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Here’s the Scoop! 10.17.08

Sorry… it’s gonna be a short one today and I won’t be around much to comment. If you have questions, try to get them in early.

More Liason… you’ve all seen the pics in previous SPOILER posts, so you know there’s more Liason time coming today. Is that all we’ll get until the Scrubs Wedding? Possibly.

Sonny lays out his ultimatum to Jason. Jason says no way and Sonny takes up with the Z’s.

OH Carly… she lets Jax believe something is happening between her and Nikolas that’s not just business. Too bad it’s Nadine who falls for it. Carly in danger? That’s a RUMOR out there. While CarJax MAY not be patching things up, Jax still wants to help Carly and IF the RUMORS are true, she’ll need it.

Alexis believes Jerry and not Sam.
Even Lucky seems to have lost his trust in Sam. Does Jerry plant drugs in Sam’s apartment? Remember he sets her up and it’s not the photos already taken. Sam making a deal with the devil? Which one? There are too many to choose from.

Will Jerry die? We’ve been talking about the RUMORS of Sebastian Roche‘s exit all week. His leaving GH has been confirmed by SOD. The question now is will Jerry Jacks die? There are plenty of RUMORS out there regarding how Roche MAY be exiting. Some say Jerry will try to rape Sam. There are RUMBLINGS that Alexis MAY be the one killing him. Like I said, plenty of RUMORS out there about the demise of Jerry Jacks.

Scrubs Wedding… does Sonny bring a date? RUMORS say Claudia escorts Sonny to Robin’s wedding. Anthony thinks the new couple needs to be seen in public together. Jason is invited but will he attend? It APPEARS that Jason chooses to stay clear of Robin’s nuptials until Maxie talks him into going. I am still seeing TALK that Maxie outs the almost marriage RUMORED to happen between Claudia and Jason in front of Elizabeth. IF THIS HAPPENS… Jason will try to talk to Elizabeth but she’ll be busy with an in-labor Robin.

Cold Feet RUMORS premature? There were RUMBLINGS that Patrick gets a case of cold feet but is it something else that makes him late for his own wedding? The LATEST is that it’s a surgery that has the groom tied up. Who’s the patient? Anthony! Could it be Patrick that invites Olivia to the wedding?

So Sonny and Claudia the new couple? We’ll see how all this MOC crap plays out. What about Ric and that incredible chemistry Clic has? Ric’s not going to be happy with the latest developments. Is Ric once again losing out to Sonny? RUMORS say Clic MAY carry on as is and this MAY give Ric one up on Sonny.

LuSam separation… Lucky’s off on a Spencer Family Adventure but he’ll be back and RUMORS say when he returns he can’t find Sam.

RANDOM RUMORS… Jason’s life is in danger, what else is new? What will Elizabeth do? Will Ric help Alexis? When Lulu takes off on the family adventure, will Johnny follow? RUMORS say he does and he MAY make things worse. Lulu comes around long enough to help Maxie spring Spinelli.

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    Hey Regan, happy Friday! Have you heard anything on the character of Kate? With all this garbage going on with Sonny and the ridiculous MOC, where does Kate fit in? This storyline has me so frustrated. It’s amazing how the writers can’t seem to keep the fans happy. In any event, it was wonderful to see Liason yesterday. Can Spinelli be any cuter! LOL. That chess scene was hysterical.

    Hope you have a great day!

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    Regan, will there be the paint fight today? Are you still seeing the sexy sceens coming for Liason? Boy these writters really like to torture us, now we have to wait 2 more wks before we see them again? Hope Steve has good news tonight.

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    Have a great weekend Regan!

    “MOC Crap” is correct!! Funny how Guza has no problems putting a marriage together for 2 people that viewers could care less about!

    I’m loving my Liason moments. I DVR’d yesterdays episode so I can watch them together. Have you seen or heard anything additional about when the Jake secret will finally come out? I would like Jason to claim his son while he is still in diapers and before TPTB soras him!

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    Regan Cellura

    Paint Fight… I forgot about it. That one could have been an exaggerated RUMOR.

    No news on Jake but they do discuss him today.

    Kate… it’ll be angst for Skate but so far it seems in the end they’ll be together.

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    Thanks Regan! Hopefully Steve will have some great news tomorrow. I’ll report back with any and all info! (Although I might have runaway with him by then! LMAO!!! ROFL!!)

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    Liason was sooo GREAT yesterday Jason and Liz are so cute together GUZA is just playing with my heart strings right now…I was them together out in the open soo bad.
    Liason is love

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    Why do I have the sinking feeling that the Scrubs wedding is going to be all about Jason and Sonny? Oh yeah, because everything on this damn show is about them. I HATE that they will be there.

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    Regan Cellura

    Scrubs Wedding shouldn’t be all about Sason. Robin goes into labor, Patrick is late, there is some whacky stuff happening and then we get serious as RUMORS say Robin and/or baby have some sort of crisis. There are PRELIMINARY reports that Robin falls into a coma after giving birth and Patrick has a hard time dealing.

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    Regan Cellura

    Yes Yes Yes… we need all the scoop as soon as you peeps can give it to us. Remember to tell Steve GO BUCKS!

    I’m outta here folks. Have a great weekend. I may be back later but I make no promises.

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    Scrubs: I’m sorry they can’t have a conventional wedding, but then again, they’re not a conventional couple. Though I’d like them to enjoy a minute of happiness before the baby arrives, I’m glad she’s finally going into labor. She’s 10 months pregnant already, but hardly looks it. Meanwhile over on OLTL Starr, who got pg in April, a full 4 MONTHS after Robin, looks like she’s ready to drop triplets any minute!

    I’m also looking forward to the Spencer Family Adventure and anything Spixie are up to.

    Enjoy your weekend, Regan! You deserve some time off!

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    Thanks Regan!
    I really, really, really hope Kate is still endgame with Sonny. This is why I watch. I don’t like anything about this dark, revengeful, hate everyone, annoying, sleeze ball they are throwing on my screen right now. I ONLY like Sonny with Kate.

    I love Kate no matter what, MW rocks! She was rockin the red carpet at the latest charity Michael Fairman event. Unbelievable outfit, skinny jeans, cute top, fab shoes – doing her fashionista thing!

    I feel horrible for Liason fans. If they once again stall them – that is pure poop!

    SR another great actor with a lot of potential that Guza failed to take advantage of…

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    Thanks Regan for the spoilers. Yesterdays questions and answers were good, thanks for doing that for us. Ok, when you post on Monday morning, I will post and fill everyone in on what Steve and Brandon had to say tomorrow. Hopefully, they will give us something. MNV15, it seems we will be at the same show, I am at table 67 I believe, come over and say hello if you like, just call me Roe. Have a good liason day everyone!

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    Hey so just wanted to give you a heads up on the SOC interview with Guza. It basically says that Spixie are forever and he’s never pairing Maxie up with Matt.
    It was nice that he is being honest, but because of his honesty he just lost himself a viewer (or a few thousand).
    I know you’re a Spixie fan, so I thought you’d like to hear the news straight from the horses mouth.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I love Jason Cook, but he and Kiki were a supercouple on Days, not General Hospital. THis show already frustrates enough fans by not putting together the couples we want, i.e. Jason and Liz, I love Spinelli and Maxi, they are daytime’s answer to Summer and Cohen. I would much rather see Jason back on Days as Shawn where he would be used properly.

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    talk about playing with heart strings!!! I melted when Jason said he couldn’t help but watch her!!!! DAMN SONNY!!!! I SERIOUSLY HATE HIS GUTS NOW!!!LOL LIASON LOVIN!!! TO CUTE :)

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    I love Jason Cook, but he and Kiki were a supercouple on Days, not General Hospital. THis show already frustrates enough fans by not putting together the couples we want, i.e. Jason and Liz, I love Spinelli and Maxi, they are daytime’s answer to Summer and Cohen. I would much rather see Jason back on Days as Shawn where he would be used properly.
    I too love Maxi and Spinelli together. I was thinking that if they really wanted Jason Cook they should have waited and had him be Dante. I don’t like this grumpy doctor. He would be much better if he was clean shaven and the antithesis of Sonny. Sonny has anger management issues. I would love it if Dante turned out to be a sweet kid who cannot overlook the mob. A doctor works for me. A priest would be better. I am not aware of Summer and Cohen. Is that from Gossip Girl? I haven’t watched that yet.

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    What’s always bothered me about this new Jerry was that nobody ever talked about how he ditched Bobbie at the altar. In the year and a half since his return to Port Charles, nobody seems to have mentioned it and Bobbie hasn’t raked him over the coals for it…regardless of how Jerry’s sister in-law is the would-be daughter in-law he never had. WTF?

    So I’m editing this to say that I think Bobbie should kill him for jilting her at the alter nearly ten years ago.

  19. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Good grief, svexsal! That’s a long time to hold a grudge! LOL!

    You made me laugh on a really bad day!!! Thanks.

  20. Profile photo of roe0824

    That is so funny svexsal! I remember that Jerry and being with Bobbie. It’s true though, they could have brought them 2 together so we could have seen Bobbie. I hear Alexis’ might be leaving the show, that’s another rumor out there but if she’s the one that kills Jerry than it could be possible. Oh, my seat #76 I knew it was a big number so I will be sitting in the back of the show but afterwards, I still get to take a picture with Steve.

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    Regan, have a great weekend and by the way, thanks for all you do for us Liason crazys. Here is hoping we get some good stuff to talk about on Monday after the luky ones see Steve. Have fun girls, come back with every detail you can and share!!!!!!!

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    Regan, I just got home from my fan event. Have alot to say, not so much about GH, but alot of funny stuff. OMG I loved it, also as an added bonus Derk, (Max) was there. Excellent show, but get the vibe Steve is not sticking around, damn, damn, damn!!! Also, got the courage up to tell Steve Go Bucs!!

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