Luke Comes to 90210!

Luke is coming to 90210, but not quite how you’d expect. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, because The CW can’t get Luke Perry to appear on the new 90210 they have decided to create a character that fits the description of Dylan McKay and name the character "Luke."

Why do I feel a sudden case of LML doppelgangeritis setting in?

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    SHUT UP!!! Do they think if they do that, they will attack Luke Perry to the show? I think that would have the opposite effect! I think they need to have some more of the old gang back…Donna, Steve, etc!

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    hrfmom, you’re totally right. We want Dylan/Luke back, not a new character with the actor’s name.

    And 90210 does need more of its original cast back. Otherwise, it’s just an average old 90210 wannabe.

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    This new 90210 has done a great job trashing dylan mckay…the deadbeat dad. They have also trashed the Peach Pit…don’t we have enough starbuck type coffee places in the world? Why did they have to destroy that too?? I am still hoping that there will be a spark in this 90210 but I am still waiting…

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    Why didn’t they cancel this show already? The stories are bad! With Jessica Walter they let the best actress of this show go. The new kids aren’t working, because Adrianna is the frontburner of the show … nobody knows why … and the rest isn’t better. Brenda was on and had nothing to do, besides babysitting – Sammy and the school kids. So, why waste anymore time with that? It just sucks and the rating should tell. I mean, shouldn’t this show be THE star of the network?

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    What a disappointing and misleading headline. Shame on you, Daytime Confidential.

    I know… I was like, “OH WOW!! They got him to…..oh..” (as I was scrolling down) LOL

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