Bitchy Bangs in ABC Soaps In Depth

"Bitchy Bangs Shocks Gigi!"
is the One Life to Live headline in this week’s ABC Soaps In Depth. You can check it out on news stands or subscribe to ABC Soaps In Depth by visiting the magazine’s official website

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    Jamey Giddens

    They need to get that girl on contract STAT! She could be Amanda Woodward to Farah’s Alison! And by that I don’t mean Melissa will soon be forced to say her ABC’s while having her pupils dialated by state troopers.

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    Stop it, Jamey! You reprimanded me about MonaVie last night and now I must do the same to you. Leave Heather alone!

    And when did Gigi become so boring?


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ooooh Agim that is a question for the ages! I hope St. Peter doesn’t ask it before I can enter the Pearlie Gates or I might be in for trouble! Okay….hmm, I’d have to say yes, Melrose Place was better overall. Now let me explain. The first seaon of 90210 was not really a soap opera. It was a sort of hybrid soap/episodic. A lot of the stories were wrapped up in one episode and it was SO earnest ad "awe shucksy" with Brenda or Brandon learning twin lessons about the big, bad Beverly Hills each week, before a nice hot meal and a hug from mom and or dad. There were some great moments that first year, Brenda meeting Dylan for the first time, Kelly’s drugged out mom, but 90210 didn’t really become FIRE until season two. Even the doggone theme song improved!  Melrose Place had a similar hard time its first season out. They were trying to be too-Thirtysomething for Gen X’ers, in fact I remember the press even calling it "Twentysomething". The additiosn of Heather Locklear as Amanda,  Marcia Cross as Kimberly and Laura Leighton as Sydney is what transformed Melrose Place into a watercooler show. And it stayed that way almost until the end. 90210 sputtered out a lot sooner and stayed well past its prime. They were able to successfully replace Shannen with Tiffani Amber Thiessen as the delicious Val ( my fave 90210 character) and even added promising characters like Clare, but 90210 should have died when Jason and Tiff left the show. Those last seasons with Daniel Cosgrove, the Noah character (Dylan-lite) and Vanessa Marcil as the wannabe-Brenda-Val, were painful to watch. Melrose also started smelling up the joint near the end, even with Lisa Rinna, the red head from Savannah and Kelly Rutherford in cool roles, but Fox had the good sense to cut it’s lifespan short, while 90210 just kept going and going and going. Sometimes a show has simply ran its course and I’d rather see it go out on top than flounder.

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    Season1217 said, “I love it when she says “GIGI”.

    Yes, BB proves she truly is Dorian’s daughter by saying “Gigi” like Dorian says “Ah-Dray AH-na” and “La Boulaie”.

    Congrats Luke for coining the Bitchy Bang phrase. Maybe you can get it into the Oxford Old English Dictionary like Rachel Ray did with E.V.O.O. (for Extra Virgin Olive Oil) :)

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