Justin Bruening’s Knight Rider Picked Up!

Holy Knight Rider, K.I.T.T.! Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Justin Bruening’s Knight Rider has been picked up for a full season by NBC.

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    Awesome Justin, Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have to add this :
    Babe is one of the best characters on AMC and everyone I know who watches it thinks so. You Babe haters wouldn’t know a good storyline if it hit you right smack in the face. There are so many boring characters on AMC why not get rid of one of them not Babe. The first Babe was awesome and I didn’t want to watch anymore after she left but I did anyway and the second one has done an excellent job playing Babe Carey.
    AMC will lose a lot of YOUNG VIEWERS if Babe ‘s character dies…..
    I don’t care how many new great writers they hire…..

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    Thank you, petitejolie. I’ve been saying that for weeks now. NBC must really be desperate to hold on to this piece of crap.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    My problem w/ Babe was never who her portrayer was but just the character itself. This show did nothing to redeem her. If the writers had taken the time to write her properly it would have went a long way in changing one’s perspective.

    This character never went through anything where she had to look at herself and her past actions, even the ones she committed before coming to Pine Valley. They tried to make JR her punishment by having him be mean to her, try and kill her, and just plain ignore her but all that did was make me resent the writers for trying to manipulate me into feeling sympathy for her. My Babe loathing is not just the fact that she allowed her “best friend” to think that her child was dead and the masochistic games she played w/ Bianca, like bringing the woman’s own daughter to the Miranda Center dedication, etc., but also that this show had people turn against each other for her, brother against brother, son against father.

    Jamie, not respecting his brother’s marriage to a woman he only slept with once. Tad and Jamie, both, allowing JR to think his son was dead. All because of Babe. Tad, Jamie and JR were family. Tad practically raised JR and Jamie and him were closer than blood brothers but as soon as the tramp came to town all that flew out the window. And I’m supposed to feel sympathy for her? I don’t think so… Homey, don’t play that!

    They, also, had characters commit felonies to make her crimes look like misdemeanors, a technique that GH continually perfects. And her righteous indignation at people who basically, more or less, did the same things she did is … I can’t even find the words for it. I’ve always felt the writers wanted us to like a character that they never respected, at least, not enough to redeem her properly.

    And I think there are more treasured and storied characters in the show’s history that are more missed than Babe ever will be. Letting Brooke go and killing Dixie, Edmund, etc. are far greater offenses than getting rid up a character like Babe.


    //**It’s the writing, stupid!**\\

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    Jamey Giddens

    Spotted: Alexa Havins on Rodeo Drive swinging shopping bags, humming and telling a homeless person, "Now I don’t have to worry about them killing my character back in Tornado Valley!"

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    Jamey Giddens

    Alexa to the Homeless Man: Network execs are even more stupid than Megan McTavish! But I ain’t mad at ‘em! $22,000 a week, CHA-CHING bitches!"
                         (hold her hand up to slap the Homeless Man Hi-Five. He just stares at her.)

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