Smells Like Teen (Idol) Spirit

Ladies wanting to smell like Jesse McCartney are in luck. The ever-enterprising pop star/actor just added perfume developer to his growing list of side hustles. According to Women’s Wear, McCartney has signed with First American Brands, Inc. to develop Wanted, a fragrance aimed at women. With recent news of the teen dream also booking a part on ABC Family’s hit soap Greek and his CD Departure climbing the charts, this may prove to be the Year of McCartney. Sorry Ne-Yo.

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    yes it was for u season1217 btw what shows do u watch
    my list
    AMC usually, excited for tornado
    ATWT always, my fav at times without Peg
    B&B once in a while
    Days used to but now just check in Higley’s ruined it with her plot driven mess
    GH sometimes, loving Olivia, but am getting tired of Spinell’s shtick after 2 years, its getting old
    GL once in a while bc i feel bad for the show
    OLTL usually, loving it at times
    Y&R most times, watching for Sheffers stories

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    I pretty much watch them all but I must admit that I’ve been a little lackadaisical in my viewership of late. Between the new fall season of prime time shows and the loads of movies on my DVR and my Netflix videos that have been collecting dust and trying to structure my life so it seems like I’m an actual adult it’s been difficult to really watch. But I’m coming up w/ a plan as to how I can watch them all regularly and I want to have it implemented by November. So, yeah… excuse the blathering. You didn’t ask all that. Sorry.:)

    AMC – For a while the show was unbearable to watch but I’m going to watch what happens during the tornado. The promos looked like it will be interesting. Although, I’m not thrilled about the possibly of Bianca being impregnated by Zach’s sperm. I still hope that’s a rumor.

    ATWT – It has my favorites couples (Jack & Carly and Noah and Luke). I’m pretty indifferent to the other characters and couples on the other soaps.

    B&B – I haven’t checked on that show in a while. But I’m going to start seeing what’s up. The fact that the CBS soaps are on-line helps out a lot. Here that NBC and ABC!

    DAYS – Haven’t watched of late, yet, either, and many of the fans here don’t seem to encourage me to start. LOL! But I’ll check it out anyway.

    GH – It’s my absolute favorite. Well, it was. I really can’t make it through an episode. Although, some characters make it more easy than others. Although, of all the soaps it inspires my inner writer the most.

    GL – I’m rolling at your comment about the show. It does come off as tragic but I’ll watch an episode here and there just to see what going on.

    OLTL- It’s okay to me. With Viki back maybe the show will interest me more. Her and Charlie are a couple I can get behind.

    Y&R – Is getting interesting but, again, some characters just don’t do it for me. Pretty much w/ all the soaps, it’s the old school characters that I find more interesting than the young ins.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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