Charles Shaughnessy is a Mad Man

Charles Shaughnessy is about to become a mad man.According to Nelson Branco’s latest Suds Report on TV Guide Canada, Days of Our Lives‘ ex-Shane Donovan has booked a role on Mad Men. Shaughnessy, who also starred on The Nanny, will apear on the October 26th episode.

Eat your hearts out Mad Men fans.

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    Anyone who saw the last episode, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Rudolf Martin have a brief appearance on the show. That was him holding the little girl in his arms at the pool, right?

    And Charles already made an appearance on the last episode already. He might be taking over Sterling Cooper.


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    Season1217 you are correct on both points. Rudolf was part of the jet set Dick was hanging out with and Charles appeared in the bar scene with Duck toward the end of the episode.

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    I don’t watch Mad Men, but just thought i would let you guys know it has been picked up for a third season, the creator/show runner is not contracted for a 3rd season, thou he is trying to make a deal which will also secure a 4th season.


    And you can discuss this news items, other news items and discuss all the primetime/daytime shows in the forums :)

    The discussion on the potential 4th season and what they show would be like with out Weiner as show runner is here

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    I can’t imagine Mad Men if not produced my Matt Weiner! The show is so much his vision.

    I, too, noticed Shaughnessy in last week’s episode. I guess if Sterling Cooper gets taken over, he could be on quite a bit next season, too. Mad Men is really the cream of the crop of television shows on right now, so I’m really happy for him that he’s on it, if even for a couple of epis.

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    It was great seeing him on tv again. I just want John Slattery back next season. I’ll say it, if Matt Weiner is off the show, it’s going down the tubs. He’s part of every aspect of that show. Listening to the dvd comentary for the first season, he’s even involved in the prop department. This is totasly his baby. AMC would be stupid to not agree, this is the buzz they want.

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