David Lago is Sonny’s Son!

Lots of speculation and one Tom Pelphrey rumor later, David Lago (ex-Raul, Young and the Restless) has been cast as Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Olivia’s (Lisa LoCicero) son Dante on General Hospital. Nelson Branco has the news in his latest Suds Report.

According to SPOILERS, Dante SHOULD appear towards the end of Sweeps.

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    Casting David Lago in this role is a really good fit. He did a fantastic job on Y&R as Raul, especially during Raul’s diabetes diagnosis. His goodbye scenes with his great love Brittany Hodges were fantastic and are what finally won him the Emmy. This is a great get for GH.

    Wonder if we will see David Lago’s character interact with Lucky/Greg Vaughan since they used to play brothers on Y&R?

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    I love me some Tom Pelphrey but he was WAY too old to play a 19 or 20 year old. This guy looks too old too. And why, why, why hit us over the head with 20 years ago this, 20 years ago that if you’re going to cast someone who is so obviously over the age of 19 or 20? That now makes him younger (in SORAS years) than LuLu.

    Is this the same guy that had that f’ed up hair and during his Emmy speech thanked god, jesus christ, lord almighty and all that other religious crap? (And no I’m not talking about the Chad Braden religious rant during his speech).

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    OH GOODY GOODY GOODY!!! Another greasy mob-boss wannabe and yet ANOTHER example of how ever “verile” Sonny is. God, I’m making myself sick.

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    Jillian Bowe

    God can we stop all the young boyz in PC to be enamored with LOO-LOO?! I wish Serena came to town… THEN this would be a great storyline where she can snag Johnny from that chick.

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    Maurice will teach him NEVER look at the person you are in a scene with, Never look them in the eye, and ignore them at all costs. Look to the ground when in a scene with anyone at all. It’s called ‘acting’. And if they must see you looking at them during a scene, then scream relentlessly and for no reason. GH likes that.

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