See Ya Later, Lindsay

It looks like Lohan’s stay on Ugly Betty has been cut short. Cut by two episodes in fact. According to Kristin at E! Online, Lindsay Lohan‘s recurring role is dunzo. The actress was scheduled to appear in six episodes of the ABC show and now will only appear in a total of four.

As with any Lohan news, there seems to be lots of drama and speculation as to why the actress’ stint has ended. Interested in more of the gossip? Check out Perez Hilton.

More drama being reported… is it possible that Lindsay Lohan’s remaining appearances will not air?

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    Sorry, I accidently wrote him. I usually preview my comments before I post them. I was doing something I did make sure to check. I meant ME! LOL!


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    I didn’t see the purpose of her the first time anyway. Since Betty dumped Gio, I am hating Betty right now so I don’t care about her storyline with the girl who tortured her in high school.

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