Gone With the Wind

Babe is Dead

Such a momentous day and so little to say. Before I get to the death of Babe, a couple of quick notes.

First, I really liked the scenes where Natalia told a shell-shocked Angie and Frankie about how Jesse always loved them, but also communicated the amount of love between Jesse, Natalia and her mom. Second, the tornado must have knocked some sense back into Greens because she quickly put together that Zach was the father of Baby Lesbianca. I’m curious where this little tidbit may lead. Third, Jake operated on Kendall when the lights went out in Georgi….I mean, Pine Valley Hospital. Once Taylor restored power to the generator and Kendall’s surgery was complete, Kendall went into convulsions, most likely spasms of joy over Alicia Minshew‘s vacation. Finally, Erica and Adam were rescued by the Scooby Doo gang, setting up fireworks in the Baby Lesbianca saga for Erica and fallout from Babe’s death for Adam, which bring us to…

Many keyboards have clicked and tapped away regarding Babe and her demise. Some fans have been wishing for it from the moment she appeared in Pine Valley. Others jumped aboard the "off with her head!" bandwagon in light of the whole baby switch saga. Still others wanted Babe dead and gone for any of the various shenanigans she pulled. Somehow through it all, Babe managed to amass a number of fans and Chuck Pratt managed to craft an exit that seems to have (partially) melted a few of the colder hearts toward her.

Whether played by Alexa Havins (considered by most as the definitive version) or Amanda Baker (a talented actress who never quite fit the part), I think it would be fair to say Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler has been the single most polarizing character on all eight soaps in the last decade.

Now Babe’s detractors have their wish and her fans mourn her passing.

In my opinion, Babe’s death scenes were classic soap opera: filled with a lot of heart, a lot of anguish, and straddled the fence between emotional realism and soapy melodrama. I’ve also already mentioned the excellent work by Jacob Young and Bobbie Eakes and they were just as good today.

There were some aspects of today’s show that didn’t quite rise to the intense emotion of yesterday’s terrific episode, including a few bits of cringe-worthy dialogue ("You taught me so much!") and some dodgy direction. All is forgiven however, by the dynamite entrance of David Hayward right after Babe’s passing in a cliffhanger ending rivaling soap days of yore! Vincent Irrizary looked like he had never left!

There are any number of stories and directions that Babe’s death could springboard half the cast and I think possibilities are exciting. Since so many have already said so much about this day many had hoped would never come and many more thought would never arrive fast enough, what say you, gentle readers? Now that Babe is gone with the wind, how do you really feel?

By the way, you all knew that headline was coming, didn’t you?

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    I thought all scenes with JR/Babe today were heartbreaking and beautfully done. The performances were outstaning. I’m sad the character is going, only because I found Amanda endearing, once the writers finally got Babe and JR on track.

    But, you have a point- the Babe character was polarizing, and I personally, have been so swept up with my liking of the pairing. the favoritism, of McTavish, imo, way back when, in making Babe take over this show, completely changed nearly every character on this show, as they sided with a stranger, against JR. When AH left the show, I prayed they would kill Babe, so JR could be a single father. But I hated her version anyway, and I’m no fan of the actress by any means. Amanda is likeable as a person, and she somehow added the qualties she possesses into Babe, and the writers allowed Babe to grow up. They allowed her to grow up, and JR to grow up, so I’ll miss what might have been.

    If she and JR got together, and Pratt had Babe return to previous form, no idea how I’d feel,but they did not, and they were charming together, to the end.

    I look forward to JR raising his son.

    David Hayward is one of the most brilliant characters, but I’m a JR fan first and foremost. I was looking forward to David’s return, until I read spoilers.

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    “… completely changed nearly every character on this show, as they sided with a stranger, against JR.”


    That has been my point from the very beginning. It was just plain wrong what they had Bianca, Tad, and Jamie do to JR all for the Carey women.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    I’m liking vengeful David Hayward, it gives even more storyline meaning to Babe’s death. And while I didn’t HATE Babe like so many do, I never really thought of Amanda Baker as that character. I felt like Babe REALLY died when AH left.

  4. Profile photo of luverica

    I’m not feeling Ricky Paul Goldin as Jake Martin. Jake’s always been a likeable person and Ricky is making him into an arrogant little punk. He was already on my list for the way he spoke to Angie a month or so ago but for Zach to take that kind of lip from him is not the Zach I know. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing David Hayward jerk Dr. Short Stuff around.

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    That squeeeeee sound heard today was me expressing my excitement at seeing Dr. Hottie Hayward walk through the chapel’s doors! His character is always such a great catalyst for making things happen. I just hope he sticks around for a good long time. I esp. cant wait to see how his first reactions with Bianca and Greenlee play out!

  6. Profile photo of elle

    I think he’s awesome as well. I just don’t think he has any business trying to take JR’s son, and I’ll hate him for putting through that, when it’s nonsense.

    he can mess with anyone else on the show, just not JR. JR didn’t do anything wrong.

    But aside from that, I think he’s a brilliant character and VI has come “home.”

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    Luke Kerr

    My girl Greenlee was in fine form yesterday! For the first time since RB has been back she seemed to be written "in character." I can absolutely not wait to see Greenlee and David reunite and Bianca and David reunite…so much history.

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    David and Bianca were never the same after he hid the truth about Miranda from her. Hopefully, Pratt will remedy their relationship.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    Just watched today’s ep… I don’t have a clue why David blames everyone in town for Babe’s death, but I don’t care – it’s soooo great to see him back!! And after seeing that jerk Ryan sucker punch David, all I can say is – Ryan must DIE! (okay no, I don’t want him to die – but I’d love for a giant boulder to fall on his head and put him in a coma for awhile.)

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    “… I keep hearing Victor calling him a rat bastard.”


    And it probably won’t be that long before someone calls him that on this show. LOL!


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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