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Here’s the Scoop! 10.09.08

Is Elizabeth being nabbed? RUMORS yesterday said Sonny would kidnap the mother of two to prove a point to Jason. The LATEST? A RUMOR just hit that Max and Milo take care of Elizabeth as a thank you to Jason. MY THEORY? Well IF the napping RUMORS are true, Max and Milo won’t hurt Elizabeth as they owe Jason big time.

Why do they owe Jason? He pulls through for the Giambatti brothers and plays enforcer. Hurricane Carly almost blows Max’s cover.

I’m a fan of Nadine’s. I love Claire Coffee. What I’m not a fan of, is the overuse of Nadine’s quirk. Memo to TPTB, pull back a bit on Nadine. There is more coming for the wacky nurse. She’s in trouble with a capital T as Jerry drugs her! What about Nikolas? Well he’s making his deal with Carly and he’ll get a little reminder that it’s no fun to love and lose.

Will Sonny be honest with Kate? SPOILERS say he’ll tell her he needs to go back to the biz. More RUMORS say he goes to work for ZaCrazy.

Maxie to the rescue. She enlists the Jackal’s help and gets the latest issue of Crimson on the stands. Another message sent to Sonny? SPOILERS say that Spixie must hide as two Russian baddies come to the Crimson offices and mess the place up.

C-Section Delivery? Remember there is some drama going down when Robin delivers her daughter. Scrubs SHOULD be picking October 29th as their wedding date and my SPOILER faithful also know that date is when Baby Scrubs is scheduled to arrive. The drama surrounding the birth? RUMORS say Robin chooses the C-Section but something happens and she ends up in a coma. The baby is RUMORED to be A-OK and Patrick must deal with being a father while Robin’s life is on the line. Some have compared it to Elizabeth’s delivery. Will the fake meds play into this? According to RUMORS, they will. It MAY be the fake drugs that have Robin comatose. These RUMORS go onto say that Elizabeth fills Jason in on what Sam and Lucky have been up to. Those RUMORED JaSam scenes? They MAY happen around this time when Jason goes to Sam to find out what the hell is going on.

Is it Mr. Craig that dies? RUMORS say that Sebastian Roche is done at General Hospital and it will be his character that dies. But will it be the endearing Jerry Jacks or the evil Mr. Craig who bites it? It looks like IF this happens, it’s Mr. Craig finally getting what he has coming to him.

Caution to my readers… there are a lot of RUMBLINGS out there about people being let go. Please take them all with a grain of salt. When there is some sort of confirmation we will let you know.

Liason… they carry on in secret. Were yesterday’s scenes an eye opener for Elizabeth? All along it’s been about safety now Elizabeth knows Jason doesn’t feel he deserves happiness. Elizabeth calls Jason to the studio again, she shows him a picture of Jake and fills him on on their son. Jason and Jake reunited? RUMORS say its coming.

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    PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JAKE NEEDS JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also there is something that bothers me , how is it that no one notice that Jake looks so much like Jason and not Lucky, if mobsters are smart , and they heard about Jason’s trial , why are’nt they notice that Jake is so much like Jason , don’t people in PC have brain????
    I would love seeing Max and Milo taking care of Eliabeth , they really owe Jason big time!!!!!!!!
    I agree with you about Nadine , I like her , when she was on Jhonny’s trial , she was the boom!!!!, but now she is getting on my nerves , they need to change her storyline , fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can we have a normal Child birth , for once………………………….

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    Ah, Jason and Elizabeth need to get over this angst like yesterday. I like the idea of Max and Milo repaying Jason by protecting Elizabeth. It brings their relationship out to more people. I wonder if they will be protecting her from Zacrazy or from Sonny.

    I too like Nadine with all of her quirks. They do need to tone it down. She is like Spinelli in that too much of a good thing can be super annoying. Spinelli has Maxie to spar off of. Nadine needs someone to mellow her out. I am not sure it is Nikolas. Dr. bearded one has had some good scenes with her. He could do the trick.

    I look forward to the wedding and impending birth of Robin’s baby. I hope Robert and Anna are both present for these events.

    I will miss Mr. Craig if he goes. I had been hoping that he and Sam would team up and own their badness. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having the bad guy be the bad guy. It is when they constantly try to redeem them that things get messed up. Hooking Craig up with Alexis was a huge mistake because it destroys Alexis but hooking him with Sam and letting them create havoc together like Scott and Lucy back in the day could be a good thing.

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    aaawww Jason and Jake reunited love :) it….that kid is sooo adorable and Jason just wants the best for him….I think he’s the best father on GH. Jason does deserve to be happy he needs to stop wit the self made pity party and grab onto his woman.

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    They really need to tone all this wackness down from Nadine…I want to like her but the stuff that comes out of her mouth, I just want to scream ‘STFU and think before you speak girl’ gosh…who really acts like that…ugh. And for the love of God why does she think she’s Sherlock Holmes……*sigh* that girl is just plain ridiculous

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    The only thing we can do at this point is wait to see what happens with Jason and Elizabeth. If the powers that be screw this one up, then I am done.
    Ok on a funny note when sonny was fighting with Jason and he said “you were like a brother to me” How many people wanted to yell out “Fredo”?

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    Regan Cellura

    Like I said, I like her but I said exactly what you said Sue! I looked at my roomie yesterday and said Nadine needs to tone down a bit, just like Spin was teetering on the edge of overkill, she’s headed down that same path.

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    Good morning Regan, your spoilers are better than a cup of coffee.Speaking of coffee, I love Claire Coffee, she is just what Nik needs but they need to give her a better script, she acts alittle too quirky and therefore acts more like a child around Nik than a grown adult but I do love the two of them together. Ok, I am confused: Sonny is going to kidnap Elizabeth and Max/Milo work for Sonny and they are going to take care of Elizabeth to thank Jason for his coverup with their dad. Ok, why wouldn’t they just go to Jason and tell him that Sonny has just kidnapped Elizabeth and give her back to Jason as a thank you? Also, with regard to Jason and Elizabeeth, it was heartbreaking yesterday hearing Jason say that why should he be happy. Well, the paternity should come out and have Jason and Jake & co. reunite so he can be happy. Elizabeth should bring Jake to the studio like someone suggested and not show him pictures, the baby is small, he should get to know his real father and stop dragging this out. So I guess Jerry is leaving? There was no other choice since they could not redeem the man into good no matter how they tried, I wonder who kills him? I wonder if Jax will be involved with his brother’s demise? Maybe he goes after Alexis somehow or Sam and Jax saves them and therefore killing his own brother? Between all of us writting everyday, we can write a better soap opera than Guza does. What a shame.

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    “Ok on a funny note when sonny was fighting with Jason and he said “you were like a brother to me” How many people wanted to yell out “Fredo”?”



    Question: I didn’t see yesterday’s episode so maybe I need to be briefed, but what does a man’s feeling of not being worthy of happiness have to do w/ being a father to his child?!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Regan Cellura

    It seems in Jerry’s case it MAY not all be about redemption. IF the RUMBLINGS are correct, Sebastian’s dance card is filling up and TPTB are finding it difficult to work around his schedule. They’ve decided to write him out the way he came in… evil.

    I thought it was heartbreaking as well and played really well by Steve Burton. I know some think he’s too stonefaced, but that’s what the character is. I like the idea of Elizabeth bringing Jake to see him in secret.

    The kidnapping… IF it happens it looks like Sonny wants a little revenge on Jason for denying him and most likely he thinks he’s giving Jason a little wake up call. BUT there’s still that pesky twist coming and IT COULD be that Jason and Sonny are working together. Would that make the kidnapping RUMOR null and void? Not sure as it’s not clear when the Sason plan starts or is revealed. Back to the napping… IF it happens, Max and Milo would be the nappers (I ASSUME) as they seem to be Sonny’s only employees. They won’t let anything happen to Liz but they won’t defy Mr. C either. Make sense? This RUMOR about Elizabeth being in some sort of peril has been out there in one form or another for awhile now. When it pops up again, it always has a new twist on it which means it COULD be fanfic.

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    Regan Cellura

    Question: I didn’t see yesterday’s episode so maybe I need to be briefed, but what does a man’s feeling of not being worthy of happiness have to do w/ being a father to his child?!

    Jason and Elizabeth were arguing over their situation and Elizabeth asked why he couldn’t give the biz back. Jason won’t do it cause Sonny’s too volatile right now. Elizabeth wants to meet, Jason says its not fair, he can’t give her what she wants. She asked why can’t they just be happy and he basically said that he made his choices long ago and the things he’s done…. he doesn’t deserve the right to be happy.

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    Question: I didn’t see yesterday’s episode so maybe I need to be briefed, but what does a man’s feeling of not being worthy of happiness have to do w/ being a father to his child?!

    Elizabeth asked him why he couldn’t just give the business back to Sonny and Jason told her that Sonny was too unstable and would endanger all of the people who work for him. Jason told her that he didn’t think he deserved to be happy after everything he has ever done. If he left the mob and was with Elizabeth, he would be happy and he doesn’t feel he deserves that. He is apparently paying penance by heading a crime syndicate. Guza, what a crack head!!

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    Thanks again, Regan and you as well, sue. While, it’s true Jason made his choices a long time ago and needs to deal w/ the consequences, being a father to your child is not and should not be based on whether you feel like you should be happy or not. I’m sure many a Maury Povich guests would love to use that as an excuse.;) Responsibility is responsibility!

    Liz needs to let Jason know that regardless of whether the two of them are together he needs to man up and take responsibility. The effects of Jason’s past choices and his need to suffer for them is only going to damage Jake further the older the boy gets.

    Sorry, for that. I know it’s only a soap!:D


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Regan, thank you for your explanation of Max/Milo about why they wouldn’t tell Jason about Sonny kidnapping Elizabeth. At first when I heard this rumor, I thought it was just a rumor too because to me it would make no sense but the only way I think it would make sense is that Sonny kidnaps Elizabeth to protect her and not to get back at Jason. Sonny is going to go after the real shooter of Kate after he finds out from Claudia/Ric that it was AZ so to protect innocent people he does this and Jason knows about it later on when Jason also finds out the truth about AZ from Johnny. Therefore, bringing the 2 forces together Jason/Sonny back together again. Sounds good? I said it from day one way back when that I couldn’t see Sonny/Jason being at odds with one another and this was all a coverup.Lets see how this plays out and if we are right Regan. There was also that rumor remember about Elizabeth faking her death and the boys? If the paternity gets out and AZ finds out about Elizabeth and Jake then maybe some of those rumors are true because now they are saying that it’s Sonny who tells AZ about Jason’s weakness therefore AZ going after Elizabeth and Sonny needing to protect her? So many rumors that it makes your head spin.(lol)

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    You are so right season1217, Jason is taking the easy way out.
    Jake will grew up , and he will find out the truth about his father, he will get so mad that his father left him and that will bring troubles.
    Look at Diago and Logan ,both of their fathers left them, and look were are they now…………………………………….
    raisng Jake will more hard than letting him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Question: Can Sonny danger another child like Michael or waman , he was the one whos said they will never target children or wives .
    can he do it? ………………………………………..

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    It always comes down to responsibility when it comes to a child, especially, your child. I’m not talking about Jason’s feelings, I’m talking about the child’s. Yes, Jason took care of Michael, even when Carly couldn’t or wouldn’t, but as soon as she slept w/ Sonny he abdicated all responsibility for the child. He fought the biological father but a mobster raising the boy was okay. What?!

    This is 2008 parents don’t have to be together in order to raise their children. I understand his insane troll logic but it still doesn’t fly. Liz needs to tell Jason to pop a Zoloft and come see about your son. Let’s say tomorrow Jake was SORAS’ed and he finds out that Jason is his father and didn’t claim him because he was feeling sorry for himself for all those years. A child doesn’t care about why a parent wasn’t there they just care about the fact that they weren’t. It’s like Maxie and Georgie. It doesn’t matter why the frell Frisco needed to go traipsing around the world for adventure, all they know it that he wasn’t there for them.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    “If he left the mob and was with Elizabeth, he would be happy and he doesn’t feel he deserves that.”

    Oh good grief, let me pull out the tiniest violin in the world and play him a sad song! This guy puts the “ARRRRRR” in “martyr.” Suck it up, put on the big boy pants, and act like an adult for once, Blinky! GAH!

    (Sorry, sueboo, that’s not a commentary on your recap! :))

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    Jason is exhausting.

    He seems so dedicated to his mob life with Sonny and Carly ( Jax), I cannot feel sorry for him. The only time he seems to regret his choice is when he is along with Spinelli and Elizabeth. Maybe he is just pretending to regret it.

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    Nadine is a complete idiot, I wish it was her that dies.

    Sonny takes Elizabeth? Max/Milo take Elizabeth? That’s a terrible storyline. If they want part-time nurse/full-time Jason stalker Liz to be kidnapped they should have someone like Anthony or Karpov take her. Watching Sonny or Max/Milo take her will be stupid.

    Sonny’s gonna be honest with Kate? Wow, that should be entertaining *rolling eyes*…I’m wondering when Kate’s gonna start being honest…not just with Sonny, but herself. She brings new meaning to the word Clueless.

    Jiz carries on in secret. Jason and Jake reunited. Aren’t these the same piece of garbage spumers we’ve been hearing for…well, forever now? Not going to happen. NOT going to happen. :)

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    My poor baby!!! The look on Jason’s face made me ache!!! When he said “Do I deserve to be happy?” I wanted to go through the TV screen and shake him!!! But also hold and hug him tight!!! He’s right…”IT’S NOT FAIR,” Sonny always seems to be the one who gets to be “happy” but if Jason gets the chance, he never has it for a long time. Ipersonally am sick to death of sonny and his “ultimatums” If anyone deserves happiness it is Jason Morgan!!! ITA with one of the previous posts! Why can’t Elizabeth bring Jake to the Safehouse or even the studio? The studio is just as “safe” if. I really want Jake to be with his daddy….I was getting naseau watching Lucky with him yesterday…..He does look som much like Jason it’s almost incredible that no one has said anything…Did you see how blue Jake’s eyes were…and how adorable his BLONDE HAIR is!!!! That’s all I have to say about that, LOL. PLEASE REUNITE JASON WITH HIS SON!!! THEY NEED SOME BONDING TIME! One more thing….did you all notice that when Jake was born, how smart he was!!! I paid close attention to this detail to show who the better father is for this very reason….If you can remember when Jason first held Jake when the nurse brought him in…, remember how calm and peaceful and HAPPY he was? Ok, in walks Lucky…..after Jason hands Jake to him, Jake STARTS TO CRY!!! THAT KID KNOWS WHO HIS FATHER IS!!! I KNOW HE DOES…HE IS SO SMART. Did anyone else notice that? Just curious. Thats all for now, just had to mention that little tid bit. Have a good day!

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    “Scrubs birth is in the can… its been filmed and its the ending that causes concern.”
    Hi Regan, thanks for the spoilers! I guess I don’t understand this tidbit. The ending of the birth causes concern for Scrubs (i.e., health of mother or daughter), or TPTB are concerned about how to end the story of the birth? :?
    Thanks again!

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    If someone is going come to the conclusion that Jason is Jake’s father just because his eyes are blue then I could say Paul Newman was his father. Yes, children are smart but not psychic. I hate when soaps do that, make the child cry in the arms of the biological parent so that it shows that somehow the child intrinsically knows who his biological parent is. Yeah, let him cry in the arms of the person man enough to raise them and be calm w/ the person who doesn’t want the truth known because he’s sad.

    Yes, Jake should know who his biological father is but like I said before if I helped raise a child and the biological parent all of a sudden decided to change their mind about them there is no way in hell I’m just going to step aside and relinquish my child. Biology is important but so is choosing to be a parent to a child even if you’re not blood related.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Jason is the best father in Pc , Better than Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I do agree with season1217 , jason need to man up , he shouldn’t agree to Elizabet abpout giving up his child that was such a big mistake, that both Elizabeth and Jason regret that.
    I want Jason to man up and be with with his family!!

    I don’t think that Lucky has a place in Jake’s life after Jason takes his place!!!!!!!!

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    It’s been a long time since I have watched an ENTIRE episode of GH w/o having to ff, so today was a very pleasant surprise! Scrubs, Skate, Spixie, Carly/Jax/Nikolas – all good stuff. Woohoo!

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    Protect him? Why? Because he is the mob? Then get out! Problem solved. Jason got out before and him and Robin were happy w/ Michael… oh that is before Jason does what he always does to the woman he claims to love, choose something else. Now his excuse is I shouldn’t be happy. That’s lame! I’m not saying that Jason doesn’t want Jake but actions speak louder than words.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    No LuSam spoilers :(

    So true about Nadine but instead of limiting her time, just kill her off. Nik and Carly have been vibing lately even though that would be kind of icky.

    Sick of Liason’s angst. This isn’t even angst anymore it’s annoying.

    Frons should just let Guza go. Why give him until November to fix things. He will always be obessed with the mob and Sonny. Too bad Frons didn’t fire Guza earlier this year so Pratt could come back. Pratt wasn’t the best but at least during the late 90’s and early 2000’s we had some great stuff.

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    “Oh good grief, let me pull out the tiniest violin in the world and play him a sad song! This guy puts the “ARRRRRR” in “martyr.” Suck it up, put on the big boy pants, and act like an adult for once, Blinky! GAH!”
    This s/l has become a total snooze fest. I want a bad boy who knows how to be a bad boy – all this “redemption” and “atonement” crud is for the birds! At least Ric has finally come back to the dark side. }:)

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    THANK YOU….MY POINT EXACTLY!!! There is NOTHING MORE in the world that Jason wants is to be with his son!! he has waited so long for his family to be “born” and now it’s begun and he cant be there with them because he is PROTECTING THEM FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY….RIGHT ON LIASONADDICT!!!
    You should come to my site….i have tons on it and a new fanfic that you might enjoy if you are as big a fan as i am! :)
    Email me.

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