Primetime Spoiler Round-Up

Love Spoilers? Love Primetime TV? If you’ve noticed we drop some Primetime related news for our Daytime Confidential readers, especially those soapy Primetime shows like One Tree Hill and 90210. So in my Spoileriffic ways, I decided to do a little Primetime Spoiler Round-Up.

90210: Annie mentioned her old boyfriend back in Kansas. The LATEST? The boyfriend will pop up in the zip code and I’m hearing he’s a HOT one. His first scene should have him coming out of the pool so you all know what that means? Hot and shirtless. Annie will have another visitor, sort of. The brother her dad fathered with Naomi’s mom is said to be coming. RUMORS say the parents who adopted him died in a car crash. Are Dixon and Annie ready for a new sibling? Adrianna survives her overdose and like any good child star, she takes a turn in rehab. Will it work? Maybe the love of a good man will help her out as Adrianna gets a love interest soon. It looks like the Prince of Porn might be getting the key to Adrianna’s heart. Good! That boy needs his own storyline. Love Silver? I do I do! She’s a wild one with no adult supervision. Remember Kelly left her all alone in her quest to recconnect with Dylan. Hmmm… no adult, wild child? I smell a party! Hot for Teacher? RUMORS start hitting the West Beverly campus that Mr. Matthews is having a relationship with the new kid in school. Behind the Scenes: 90210 is getting a little Gilmore Girls action. A former writer from Gilmore Girls is now a writer for 9-0 and a producer from the CW hit is also taking a chair in the writer’s room.

Bones: Not necessarily a Primetime Soap but it’s still a good one to check out and with Bones off the air until November, you have plenty of time to catch up. Booth’s brother is coming to the Jeffersonian and he’ll be played by Brendan Fehr (Roswell). RUMORS have Brennan hooking up with Booth’s bro. Angela had a girlfriend? We’ll meet her. Zach will be back and Brennan’s dad gets a job in the lab!

Dirty Sexy Money: Dirty Sexy Goodness is what I say! It’s obvious right? I really don’t need to tell you guys that Simon can not be trusted do I?

GREEK: I know we have a few DC posters that watch what I call a way for me to re-live my college days minus the whole greek system part. A new hottie hitting campus? RUMORS say a jock comes to Cyprus Rhodes and it’s a battle of the frats for his membership. Rusty and Cappie, speed daters? Jen K. returns and interrupts Rusty’s date, she’s their waitress! Casey Cartwright, super snoop?  Hey it’s election time and Casey needs some ammo against Frannie. A HUGE episode is coming. The biggest yet according to the show’s creator and it will shake things up for Casey and Company.

One Tree Hill: Good news fans! It looks like One Tree Hill will get a seventh season. The jump ahead four years format seems to have worked. Lucas has a book signing coming up and Mouth returns. Who else is coming back? Anyone remember Gigi? Mouth’s co-host and one-time girlfriend? She’s back as an intern at the TV station. Lucas Scott, screenwriter? Maybe, as a hollywood producer wants to make his book into a movie. Drama? Of course! RUMORS say Peyton hooked up with Mr. Producer-man when she was living in Cali.

Grey’s Anatomy: I wasn’t all that impressed with "the flood." Were any of you? But our fearless leader Luke just brought up a great point. The Chief seems a little careless with his quest to move up in the rankings. Has Richard slipped in his duties enough to let a new Chief slide right in? Callie and Erica go on a date. McDreamy finds more of Alice’s personal belongings. A new intern is coming and she MAY be involved in Callie and Erica’s storyline.

Gossip Girl: Don’t miss the kid’s trip to Yale. It’s a doozy as Serena and Blair get into a fight. Vanessa blackmails Blair? Remember, Vanessa has the photos of Blair’s last boyfriend doing his stepmother. Will Blair call upon Chuck to get Vanessa off her back? Jenny and Nate kiss. Both Van der Woodsen’s are getting new flames. Eric and Serena both get new boyfriends. Serena’s latest conquest is an artsy type and guess who attends a gallery opening showcasing some of his work? Yep, Dan! If you’re a fan of the book series, Serena’s boyfriend is Aaron Rose. Will this be a love triangle? More like a square as RUMORS say Dan starts dating Aaron’s ex-girlfriend. Aaron’s dad also appears. InStyle covers a party that Lily throws which only means one thing… something happens at the party! Jenny wants out of school and into to the fashion world. Will she become an emancipated minor? Vanessa and an older man?

Do you like the Primetime Spoiler Round-Up? Obviously we can’t cover all the Primetime Shows but if this is a hit, I’ll try to mix it up a bit! Give us your feedback!

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  1. Profile photo of samrocks

    I was just commenting to my roomie that it’s a bummer I can’t chat about some of my primetime faves. Are you reading my mind?
    Again, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    Who is Taylor Momsen legal guardian?! This girl is not old enough to drive but dresses like she’s old enough to drink?! She’s a pedophile’s pin-up!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Ah, but Kelly and Brenda aren’t enough. I want to see David (he could give his sister Silver some brotherly advice), Donna, Andrea, Steve, Brandon, and Dylan!

    Jason Priestly is coming back to direct an episode but that doesn’t mean sh!t unless he comes back on screen as Brandon Walsh.

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I think Brenda and Kelly are enough to anchor the show. Brenda could get a permanent job at West Bev as the drama teacher and do primetime and film as well. I am all for the rest making occasional stop offs, but they really have to focus in on building the younger cast. It can’t be simply a Golden Oldie parade. They need to get rid of Naomi. Put that blonde bad boy on contract and in a triangle with Ethan and Annie. Put the coke whore on contract and forge a bond between Kelly, Brenda and Lori Loughlin’s characters.

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    That’s cool! I wonder what advice David would give his sister. Now, if you don’t put out you’re boyfriend will eventually sleep w/ someone else. Or has she already put out?! LOL!:P I still haven’t watched this show yet, although, the “coke whore” reference has me intrigued.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I agree that Kelly and Brenda should definitely be permanent stars of the show, although they truly need Brandon and Dylan to make regular or semi-regular appearances to stir things up for them.

    Donna should be a recurring guest star–originally the plan was to have Donna running the hot new boutique in town that the kids would shop at. I want them to still do that, and of course have Kelly and Brenda show up for catch-up times.

    Because David is on Terminator, he should return for a one-shot deal, but they should reiterate that he’s married to Donna.

    Steve and Andrea should return in small cameo appearances, like Andrea is at a PTA meeting with Kelly and Principal Wilson. Their roles should be like that of Kelly’s mom and Nat. Not necessarily playing a main role in the action, but being there every now and then to reaffirm the show’s history.

    The veteran characters and the connection to the original 90210 are the things that set this show apart from typical teen fare like Gossip Girl. 90210 needs to respect and utilize its history to show why it’s worthy of being the true successor to the authentic, original 90210 that set the stage for teen shows everywhere.

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I agree Alistar, I would actually go even further to make Andrea a series regular since she has a kid at West Bev, it would make sense. I would recast that Hannah from the pilot though.

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    Yeah, it was hard to get a good idea about Hannah based on her small cameo. You’d think she and Silver would be friends. It’s also a little odd that Kelly hasn’t mentioned Andrea yet.

  9. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Love me some Dirty Sexy Money. Brian’s my fav too Liasonaddict. I wish Tripp had him in charge instead of Nick.. Me thinks Nick maybe Tripp’s son and Karen’s actually Dutch and Tish’s kid.

  10. Profile photo of samrocks

    Jamey, I have been watching all the 90210 episodes (although they almost lost me until this last one), and I do NOT recall Zuckerman’s kid. Was she only in the pilot? Help! I feel like my 90210 Fan Membership card is on the line…

  11. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Samrocks Hannah made a blink-and-you-missed it appearance in the pilot. She was the newscaster for the West Bev student tv show. The teacher made a joke about her seeming like she was 30, a nod to Gabrielle Carteris who was 30 when she originated Andrea.

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    WOW I take you guys like the primetime spoiler round-up! LOL!

    My favorite darling… Brian has the best lines and I do love him but I really like Jeremy. I want him to get a meatier storyline.

    90210 seems to be the winner.  I love the oldies but like I’ve said, I have 5 seasons of DVD’s and SOAPnet if I need to re-live the good old days. I don’t mind the vets (god I can’t believe I just called them that) making appearances where it fits and I don’t mind using Kelly and Brenda as anchors, I just don’t want to live in the past. I think they have a decent core group of characters and if they develop certain ones more and realize what isn’t working, quickly, make the necessary adjustments…. its all gonna be good.

  13. Profile photo of

    But Regan, as I said, it’s the original characters who make this show different from the other teen shlock out there. That’s why they need to be fully integrated onto the show.

    Without Kelly and Brenda, this is just your standard teen drama. Could’ve been called “The OC 2.0″.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No I agree something/someone from the original recipe needs be there, I just don’t want to live in the past. The original had it’s heyday and it ended when it should IMO. I know most 90 fans wish it was still on the air, my roomie would lead the cause, I however am not one of those fans. Its like Soaps, I like the vets and I hate when they’re gone for whatever reason, but things have to move forward and shows like GG and 90 are looking for the younger viewers not us old folks who watched 90210 back in the day. LOL.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love BAG to pop in, just for his hotness alone. If they all came back it wouldn’t be a new show, it would be a re-do of what we already had for 10 seasons.

    I get that Kelly, Brenda and Co. are what makes this show different from the rest of the teeny bop shows and like I said, I am all for the anchor and a drop in or two as the storyline calls for it. But it must be done carefully.

  15. Profile photo of samrocks

    Alistair, I disagree. “Teen Drama” is probably a real genre, so 90210 doesn’t necessarily need to make it “different from the other schlock out there,” conceptually speaking.

    The original cast may be a great selling point to get people like me (who loved the original) to watch, but I think that any teens out there considering watching couldn’t care less whether Brandon, Brenda, or other members of the old gang are on the show – and why should they? These younger viewers don’t have any ties to the original.

  16. Profile photo of williamjc

    First off, thank you Regan – this is very cool and I hope becomes a regular column here. Since I can only comment on shows I watch, here goes:

    90210 – I agree that the show should use their original stars as a main backup but not the main story line. Silver, Dixon, Adrianna, and even Annie can anchor the show, plus they’re adding new cast members. Silver and Dixon are “the” couple!!!

    Bones – Angela’s ex-girlfriend will be played by Melissa George from Alias.

    DSM – Actually my fave is Simon because he’s so smooth with the villian role. I don’t even count him as a villian because I think he and Tripp are cut from the same cloth. I love DSM…

    Grey’s Anatomy – I think the Chief giving George his exam again was him realizing he was reaching too much and he wasn’t following his own example. I highly doubt they will be replacing the chief. Grey’s usually starts out slow and picks up. I usually give it three to four episodes to truly pick up steam but next eppy looks interesting. Can’t wait to see if Lexie can land George but right now I’d rather see her with McSteamy…

    Keep up the great work, Regan!!!

  17. Profile photo of BigDede

    90210-I really don’t care about. I like Silver and Dixon and that’s about it. Until they can make Annie, Adriana and 45 year old Naomi less annoying than I will care.

    DSM–I HATE Simon Elder! I don’t understand his purpose anymore. What ever happened to Patrick working with him? They never showed how that ended. Why is Simon still trying to get to the Darlings? LOVE LOVE LOVE Brian. He is the best character ever! Him and Karen are the reasons to watch. LOVE Brian. KILL LISA KILL LISA KILL LISA

    Sick of Grey’s. Sloan doesn’t have a decent storyline. He is the best looking guy on that show and the last episode was very weak. They need to hurry and bring back that army doctor. Gawd he was hott!

  18. Profile photo of season1217

    BigDede, I totally agree w/ you that Sloan is underused. Eric Dane is brilliant as that character. He’s so being wasted. Although, I know it won’t happen, I could get behind a Sloan/Bailey pairing (they’re my M&M!;)). I just like the two of them in scenes together.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  19. Profile photo of elbugten

    Yay! Primetime spoilers, too? You guys really ARE “spoiling’ us, lol!

    I love DSM. Jeremy is my favorite Darling. Any word on if Nick and Lisa’s marriage will stay intact or if Carmelita will reappear in Patrick’s life? Also, who really killed Dutch? This show is pure soapy fun!

  20. Profile photo of

    Re: BAG: Yes, but he’s gone on record saying he’d return to 90210 for a small appearance if the producers can work it around his Terminator schedule.

  21. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Yeh I could see Brenda and Kelly being friends with Annies mom. Kelly might be weirded out by it maybe a little being that her hub (Annies father) is her ex boyfriend but that was eons ago and they’ve all moved on. I wish some of the old 90210ers would make cameos, that would make it so worth it…I realize I’m 38 and too old to be watching, but I loved the old gang back then…and would love to see ‘em now. :)

  22. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    LOL Regan….yeh BAG was hot….hard to believe he started out so geeky. When the show ended, it was hard to see him go. I’d settle for a cameo or 2…..maybe 5. :) I wish Sammy were Brandons so we could get an appearance outta Jason, Dylan was just always so moody…I’d love an appearance, but I still wish the kid were Bradons. :)

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