DC #308: Ilene Kristen Interview

One Life to Live’s Ilene Kristen dropped by Daytime Confidential to discuss her upcoming appearance as ACME This Week’s host on Saturday, October 18th at 8pm and an appearance at Cops for Causes on Thursday, October 16th.

During our visit we talk about Ilene’s time on Ryan’s Hope, what it was like to work with Claire Labine and whether or not "The Powers That Be" at ABC are interested in giving a wink to fans by having her and former Ryan’s Hope co-star Ron Hale (General Hospital’s Mike Corbin) reunite on One Life to Live or General Hospital.

Ilene reveals why Roxie and Max Holden’s relationship was cut short and shares how she recently took Kristen Alderson (Starr, One Life to Live) to a Madonna concert. We discuss who Rex’s father might be and Ilene talks about how September 11th affected her acting career.

To buy tickets for Saturday’s ACME This Week CLICK HERE.

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  1. Profile photo of n69n

    thank you so much for this interview!!

    *LOVE* LOVE*LOVE Ilene!!!
    i grew up loving her on RYANS HOPE & now i love (& *APPRECIATE*!) her even more on OLTL!

    i was touched by her story & intentions regarding 911…because the character of ROXY honestly helped me through that time.

    i’d kept the tv off because i couldnt watch that footage anymore. but one day i turned it on & saw DELIA from RYANS HOPE! and she was scheming with DEEDEE from TALES IN THE CITY!!! but now they were on OLTL and called ROXY and ALLISON PERKINS!

    it was the first time since that day that i had laughed.

    i still remember their lines….

    ALLISON: did you call Triple A?
    ROXY: aw, no, I’m as sober a churchmouse!
    ALLISON: i said TRIPLE A, not AA, bird-brain!

    anyway, ROXY & ALLISON got me back into life, back to laughing & gave me enough hope to go back out & try again.

    …& here’s my illustration of ROXY!


  2. Profile photo of elbugten

    I won’t be able to make it down to NYC on November 1, but as somoene who has seen Ilene perform at the Triad before, I can highly recommend her show. She has a great rapport with the audience and writes many of her own songs. If you’re a fan of hers in NYC, do NOT miss this show! It’s a small intimate club, so it really feels like an evening with friends there.

  3. Profile photo of elbugten

    Ty ty ty for interviewing “The Madonna of Daytime”! ;) I LOVE Ilene. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is and I wish TPTB at OLTL would put her back on contract so that we could be treated to more Roxy in Llanview. She’s one of the best actresses in the medium and is terribly underappreciated by TPTB. I’d love to see her and Ron Hale paired together again, even if it was only a “Gee, you look familiar” moment as a wink to the fans. Great interview!

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