Daytime Confidential Top 20, September

Welcome to fifth edition of the Daytime Confidential’s Top 20 celebrity ranking. Each month we rank every current and former soap star, executive, and industry personality covered here at Daytime Confidential, based on your use of

No. 20: Raya Meddine – The Young and the Restless – (Down Thirteen)

Former Daytime Confidential Top 20 No. 1, Raya Meddine, suffered the second largest drop of any star on the list. Last month Meddine ranked No. 7 on the DC Top 20.

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    I think that Nelson Branco most certainly deserves a spot on this list. For my tastes, he is the most thorough, compelling, encyclopedia-of-daytime, soap journalist currently out there. I think he would make a perfect editor of either SOW or SOD and initiate a major change in the way that soap journalism works. His criticisms and analysis as well as backstage information would be well-served heading up one of the 2 major daytime publications. Less fluff and more substance. Last week’s SOW with the extra 30 pages of “the private lives of stars” was such a degrading descent into US Weekly territory. I would love for Nelson to bring back the multi-page summaries and a weekly critical essay on one of the soaps current state or a particular s/l that stands out or an investigative report on how the nestwork brass interferes with story and casting. Nelson accomplishes all of this in his 2 weekly columns. Imagine what he could do with an entire magzine devoted to the genre. I applaud his inclusion on this list and would love to see him take over as number 1.

    BUT, the DC Victoria Rowell podcast was possibly the best interview I have ever heard or read with a soap actor that went really deep into the inner workings of the show, positive and negative and all of the fabulous work she is doing while we fans wait breathlessly for her to return to Y&R or any soap at this point. I would even start watching GH again if they landed Ms. Rowell. Bravo to Luke and Jamey for the very enjoyable, hard-hitting, controversial conversation they had with her. It is definitely what daytime journalism needs more of. Actors willing to be so honest and the journalists brave enough to ask the questions that fans are dying to hear the answers to. This podcast succeeded on all of these levels and, I think, plays a big part in why she remains at the top despite not currently being employed by a daytime drama.

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    I’m just curious but what’s the criteria as to who gets selected for this list and the ranking. I have absolutely no problem with Victoria Rowell at #1. That was one of the best podcast interviews I’ve ever heard. I’ve also become quite a fan of Nelson Branco and enjoy all his visits to the podcast. In my opinion, he deserves to be #2 far more than some Steve Burton and #1 if it wasn’t for Victoria. Again, it’s Daytime Confidential’s list but what are the thought processes involved in putting this list together? Some of these selections don’t make a lot of sense to me, especially considering the comments heard on the podcast about some of the characters these people play.

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    I love the fact that although it’s been nearly a year and half since she was unjustly fired, fans are still talking about Adrianne Leon. So glad to see that she’s still in the minds of fans!

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    Agreed! I think by now TPTB must know that they made a huge error in firing Adrianne Leon. The recast is just not working at all and she needs to go. She’s so awful, they can’t even give her a storyline; she’s just an intruder in other characters’ storylines – completely unnecessary.

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