NBC Orders Four More Knight Rider Scripts

See that grin on Justin Bruening’s face? He has something to smile about. According to Zap2it, NBC has ordered four more scripts for Bruening’s show, Knight Rider.

Have you kept watching Knight Rider after its debut?

NBC Orders Four More Knight Rider Scripts

  • No! One was enough for me. (31%, 85 Votes)
  • Yes! Knight Rider is getting better with each week. (69%, 189 Votes)

Total Voters: 274


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  1. Profile photo of ktuc

    I watched the movie and thought that it was okay but as far as the TV series goes, I couldn’t even sit through the whole first episode and I love Justin Bruening. A big hell no to this show.

  2. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Elvara, they are. NBC has absolutely nothing ready to replace that crapfest. LOL

    The only thing Knight Rider has going for it is that it has captured the elusive young male audience as part of its 7.9 million weekly audience. That may be enough, but it just one of the worst regular series I have ever seen. And I have seen some hot messes in my day.

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    “… it has captured the elusive young male audience….”


    It’s no wonder that women think most men are stupid!


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

  4. Profile photo of ssjohn

    I posted this in the forums days ago, Terminator TSCC also got a order for episodes.

    Getting a order doesn’t mean they are going to film them it just means they want to see where the writers are going.

    I think it’s fine, I don’t think it is the best show ever but there has been worse.

    Also the ratings for almost all of primetime shows are down so it is going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.

  5. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    I don’t think it’s that bad, it’s very reminiscent of the silly syndicated adventure shows of the nineties – a lot of boobs and cars for the straight guys, and Justin Breuning as eye candy for the rest of us. I see this show more on Spike TV more than NBC, but I’ll watch it on Hulu.com when I have time to kill.

  6. Profile photo of rskuggs

    NBC has some quality shows on it’s lineup,this just does not happen to be one of them. Whoever greenlit this trainwreck,should be doing the nightshift at a 7-11. This is the kind of crap,i would expect to see in syndication,not on a major network.

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