Amanda Baker Confirms Exit

We brought you the news of Amanda Baker‘s (Babe, All My Children) departure a few weeks back and now the actress has confirmed her exit to Soap Opera Digest. Baker tells the mag that she is "going out with a bang."

Will Babe perish in the big tornado event for Sweeps? Will she be re-cast yet again? RUMORS have hit the internet that Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney, General Hospital) MAY be the next Babe. Tamara Braun just joined All My Children and is close friends with Willis. Will Tams and ALW be reunited? Weigh in!

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    “going out with a bang.”


    That’s the only thing Babe was good at and good for! A re-cast is unacceptable! Kill the pig! Kill the pig! Kill the pig! I’m not joking, either!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  2. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I absolutely love Tamara and Alicia’s friendship and how Carly and Courtney wer bffs on General Hospital. That said I don’t want Babe recasted (again)!

    If Amanda Baker is out they should just kill the character off. Babe hasn’t been the same since Alexa left. Just be done with the character and let Jaccob Young have an Emmy worthy storyline.

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    I think this is it. per the magazine, she dies in JR’s arms, in the chapel after they’re married. Mind you, Jesse died in Angie’s arms, too…

    but I think this is it- I liked Amanda too. I loved JR/Babe

    but I agree, it’ll give Jacob some great material.

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    Please say no! Alicia’s courtney was the only character on any soap that I could NOT STAND! She was probably the worst character ever and having seen the actress in other roles I know it wasn’t just the character, it was the actress herself. Tamara deserved a way better counterpart and gh never gave her one. The only thing I can say is that because Willis was in the role Tamara definately stood out even more in their scenes. The character babe was never very likable but was at least watchable with the first actress. I say kill her off and be done with it.

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    Luke Kerr

    ALW is very talented but why can’t this show be without Babe for a while? I don’t understand why the show MUST HAVE BABE. On a funnier note…I can see it now…kung fu barbie Babe! lol

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    I’d love to see Alicia Leigh Willis on AMC, but not as Babe. I think Babe should be left off canvas until/if Alexa ever decides to return.

    With Amelia Heinle at Y&R, I’d rather see Alicia Leigh Willis come to AMC as Mia. Fusion will be short handed, so she can return from California. Then, maybe, AMC could acutally address the fact that Frankie and she share a child out there, somewhere. Mia might just be what the Frankie/Randi pairing needs to spice it up. Mia could return to Fusion, and Randi could end up as her personal assistant. Then Mia finds out her assitant is dating the father of her child. Hmmm, now that would be good!

  7. Profile photo of elbugten

    No, Babe’s death needs to be permanent, at least for awhile. No one else will work in that role except Alexa Havins. As for ALW, ITA w/ Meg. Recasting (again) would be a horrible mistake. R.I.P. Babe Carey Chandler Chandler Chandler Almost Chandler.

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t want to hear for a while. Let Babe stay dead PERMANENTLY! Alexa Havins needs to stay by her husband’s and that dumb car’s side! NO MORE BABE EVER!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  9. Profile photo of elle

    please, no Alexa Havins. If that’s my choice, let the character stay dead.

    What I want to know now, is which character who dies, and there’s supposed to be more than just Babe, one of them lingers, the exec producer hinted. maybe in ghost form?

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    I think judy blye wilson should retire from casting.Because these past couple years the recasts have been a debacle.From sabine singh to amanda baker.Why im on the topic of recasts why in the world would brian frons big becky back for a year they shouldve had her sign a long term contract.I think amc and frons knew becky budig was leaving thats why tamara braun is joining.

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    Courtney fan4life

    weareclouds you need to separate your hate for a character from an actress. You could hate the character of courtney BUT ALW was an amazing actress. For example i HATE LIZ but Rebbeca is a good actress. And I HATE LULU but JMB is a good actress.

  12. Profile photo of SandraJea

    Keep ALW as far away from amc as you can.
    amc is the only soap that i watch and if she comes on i may just quit watching.
    it was bad enough having to watch her on gh i don’t want to see her on amc.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I loved Courtney until she cheated on Jax like a wild dog with Nikolas and messed up my Nikolas and Emily! Adore Alicia Leigh though, she’s still my little Ali Fowler from AW! LOL

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    Will all due respect, I hated Courtney! I couldn’t stand her or Jamey’s Tamara’s version of Carly (well, I just hate Carly). All I remember about them is those two cackling hens sitting on the couch in the penthouse talking about how awful AJ was. The irked the hell out of me!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  15. Profile photo of Jamie

    lol, Jamey.

    Unless AMC or New York has a job for Thad (Boyd was pointless to begin with, don’t bring him back too! lol), I don’t think Amelia will be going anywhere. :(

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