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Another daytime legend has passed away. Yesterday news broke that Edge of Night and Another World alum Irene Dailey had died. Today, Pine Valley Bulletin has confirmed the passing of Eileen Herlie (Myrtle Fairgate, All My Children). She was 90.

Herlie joined AMC in 1976 as gutsy carny Myrtle, whose boarding house would prove home to generations of the show’s young adult cast. Since the death of Erica Kane’s mother Mona ( the late Frances Heflin), Myrtle has served as a surrogate mother to La Kane (Susan Lucci) and grandmother figure for her daughters Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Bianca (Eden Riegel). She has also been a constant supporter of Kendall’s husband Zach (Thorsten Kaye).

In a surprise plot twist and history re-write a few years back, we learned Myrtle also had a daughter of her very own, Rae Cummings (Linda Dano) and a grandaughter, Skye (Robin Christopher), who had actually lived in Pine Valley alongside Myrtle for many years with neither the wiser.

What Herlie and Myrtle will probably be most remembered for is were legendary battles with Phoebe Tyler Wallingford (the late Ruth Warrick). Those two taught Erica and Brooke (Julia Barr) how it was done. As of now there is now word as to how Herlie’s death will be addressed onscreen. Our thoughts are with hers family as well as the cast and crew of All My Children.

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    What sad news. And wasn’t she rumoured to be killed off in a tornado story? Maybe TPTB knew she was in failing health.

    On the “bright” side, hopefully Linda Dano and Robin Christopher will make their way back to AMC to remember Myrtle.

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    This is so sad. Myrtle/Eileen was a true legend. She will be missed dearly. Greats like her are rare and few, cherrish them while they are here, listen to their wisdom and never forget them.



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    Myrtle was the best. She had ties to everyone on the show related or not. I adored her. My truest honor was when Luke and I interviewed Victor Miller (former writer of AMC) and he called me ‘Myrtle Fargate’ I loved it!

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    She will be sorely missed! Myrtle not on the canvas truly leaves a whole in the heart of the show. And, yes they better give her the awesome send off she deserves!

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    We just had a poll on if she should stay or not. I guess they knew on AMC that she was not well and they were going to write her off. I grew up watching Myrtle and Erica who was like a second mother to her after Erica’s mother passed away on the show. I hope AMC honors her in a special way.I loved all the crazy color clothes she use to wear and her bright red hair always use to stand out on the show. She will surely be missed.

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