Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Here we go again with the Primetime Spoiler Round-up. Remember to comment away with questions and requests for your favorite Primetime show to get a little Spoiler love.

Grey’s Anatomy: There were a few of you asking about the new doctor. When will he be back? Dr. Major McHottie SHOULD be making a brief appearance this week and then next week Major McHottie checks in to Seattle Grace. Melissa George is also checking in as the new bisexual intern. Look for her mid-November. Sad Stuff… they are casting a young boy around 10-years-old who in an upcoming episode is knocking on death’s door. This character COULD be around for a few episodes while the story plays out. Counseling session? Not Meredith, although I do love her scenes with the therapist. But this time it’s Callie getting the counseling and her therapist is Dr. Sloane so we all know what that means… Callie is getting a little McSteamy lesson on how to treat a woman in bed. Hopefully they’ve given that little treat some much deserved screentime. McSteamy needs a good storyline STAT! Oh and I must say while I was not a fan of the flood, last week’s episode was great!

Private Practice: The Grey’s spin-off got the back nine order from ABC. I’m happy, I’m a fan although this season needs to be spiced up a bit. I like that we’re seeing the business side of the Practice but I tune in for the drama, not the accounting. Addison will try to make heads or tails of the books but she’s a doctor not a CPA. More Surgeon Addison? Looks like that’s a possibility as Charlotte wants Addy to join the hospital staff and scrub in. Here’s some drama… Grant Show (Melrose Place, Swingtown) has been cast as Addison’s brother. I’m sure this hottie will catch a few of the ladies’ attention. Show will show up late next month.

90210: Another re-run week, another light on the SCOOP week. Ethan and Annie hooking up is not working for Naomi. Good thing Annie’s Sweet 16 is just around the corner. Naomi can ruin it for her.

One Tree Hill: Is Peyton preggers? I’m hearing another Scott baby is coming. Chad Michael Murray has still not signed on the 7th season dotted line but I do hear that the episode he penned is fantastic. Tune in on November 17th. Will Brooke get a little lovin’? Austin Nichols (Friday Night Lights) will play the movie producer I told you all about and he MAY take an interest in Ms. Davis. Ghostly storyline? Q, the b-baller who was tragically killed, is said to be appearing on an upcoming episode.

BONES: Still on hiatus, still not much to dish on. Brennan is sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g…. and it’s not Booth.

Privileged: I know we have a few fans of this CW show. You’ll be happy to know that more scripts have been ordered. Megan’s getting a shock or two. She’ll learn of a secret from Laurel’s past.

CSI: It’s a favorite of my girl Tina so I checked in with her on what SCOOP she could dig up. The November 16th episode features a single from the band Linkin Park. According to T, the whole episode was built around this song "Leave Out All the Rest." She also told me that Dominatrix Lady Heather is making her return.

Fringe: Love it Love it Love it! That being said, I was podcasting last night so I still need to watch the latest episode. What’s coming up? Olivia may be heading overseas to investigate something. Will there be a romance for Olivia and Peter. It seems so but it’ll be later on as romance isn’t the focus of the show. Plus we have more of Peter’s past coming and Olivia’s last man hasn’t left yet.

Gossip Girl GOSSIP: Saving the best for last? Perhaps as Gossip Girl is engaging in a classic Sweeps style event. A death! Who’s dying? Some thought Vanessa but my money’s on Bart Bass. Think of the storyline possibilities. Chuck with no father, would Lily take him in? What about Lily and Rufus? Wouldn’t Bart’s death finally clear the way for the one-time lovers to reunite? Not to mention how Lily and Rufus would affect Dan and Serena. Oh the possibilities. BUT, that’s not even the most shocking news. There’s a Nate and Jenny hook-up coming and IF the RUMORS are true, Jenny MAY find herself with a Nate Jr. on the way. OMFG would they really knock up Jenny? Little Miss Fashionista will have quite the story coming up as she takes on Eleanor as well.

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  1. Profile photo of season1217

    He’s probably one of the best things on that show. He has chemistry w/ everyone. His smile lights up the whole DAMN screen. Now, that’s a man I want on daytime! Can you imagine him on GH… being written right, of course. But, I digress.

    He and Bailey should have more screen time together, they’re hilarious. I’m, also, starting to like him and Lexie together more than her w/ George. I felt bad when he didn’t come back to her after wanting to tell everyone about him passing his test. She went to the bar and he was already there w/ everyone. George always seems to be clueless and hurt the ones that love him. He did it w/ Callie and now he’s doing it w/ Lexie.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  2. Profile photo of hrfmom

    90210…Annie’s wichita boyfriend will be stopping in town too. I hope when they bring new episodes on, they improve their outfits!

    Grey’s: LOVE the army guy but I agree that they need to do something with McSteamy.

    Private Practice: As much as I like Wings Timothy Daly, I have not been able to get into this spin off.

    Anything regarding Greek? I love Max but I think they are going to pair Casey with Cappie again!?!? Also, they mentioned Frannie’s family…will that be coming in the future?!?!

    I would like to thank Regan for turning me on to Fringe!! I am suck a tv addict!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yep…we talked about Annie’s ex-flame from Kansas popping out of the pool when he arrives in the zip code. New episodes start airing next week 9-0 fans…it’s the Homecoming Dance.

    I like Private Practice… not as good as Grey’s when its at it’s best but PP still keeps me entertained and I’m a sucker for Taye Diggs.

    GREEK had it’s finale last night… another casualty of the podcast schedule so I have not seen it yet. Not sure if it was mentioned last night but Max is heading to grad school on the other coast. I think I’m rooting for a Casey-Cappie hook-up but I want Casey to steal Evan from Frannie first.

    So glad you like Fringe hrfmom! I will watch anything that has Pacey, I mean Josh Jackson in it.

  4. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Season 1217…since I have not been able to stomach watching GH, I just make up my own little soap opera in my mind starring Steve!

    I am hooked on Fringe!! I download to my ipod and watch while my daughter is in dance class each week.

    He is still Pacey to me too! Who the hell is Josh Jackson! :)

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    OMG, I make up my own version of the show too but I’m pretty sure my version could be shown on daytime television and is not exclusive to just starring Steve. You’re hilarious, hrfmom! LOL! Who the hell is Josh Jackson?! Priceless!:D


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  6. Profile photo of hrfmom

    Regan–It said Greek was the season finale last night but then it had previews for next weeks new episode…it will be Hell week for the pledges. HUH?

    Seriously….they scheduled a podcast during prime time viewing hours?!?! What heartless b@stards!!!

    Season1217…I’m a mom! Everything in my mind is g or pg rated!!! LOL!

  7. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Ah, I love me some Pacey, some McSteamey, some Jason Morgan, and some George Clooney. I wish for the day when all four stop by to do my yard work. They will all be shirtless.

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    I don’t mean to get personal but do you watch a lot of porn, sueboo, or have you been hanging around hrfmom too long?!


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  9. Profile photo of BigDede

    Melissa George will help ruin Grey’s. She ruins everything she has ever been in.

    I am hooked on Gossip Girl. Chuck/Blair relationship got me going. I think it’s Bart that dies also. Because I need that actor to stay on Rescue Me. I love him as Tommy’s cousin.

  10. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I don’t mean to get personal but do you watch a lot of porn, sueboo, or have you been hanging around hrfmom too long?!”

    No, if I was into porn, they wouldn’t have pants either.

  11. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    No, if I was into porn, they wouldn’t have pants either.

    I’m with you sueboo! In my fantasies they don’t either…just their birthday suits. :) At least Steve, oh and Ingo…and Karev (Alex, Justin Chambers). Hubba Hubba

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