The Young and the Restless: Monday’s Preview

The Mustache vs. The Pert Hair Girl is about to heat up…

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    See this is the problem w/ Vail, she’s not believable as someone who can go up against Victor Newman or Nikki and Michael, for that matter.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    I am soo sick of Nikki, she thinks she can do whatever she wants and thier will be no conquences. Also Didn’t Victor Love Hope as much as he loved Sabrina, why didn’t Victor morne like this when Hope died???

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!

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    Friday 10/17/08 episode of Y&R was simply soap perfection. The entire structure of the show was the smaller s/l’s that fall under the umbrella of the main story, Victor’s disappearance and ultimately, the epic love story of Victor and Nikki.

    Nick and Phyllis’ marriage is crumbling because he is back interested in Sharon’s life having hired her as the spokeswoman of “Beauty of Nature” and there dealings with Noah that have brought them closer. While Nick is trying to keep things settled at Newman, Phyllis is basically running the magazine by herself. There is no outside drama or intruder homing in on their relationship. It is doomed by history, by jealousy, by the fact that their relationship began as an affair, not true love. While I think Nick and Phyllis had amazing chemistry at first, I always thought that Nick and Sharon were being prepped as the new generation Nikki/Victor; the next couple to lead the show into the future. We all know most affairs begin as sexual comfort and most of the time do not have last beyond an initial phase. Since the chemistry of Phick has been turned down, it is natural that Nick would be drawn back to Sharon, his first true love, a love that has survived many affairs and obstacles in the past. I am not sure how I want the story to conclude but I believe this is a realistic portrayal of what can happen when 2 people get together for the wrong reason. There is a man out there for Phyllis and I do not think she (or the writers) have yet to find her true soul mate.

    Meanwhile, Nikki’s elaborate set-up to fool the FBI in to thinking that Victor has gone to South America works on so many levels. First, it brings back the international locales that were always a part of Y&R. Plus, I love the relationship between Paul and Nikki. I think that while Victor is in mourning, something could and should develop between them. they are adults now, know each other extremely well and have a deep respect for the other. they are best friends. Nikki, though, is ultimately doing all of this for Victor, to save him from what he has done, to divert the authorities until she can get word to him. That is true love (which I think was the theme of the episode. The things and lengths one will go to for the person we deeply care about).

    Paul having helped Nikki while putting a crimp in his daughter’s investigation is yet another great plot point that not only serves the big story but gives the viewer a sense that the familial distance between them has not been decreased much even though she they are trying to rebuild their relationship. We are in for quite a confrontation between the two when Paul returns and Heather questions him about aiding Nikki. She wants to do her job and her own father is helping the criminal. Her being an assistant D.A. and he, a detective, organically will have them butting heads over this and I am sure many future investigations.

    Then we have Jack and Adam plotting Victor’s humiliation via the faux diary they are having forged. Jack was one of Adam’s mother’s closest friend and ally when she was married to Victor, of course to his gain but the relationship was genuine. I think the pairing of the two men is brilliant in that the link is naturally there for them to conspire together. They both have their own reasons for wanting to sully Victor’s name and destroy Victor’s business. Hearing Jack pretend to be Victor was chilling. He was invoking his own hatred towards Victor through Victor’s voice and supposed words. The writing and acting were especially superb during these scenes. Peter Bregman deserves an Emmy nomination for the rage and anger he gave Jack, building on all the years of rivalry and all the ways in which Jack has felt cheated by his admitted worst enemy.

    The cream of this delicious cake came at the end when it has been revealed that Victor is in France at the chateau he bought for Sabrina. he sat in the dark, brooding, drinking, thinking of what had been taken from him and this strong, powerful man has been depleted into a total state of emotional immobility. He wants nothing, no one, does not care about the family he left or the business he worked so hard to rise to the level of success it has achieved. Nick was finally told by JT and Viki about what their mother was up to and in typical Nick-fashion, was completely against the idea and angry to have been left out of it. While his children and ex-wife are back home trying to help him, keep Newman Enterprises afloat, Victor, sets the chateau on fire watching the flames lick up the drapery with a deep, bitter, sad glaze in his eyes and an operatic aria about doomed love plays in the background.

    For me, a traditionalist soap fan, this is what soap opera is. A grand, epic, gothic story that spreads across the canvas affecting many lives and relationships tested. I have to say a big “hallelujah!” to Ms. Bell and Sheffer for taking the David Chow and Sabrina crap that was started and turned it into gold, a masterpiece. The ripples of that fateful night of the car accident that killed those hated characters has now focused the show back on the core in the most organic, real way. Nikki and Victor are the lead couple of this show. They will always make their way back to each other. But it will be a slow and bumpy ride back, not an easy fix. This particular episode emphasized Y&R’s strengths as the best soap opera currently on air. While most of the other shows are doing outrageous, violent, ridiculous plot-driven last ditch efforts to raise their ratings to save the show, Y&R is back to character-driven, meaningful, slow set-ups and creating an atmosphere using their veteran actors but building the new generation up and taking their time in letting us get to know them. Y&R is by no means perfect but it is more like what a soap opera should be and not trying to be anything else.

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    thebest heather stevens is like a cancer victor newman cant shake first she accuses him of killing ji min and now pallin.Where she get her degree from a crackerjack box

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    I just tuned into Monday’s episode LIVE (to watch the final 30 mins with lunch) and it was fridays episode…..

    Was it just my affiliate or did this happen all around and if so WHY????

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