Yay! He Shaved… and Other GH Spoiler Pics!

Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) shaved! Take a look at some of the latest SPOILER Pics from General Hospital!

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    He shaved! He shaved!!!! I’m actually more excited about that then the JaSam stuff! YAY :)

    I hope they burned and buried that disgusting creature that was attached to cute little JC’s face! :)

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    The black leather jackets make me chuckle…maybe if Jason was sporting some leather chaps in a bedroom scene. Just a thought!

    Did anybody see Project Runway this year…the all black outfits look like they were created by Stella. I hope sam is not running in this scene because it looks like she may trip over her too long pants. Don’t get me wrong…I like Sam.

    Thanks Regan! I always like to have eye candy pictures while I am at work. Makes my dreery work day seem better!

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    Geez, at least with the beard JC looked like he belonged at the Adult Table at Thanksgiving. Now, all hope is lost.

    And Lulu instantly becomes 12,000 times more tolerable when surrounded by her brothers, but even then it’s a gamble as to whether I can listen to her.

    And an explosion on GH??? There’s that creative team working overtime! Maybe they’ll have a pointless murder, too!

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    Is the writing staff getting creative?

    Maybe Jason and Liz will talk about how dangerous his life is and Carly can interrupt them. Sam will take her clothes off and Sonny can throw some barware.

    Fresh ideas!

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    Maybe if we’re lucky Robin and Patrick will be the bickersons again and she’ll talk about how fat she’s getting…Hey I know, what if we all drink when Carly interrupts ANYONE?? We’ll be drunk in no time. :)

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    Guza can try to pull all the crap he wants…It’s over.

    I won’t believe it til he’s actually packing his bags…or at least til we hear official word. I think it’s too much to hope for that he’ll be gone (after sweeps) if at all. I’m tellin’ ya, if Steve doesn’t resign I’m so outta there. I used to be the hugest Ingo fan, but even his (still) being around can’t keep me tuned in.

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