, you didn’t throw in Masterpiece Theater, I live and die for that, lol. Based on everything you wrote and everyone else’s coments, I’ll give this show at least another viewing. It does remind me of the original in the early days.

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    Regan Cellura

    LOL Jamey! 90210 has not made my spoiler rounds yet. I like to get sucked in first and last night’s ep did that for me as well. Love Silver… Love Dixon…. I agree Annie settled in this week…. Ethan is good but typical… Naomi is the weak link on all levels (hopefully that will change)… Adrianna, I think they could have something here if it wasn’t so cliche’d. Totally did not see the narc coming. I didn’t pick up on it at all other than wondering why the new girl was so in your face. Now I know why, she wanted to establish herself as a bad seed to get in with the other bad seeds. Again, very typical but its cheesy teeny bop drama… which of course I love!

  16. Profile photo of MichaelKnight

    I might be wrong but with the long lost son, didn’t they change the age of the character last night? Originally I thought she said she had the kid when she was 16, now last night they said she was 19. What girl get’s ‘sent away’ to have a child in secret when they are 19???

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    First im a big annalynne mccord fan.I think she brings a certain energy to the show.I dont think shes the weakest link i think personally shenae grimes is from all the gossip with her being the next shannen doherty

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    I was a huge fan of the original “B.H. 90210.” I went through college LOVING that show. We would have a weekly viewing party at my apt. every week. What the show lacked in depth, it made up for with interesting characters and a powerful triangle between Dylan, Kelly and Brenda. I watched every season of the show from Shannen Doherty through Tiffani Amber-Theissen. Which is why I am so disappointed with this new version. It is totally lacking in all areas, even the clothes the girls wear are not that fabulous for these days like they wore back then. I gave the show a chance because I was so happy to see Brenda and Kelly again who has Dylan’s child and is Silver’s half-sister. I agree that Silver is the most dynamic character the show has but that is not saying much when even the fabulous Jessica Walter cannot save this show. It is such a trifling, poor attempt at recreating the magic and passion the first show evoked. From the thin, poorly executed reunion of Brenda & Kelly to the weak, unoriginal s/l’s they have saddled the actors with. Besides the “adults,” I think the acting is choppy and the production values come nowhere close to the excitement and glamor of “Gossip Girl.” The world has advanced and progressed so much since the original, but that is not reflected in the new version. Other then the internet and texting, the show feels like it is 1991 all over again. Maybe it is because I am older now and do not want to watch the issues and problems of youth but I love “Gossip Girl” and it’s extravagance and super-wealthy, scandalous characters. That show feels like 2008. Plus, Ana Lynn McCord looks to be about 35 years old and her character has just turned 16! I don’t have the patience for a new show to get it’s act together so starting this week, I dropped it from my TIVO season pass. While, the show got it’s full season order, I do not expect it to last beyond this first season. I appreciate this post’s positivity about it but I do not have the same affection for “90210.” I have given it more then a fair shot at drawing me in but there is nothing worthy enough to lure me back and my time is limited to only the TV shows that I feel are worth devoting that time too. Unfortunately, I do not have the spare hours to watch every soap and every prime-time show that I would like to so I have to be more picky and exclusive with what I watch.

  19. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Kelly (Jennie Garth), Silver (Jessica Stroup), and Lori Loughlin are my faves. But even the three of them together can’t get me to watch. I’ve tried to stay impressed but I just can’t get passed all the horrible acting from some of the cast members.

  20. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Killing off Naomi would be a GOOD start to getting this show headed in a good direction. She, and her spiral perm, have to go. Judging by her hair, I’d say her mom had an affair with a teenage Steve Sanders.

  21. Profile photo of hrfmom

    The 21 Jump Street under cover cop was pretty obvious…I was totally expecting Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, Holly Robinson and Dom’s son to come on. From the beginning they said the english teacher would have a relationship with a student but it would not be like that.

    The Grandma is under used!! They are wasting a great actress on 30 seconds every other week. They try to give her Arrested Development type material and fail.

    The outfits…I was disgusted with naomi’s outfit last week. Some awful new wave tennis looking outfit. I am still trying to figure out what shoes she had on last week. I honestly think the stylists for the show went to a garage sale and bought all of the Spice Girls old outfits. I am with the druggies home…I like Naomi’s hair straight!

    LOVED Silk Stalkings…they need to bring Rob Estes’ old partner (mitzi?) back. Loved them together! I am still waiting for Uncle Jesse to walk out and get Becky and take her back to San Fransisco.

    I love that Silver (from a core family) is the breakout actress on this show. I wish they would incorporate more core family characters like the Zuckerman kid.

    I loved the original show so I am trying not to give up on this new version.

  22. Profile photo of season1217

    I wish y’all would stop talking about 21 Jump Street! I just got the song out of my head after it was mentioned before, now it’s back in again!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    So in the principle’s office, they are talking about hiring a PI to look for the kid. She says she’ been thinking of this “for the last 22 years” then goes on to say she’s been dealing with having this kid “every day since I was 19 years old”. And in the pilot, didn’t she say she was 16 when she got pregnant and had to be sent away? Ugh. This is just bad.

  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Luke 21 Jump Street was an odd hybrid of Melrose Place and NYPD Blue. Sexy, hot cops like Holly Robinson Peete and Johnny Depp who you actually WANTED to bend your hands behind your back, handcuff you and tell you to spread ‘em.

  25. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Luke,I cannot believe you have never seen 21 Jump Street!!! This saddens me! There has been rumblings that Hollywood may do a 21 Jump Street movie. You need to call Jamey so he can give you a brief summary of the tv series that made Johnny Depp a household name! I am still baffled about your lack of knowledge about this show!!!

  26. Profile photo of MichaelKnight

    Yes he was Will on AMC.

    OK so Naomi’s sister is older. Naomi is 16. Her mom has had to live with giving away a child since she was 19, been wanting to look for him for the last 22 years. I don’t like math, my head hurts.

  27. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I’m still learning names but isn’t Annie Dixons sister? She’s ok, I like her, she and Lori (Loughlin) could so pass for real life mother and daughter. I love silver as well, I wish we’d see David pop up being that his stepsis and half sis are on the show. But oh well….I’m not sure if I’ll tune in as much w/ Kelly (and Brenda gone) but I’ll give it a chance…..

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