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Here’s the Scoop! 10.22.08

LooLoo Lulu is back to being onscreen all the time. Spixie spy Trevor at Shadybrook and think he’s behind the blackmail notes. He’s not. It’s Scotty who blackmails Laura into leaving town with him. What’s Trevor doing at Shadybrook though?

Scotty and Laura… it looks like Scotty takes Laura back to where they honeymooned. Hollywood! Location shoot? Not sure. The Spencer Family Adventure to find Laura begins. Popping up in the mags soon…Scotty and Laura exit on November 10th. Will it be together or are both characters just checking out on the same day? Again, not sure. There were RUMBLINGS that Genie Francis will return once again and that when she does it’ll be a longer stint.

Trevor Lansing… is he a Sweeps death? They haven’t used him much and like I mentioned earlier, he’s popping up at Shadybrook. OLD RUMORS had said it would be revealed that Johnny is his son. Those seem to be popping up again with Trevor revealing the truth right before he dies. Who’s he making his death bed confession to? RUMORS say it’s Johnny and Ric. Hmmm… so that would mean Ric has two brothers that hate him.

Of course those other OLD RUMORS pop back up with the Trevor is Johnny’s father crap. Johnny teaming up with Jason is out there once again as well as Jason’s secret son. Why oh why must we have all these secret sons running all over town? Keep your salt boulders handy as this MAY be Fanfic. RUMORS say that Johnny turns to Lulu with the news that he’s not really a Zacchara and Lulu spills the beans about Jake.

JaSam stuff… they will be on the docks together. An explosion and a shootout. Sam will also be at Jason’s penthouse. It’s their time at the penthouse that has them talking about the daughter Sam lost. She’ll go to visit her grave. Will Sam also fill Jason in on her "undercover investigation?" Sorry, that was dumb yesterday. It looks like Sam will be telling Jason all she knows about Karpov and his dealings.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Nadine knocked up? That was fast. What goes along with this is that there were RUMBLINGS that Nadine would get some family brought to Port Chuck. There is some TALK that Kate MAY not be around much longer.

Be sure to check the comments… I answered some questions yesterday.

Shocker right? Something is blowing up on GH in the month of November. I have always said though that Guza does Sweeps like no other. I’m hoping it still holds true.

Is Guza a fan of the fans? IMO, I don’t think Guza is a fan of GH. If he was, we’d see it more in the writing but that’s just my two cents. You all know I am not 100% against the mob… how can I be when Jason is my #1? BUT as a fan of this show, I know what’s lacking, apparently there are still those who don’t.

Scrubs Wedding… I’m sort of dreading it myself simply because I really have been enjoying Robin and Patrick more lately. No bickering over the same thing over and over again. They’re actually happy and BOY OH BOY isn’t that a novel concept on General Hospital. When is a couple ever really happy? Here comes the part where I dread it… that happiness is all coming to an end. Scrubs SHOULD still be solid but we have their wedding interruptus and then the delivery and all the aftermath. I’M OVER IT. Let someone on this show deliver their baby the normal way… family & friends anxiously awaiting the arrival, mommy & daddy in bliss. How about you let a couple be happy for more than four seconds? Please!

Which brings me to Liason… do I think the fans should give up hope? HELL NO but I wouldn’t be shocked if you all walked away. All I can tell you is there are RUMBLINGS that Sweeps has not been SPOILED correctly and things have been adjusted. One of these RUMORS says that Elizabeth’s role in Sweeps is still hush hush.

Other news…. Maurice’s contract may be a done deal.

MORE SCOOP… Claudia, Olivia and Kate all in one room together. The Doctors Drake … well Drake and Hunter operate on ZaCrazy. Spencer Family Adventure… private plane. Does Nikolas have a jet?

Who said Spixie isn’t a part of Sweeps? I haven’t seen much about them during Sweeps but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a part. Most of PC SHOULD be affected by the explosions. Robin’s medical stuff will definitely have Maxie’s involvement and there SHOULD be some scenes with Spixie at GH.

IF certain RUMBLINGS are correct… Sweeps has not been fully SPOILED and some say not correctly SPOILED. Elizabeth will have a part of Sweeps… to what extent? I’m not sure but don’t be surprised if her involvement is more towards the end. There are RUMORS that Jason is frantic over the woman he loves and someone compared it to one of my favorite Liason memories.

CALL IN… WRITE A LETTER… but as I mentioned yesterday, be adult about it. Mature, well spoken fans get noticed.

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  1. Profile photo of sb_fan

    I’m looking forward to sweeps. Guza better not disappoint. I totally agree with you about scrubs, we like drama but for goodness sake, let’s see one baby born without stress.
    sorry Regan, It wouldn’t be GH if we didn’t have secret sons running over
    I’m liking the Jasam story..before Liason fans eat me up, I’m not saying I want them back (I happen to be a big fan of Lusam), but it’s just nice that they at least get to talk, I mean they did have a 2 year relationship and they shared a lot of history, so it’s only fair that they should at least get some screentime together every once in a while.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I really love the Idea that Jhonny will teaming up with Jason….
    they could be a good team!!!
    About him being Ric’s brother, that will be so funny…….
    I really want that the secret of Jake will come out!!!1

  3. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan, thanks. so how much salt should i keep handy about megan ward leaving? i just don’t believe anything the actors say anymore. didn’t maurice swear he was all about skate and that’s why he’s probably stay? and now the rumors resurface that she’s leaving. sonny’s alleged marriage to claudia and olivia’s (dumb) son make me very concerned about kate’s stay in port charles.

    that coupled with sb’s comments about jason and liz, when he swore he didn’t want children for jason and now he’s all about a big happy family with her. aagghhh my head may explode!

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well you should always have salt nearby… just in case. I keep a salt shaker on my desk at all times and I’m not kidding.

    As for Kate and Megan Ward… there was some talk that she wouldn’t make it after getting shot. At that time, I figured no way…. she’s not going anywhere. Lately there has been talk of people leaving. We know Sebastian is, there’s a RUMORED death which MAY be Trevor and TALK that Kate will leave PC. Sonny is not walking away from the Mob and Kate can’t be with him if he goes back. Plus, he’s marrying Claudia. Just how much is she supposed to take. The RUMORS suggesting her departure have Kate heading back to NYC. I’m not 100% convinced that she’s gone. BUT if you’re a fan, I suggest calling or writing in.

    Remember, there are also RUMORS out there about Kate and Jax.

  5. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    There are RUMORS that Jason is frantic over the woman he loves and someone compared it to one of my favorite Liason memories. Just a question, what moment? Anymore on that?

  6. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan, I came to the conclusion that TPTB should watch Nightshift2 and fire Guza and bring on their writters. I watched the show last night and for those who did not cazgirl has it on youtube it was so good that I am going to miss not watching every week. Nightshift is what GH use to be all about. Ok, I don’t mind the mob too much but it shouldn’t take over the whole show. Guza starts a story and doesn’t end it before he starts a new story. Big deal, we have bombs going off, do we need that for sweeps? Haven’t we had enough? Sweeps should have been Robin/Patrick’s wedding.Remember Luke/Laura’s it was bigger than Princess Diane’s that year. Sweeps shouldn’t be about bloodshed all the time, we had the metro court explosion, death, we had the black/white ball, death, now we have the explosions for this years sweeps and more death, come on, give us some romance, give us some laughter. Here’s hoping that Luke/Laura adventure is good but I am not counting on it. Also, if he doesn’t give us our Liason by the end of this year, I will be writting letters(nice ones) every week to all TPTB. Sorry for venting Regan but I love GH, have been watching it since I was alittle girl and my dad, he has watched it from the very first show and he stopped watching it now. I miss those good shows and after seeing Nightshift last night I miss them more.

  7. Profile photo of season1217

    “Remember, there are also RUMORS out there about Kate and Jax.”


    I’ve never been much of a Jax fan but stop giving this man Sonny’s leftovers. Don’t put them together only to have her never stop loving Sonny and Jax is only second best.

    Megan should have come on as Miranda, one of only a few women not soiled by Sonny. Megan is another one that could go to Y&R. There are too many classy women on this show who are being destroyed.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  8. Profile photo of roe0824

    crazy4gh,I know Jason went nutso when Liz was kidnapped and he just got her out of that locked room before the building/masoleum I believe it was exploded. Sonny was there too.

  9. Profile photo of lene91

    I will go CRY in a corner if Nadine is pregnant. How long has she and Nikolas even been together? or are have they even been together?

    Nikolas and Emily were together for 4 freaking years, and us Nik/Em fans CALLED and WROTE to GH about NikE having a baby! But we got nothing.

    I’ll go cry now….. : (

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yep Liz’s kidnapping is exactly what I was referring too… now that doesn’t mean she’ll be kidnapped the comparison to how Jason is SUPPOSED to act this Sweeps to how he acted when she was kidnapped back then was made. Remember he asked Edward and Taggert for help.

    Sri Rao… in one of the interviews he gave recently he said daytime tv is too fast for him so either he was blowing smoke or he really has no interest in coming to GH.

    Kate and Jax… yeah Jax gets all of Sonny’s castoffs, it’s annoying. But will Ingo stay past December? Remember he’s on an extension until the holiday break.

  11. Profile photo of season1217

    “I will go CRY in a corner if Nadine is pregnant.”


    ROTFL!:D I know BigDede must have punched her fist through a wall at the very mention of that rumor!


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    MORE SCOOP! I mentioned awhile ago that Laura finds out about the latest Mrs. Spencer. Guess who tells her?! Scotty!

    OH LORD PLEASE DON’T DO IT… Sonny and Carly? That’s out there and don’t forget that fall promo included them. BTW… IT seems a lot of fans are very upset with that very misleading Fall Promo. Anyone care to chime in?

  13. Profile photo of Beth

    I will go CRY in a corner if Nadine is pregnant. How long has she and Nikolas even been together? or are have they even been together?

    Nikolas and Emily were together for 4 freaking years, and us Nik/Em fans CALLED and WROTE to GH about NikE having a baby! But we got nothing.

    I’ll go cry now….. : (

    What she said! If that idiot ends up with a baby while Emily never even had a pregnancy SCARE, I’m going to strangle her with her own puppets!

    Lene, do you have any extra tissues?

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    I absolutely see Guza putting Sonny and Carly back together. And if he does, I would say that’s more of a tragedy than any character’s death on this show.

    I’m not a Liason fanatic but it would just be plain dumb to put Sonny and Carly back together and leave Liason hanging in the wind. I’d take them over Carson any day of the week!


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  15. Profile photo of Beth

    BTW… IT seems a lot of fans are very upset with that very misleading Fall Promo. Anyone care to chime in?

    *shrugs* Looked like typical GH and ABCD bait and switch, not unlike the “Would you die for love?” campaign last November sweeps. I’m so used to my promo expectations not being met at this point, I’m pretty indifferent to it. Given the teeny tiny amount of love we actually see on the show, did anyone really expect anything different?

  16. Profile photo of hrycko48

    I find it hilarious that they are actually advertising couples with the promo. Besides Robin and Patrick (which only really happened, what, last week?) Is there a happy couple on this show?

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m liking the Jasam story..before Liason fans eat me up, I’m not saying I want them back (I happen to be a big fan of Lusam), but it’s just nice that they at least get to talk, I mean they did have a 2 year relationship and they shared a lot of history, so it’s only fair that they should at least get some screentime together every once in a while.

    Thank you for that sb_fan!!
    Okay, my two cents: In defense of Guza (can’t believe I’m saying that) I think he *tries* to do right by the show, but just fails miserably. You know, I don’t like the fact that GH is a Mob Show, but in his mind and apparently in the minds of TPTB, they think it makes the show exciting. And considering that the show is usually closer to the top of the ratings than the bottom, I think *they* feel that proves them right.

    And as for Liason, I suspect that Guza thinks he’s doing their “love” story old-school style. Keeping them apart, “yearning” for each other, for what seems like forever. That’s really how they did it back in the day, and I think that’s what he’s going for. Personally, I think he’s doing it all wrong, but I’m guessing that that’s his intention.

    Don’t get me wrong, imo, the show is lousy (I stopped watching a few weeks ago), but I guess I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s Guza’s intention to flush the show down the toilet. I think he’s just incredibly misguided and at the *very least* needs a partner who will balance him out.

  18. Profile photo of season1217

    I agree, Daisy but at the same time I do feel that Guza shows blatant disrespect for the viewers and the characters of this show.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  19. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh I know he does Season, I *know*! And don’t even get me started on the rampant misogyny on the show — which I find totally repulsive. Believe me, I’m not a Guza fan – not by a long shot. But I think he tries – and Fails Big Time.

  20. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I am upset about misleading fans about this fall, while recognizing the fall is not over. There has been no movement for Jason or Elizabeth and the same for Spinelli and Maxi. The promo misled us by promising romance. Where is the romance?

    Any time that Liason is together it has no impact on the rest of the show and Sonny or Carly or someone else interupts. Spixie will be the same if TPTB fail to anchor it in something other than silly skits. Are Lucky and Sam evolving as individuals or as a couple?

    More importantly, the writing is weak and fluff. How can you act when you are only given bad writing? That is most of the problem. KS can act, give her some material that lets her practice her craft. Remember BH during the Metro Court Sweeps or Jake’s kidnapping, it is all filler for her now. Even Robin and Patrick have 10 filler scenes for every meaningful one.

    It seems that the only actor/character getting a story regularly since the new year has been MB/Sonny. The aftermath of Michael’s shooting remains the strongest writing of the year.

    The fall promised progress in that promo and not one thing has changed or even changed since Claudia showed up.

    I think TPTB need to make some changes about the writing, not necessarily about the mob. The promo was a way of TPTB to take the heat off the writers who have not developed consistent and engaging stories for the actors and actresses they have. Add a Claudia, add a Olivia or a Dante and it is another distraction from the fact that you can’t figure out a way to develop Maxi, or Elizabeth, or Jason, or Sam or Lucky beyond their limitations.

    There are plenty of fanfiction authors that are finding that way. Hire them. Even the footage used for the promo was old footage, GH needs to do sweeps well, either that or it will just tire some of us out.

    I like many fans love GH and watch it to be entertained. I want to be invested in the storylines. TPTB are taking advantage of the loyalty of their fans who keep waiting for the real GH to appear on their screens.

  21. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT





  22. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t hate Guza, even though I have said that I do a few times. LOL! It’s just when I see the characters that I once loved being written the way they are now… it frustrates me. I look at YouTube clips of Sonny, Lucky, Jason, Robin, etc. and I say to myself, WHAT HAPPENED?!

    I can see Guza thinking that keeping Liason apart is some romantic kind of storytelling but, like you said, it’s coming off all wrong. Many soaps have kept couples apart for years and years but have done it way better than the way Guza is doing it. Also, fans of soaps now a days tend to have ADD and w/ the advent of DVR and on-demand they want things done their way.

    Look at the Jake s/l and then look at a show like Y&R where it took years before anyone found out the truth about Lily being Malcolm’s, heck, John never know Ashley wasn’t his biological daughter. I don’t want Guza fired. He just need someone else to work along side him. I think a lot of things that people have problems w/ about Guza is nothing new to daytime. I mean everyone complains about the Quartermaines being whittled down but where are the Hardy’s, they were the true core family of GH. Hell, the messiah, Gloria Monty wanted to get rid of them in favor of the Eckerts, I believe. She also veered more toward action s/l’s and away from the hospital.

    The mob has had a place on GH for over 20 years. Guza just needs to add the word balance to his vocabulary and make the necessary changes to keep this show more than just afloat.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  23. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regarding jason and liz. i think guza thinks if he keeps them apart long enough they will have more supporters because people will forget how they got together. i for one was not entirely put off with their scenes at the loft. it is place with history and connection for them. they were having fun instead of all angst and bs. however, i remembered that jason never wanted to be with her even after he learned about jake. i remembered how for some dumb reason, he stopped trusting sam (pre baby-snatch). how he repeatedly told liz he wasn’t interested because he loved sam. i thought about how liz lied and manipulated without consulting anyone. i remember how she ran after lucky when he’s walked away, instead of being by herself. i remember how completely ruined all the terrible four were with lies and going against their characteristics. so after a minute of seeing how people might like liz and jason, even though i’ve never been a fan, i remembered why i will never like them. what could have been a slow burn steady love built on friendship story, it was ruined with the road taken to get them there and i don’t buy it.

  24. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey blackjack!! You bring up a great point – The Quad From H*ll could have been an *amazing* story. It was rooted in history, it involved 4 very popular characters/actors, and it was an opportunity for some great ripple-effect storytelling (because when you think about it, this is a story that could have effected almost everyone on the show). But Guza ruined it. IMO, it turned out to be one of the worst stories I’ve seen in a long time :(

  25. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    “however, i remembered that jason never wanted to be with her even after he learned about jake. i remembered how for some dumb reason, he stopped trusting sam (pre baby-snatch). how he repeatedly told liz he wasn’t interested because he loved sam. ”

  26. Profile photo of season1217

    That’s true, blackjack. Many characters on this show are being written uncharacteristically to suit Guza’s purpose. There seems to be no motivation that makes sense or truly explains the behavior of most of these people. They come off looking absolutely horrendous instead of sympathic.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  27. Profile photo of melanie

    This is my first post but I’ve enjoyed the column for some time now. Is it possible that Nadine’s maybe pregnancy could be a WTD story? Remember the rumblings about a rape storyline – could Jerry have raped her while she was drugged? Another Jax vs. Cassidine baby story perhaps?

  28. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    OMG my heart immediately sunk when I read the rumor about Kate. Seriously Megan is the ONLY reason I keep watching this God foresaken show. I have written many letters and will continue to for what thats worth. But, then my very next thought was if she is gone I’ll be FREE of all of this – I wouldn’t watch another minute, I wouldn’t buy another rag, I wouldn’t post another message, I wouldn’t send another letter, make another call. I would be free… and I would just look forward to supporting her in any and all ventures she would pursue outside of GH. But hopefully this is all false.

    Good for Sebastian – he has bigger and better things ahead of him!
    MW Kate Howard Rocks!

  29. Profile photo of liason4real

    “however, i remembered that jason never wanted to be with her even after he learned about jake. i remembered how for some dumb reason, he stopped trusting sam (pre baby-snatch). how he repeatedly told liz he wasn’t interested because he loved sam. ”

    Marriage proposal #1, Liz said NO because of Lucky and Sam. Marriage proposal #2 (in the elevator), Liz in love with Jason said NO, because of Lucky and Sam. Jason wanted to marry Liz not once but twice, and she still said NO way, due to Sam and Lucky. While in the hospital, Cruz told Liz that Lucky was suicidal when he went after Mr. Craig without a gun, and then Luke showed up and did his usual song and dance about him and Laura and her ability to forgive him. Liz thought Lucky was heading back toward pills after his face-off with Mr. Craig and let’s face it, Lucky was really manipulating Liz while she was in the hospital. Was Jason in love with Sam? Yes. As usual, Liz thought she should jump on her sword and save Lucky. As Amelia stated while Jason was in jail, there is an underlying love between Liz and Jason, throw in baby Jake and Sam did not stand a chance, hence, Jake’s kidnapping and hiring men to terrorize Liz and her children.

  30. Profile photo of roe0824

    Well, I read all your comments and it seems that everyone not just me is annoyed with this show. With regard to Sonny/Carly Regan, I thought I read it someplace and you can correct me if I am wrong, didn’t Maurice say that he wanted to only be paired with Megan Ward and he didn’t want Sonny to go back with Carly? Also Sonny being with Claudia is practically being with the original Carly which is so stupid in my opinion. I kind of like Nik/Nadine I think someone like her is a change for Nik. We had Emily all these years and we could use someone different. I don’t think Laura will be upset with Luke, she knew he was going to get on with his life but she might be upset when she finds out it’s Tracy. If Genie stayed, I am sure although with this show who knows, that Luke would go back to Laura. I am still holding out some sort of hope that after sweeps and he got the mob and bombs out of his system that Guza will give us some romance. If Jason doesn’t spend another Christmas with Elizabeth and his son(s) I will be so pissed

  31. Profile photo of COCOA

    The show is pretty much putting me to sleep these days.
    I am looking forward to seeing Luke and Laura together again.
    Oh, I hope the”rumblings” about Genie Francis coming back for a longer stay are true.
    IMHO this show needs her badly.
    I’m also looking forward to the Scrubs Baby.. but not expecting them to be happy for long at all.

  32. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Thanks Regan for temporarily talking me off the ledge. I know these are just RUMORS regarding MW but the very idea just makes my blood boil!
    The idea of MB getting his big fat contract and all this time hearing how he wants SKate blah blah blah. You know, GH got one thing right about Italians, we are very superstitious but we are also very LOYAL. And this all just leaves me with a very uncool feeling.
    For now I’ll wait and see how things play out before making any further judgements.

  33. Profile photo of season1217

    I think it needs to be clear that just because an actor wants something for his character doesn’t mean that he’s going to get it. Yes, the actor should have some input into what happens w/ his character since they are the ones living in the characters skin but overall it should be and is the writers decision, along w/ a few others, as to what happens.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  34. Profile photo of BigDede

    Nadine is pregnant! WTHeck. Seriously if that thing turns up pregnant, I will pull out my eyebrow hairs. I know Nik got Courtney pregnant even though she jumped in cold water and couldn’t have kids anymore so his sperm is Bionic but Nadine?

    Is Nadine going to give birth to a Cabbage Patch Doll? When is Spencer or Helena gonna kill her:(

    And to whomever said maybe Jerry raped her, Jerry maybe a terrorist but I don’t think he would terrorize PC by getting Nadine pregnant. I think he would rather jump out a window, head first.

    If they continue taking away all of Kate’s self pride, they might as well kill her off. Maybe another one of Sonny’s children can shoot her in the head. Morgan…..

    Sick of Liason. Seriously. If Claudia marries Sonny or Jason, Guza really has lost his marbles. Trevor being Johnny’s dad is horrible only because I don’t want to see whiny Johnny or his crazy child bride Loo Loo on screen complaining about Trevor and Ric.

  35. Profile photo of isa

    blackjack21 – ITO with your views on Liason. I am so for JASAM. I’m new at this and looks like way behind, but thought I’d add my two cents.

  36. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Robin may be in a coma… it’s been out there and there is definitely a medical crisis. It also looks like Patrick has to figure out the father thing on his own. Olivia may be giving him more advice.

  37. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Thanks roe, I do remember that, wasn’t that right before they destroyed Liason with Liz sleeping with Zander and then the whole Courtney crap? Guess I blocked it out of my memory because I hated it so much (lol).

  38. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Ok, I will say this much for TPTB, they know just how to grab people who do they lead the Fall Promo with “LIASON” and the promise of new beginnings. We have only seen them a few times in 2 months, what is the deal with these idiots, an actor like SB can would maybe stick around given the right storyline, it is very clear he enjoys working with Becky and wants the Liason story, why not do it. Oh, it must just be me, how silly I guess to think we would get what we are promised, time after time, after time. PAY UP!!!!

  39. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Agree. I appreciate your respectful and thoughtful posts.
    I’m just saying I’m feeling a little/lot deceived by GH these days and imo that is not how you want to leave your audience.

    MW Kate Howard Rocks!

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