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Here’s the Scoop! 10.24.08 Not much to go on today… so ask away! It’s Q & A Day! Here’s what I do have….

Sonny and Carly get close but they don’t have sex. Jax will be spying on them and he won’t be happy that Carly and Sonny obviously still have their "connection."

Sweeps Ending… will it be as "shocking" as everyone is reporting?

Scrubs Wedding… Patrick has little interest in the planning as Robin and Maxie make the final plans. What about Robert? He won’t be there as Robert was sent off to Switzerland for treatment. Wait! I told you guys that Tristan Rogers would be at the wedding. Hmmm… Well I also told you that Robin and Patrick get interrupted when their daughter decides to make her appearance. My two cents: Expect another wedding for Robin and Patrick with Robert in attendance. As Tristan told Nelson, he’ll be back on General Hospital for three episodes next month. Jason attends thanks to Maxie’s insistance. Dr. Lee is in attendance and tends to her patient as the guests gather around the in-labor bride. Remember, Patrick’s running late as he’s in doctor mode and it looks like everyone is worried he’s left Robin at the altar. Everyone except Robin.

The other marriage… Thankfully this Jason and Claudia crap SHOULD get wrapped up today. They don’t marry, in fact it looks like the dare each other to go through with it. Another stupid plot point IMO. Sonny and Claudia SHOULD be going through with their nupitals mid-November.

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, here’s what you may have missed yesterday:

Robin and Baby… are the health crisis. RUMORS about Robin slipping into a coma after the birth. The baby’s health MAY also take a turn.

Olivia said Dante was alot like Daddy. RUMORS today say that Dante’s apple may not have fallen very far from Sonny’s tree.

Liason Fans… tune in on the 28th and 29th. Everyone is now reporting a Liason moment before the wedding! YAY!

Scrubs Fans… emergency c-section, baby named and then Robin unconscious. I hear there are fun times when Robin’s water breaks and something about Anna getting to the hospital at some high speeds. It of course all turns dire when Robin loses consciousness and the baby’s health is in jeopardy.

Sarah Brownlots of talk that she’s not staying and that could be why she’s in this mob mess and not in a triangle with Nikadine. What about the CHATTER about Tyler Christopher and him wanting more of a leading lady? RUMORS say we’ll see more of Nikolas with Carly, they’ll be business partners so it makes sense, and Jax will be gone (Ingo Rademacher will either take his leave at the end of his extension or he’ll take a long vacay) so Carly needs something to do.

RUMBLINGS that we MAY finally get a WTD storyline for Sam… who’s her daddy? Could this be what they’ll be doing with Alexis once Jerry is gone?

Lulu fills her brothers in on Scotty and all the drama. Will she tell Lucky she killed Logan?

I mentioned the Carly-Sonny stuff… that she may come to his rescue. I forgot to add in that Jax walks in on the pair (at least I think I forgot)… has he been watching his soon to be ex?

Jerry grabs Sam… will he tell Sweet Sam his plan while he has a captive audience?

RUMORS that Sonny meets Dante but he won’t know it’s really his son. Still waiting to see who will play Dante as the leading candidate MAY pop up somewhere else.

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  1. Profile photo of mnv517

    I’ve spent most of the week reliving the story of Liason, and it’s almost impossible to believe that these two characters have been trying to get together since 1999!!! I mean come on now, almost 10 years!!!! I think they’re due their time. I’ve watched these espisodes and all the same can be said today of their storyline. Always the same back and forth. It’s beyond frustrating!

    Can someone please tell me why, why would TPTB go down the Sonny and Carly road again!

    I can’t wait for the Spencer adventure. I hope it stays true to the adventures of the past.

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes there was an interview with the Guz and he said Jason would be facing danger and Elizabeth would have to make a choice. Guza talks alot… rarely says anything, but he talks alot.

  3. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    tired of these liason moments, i want something that last longer than 5 minutes between these two.

    glad that jason is not marrying claudia cause my remote probably would have connected with my tv screen

  4. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    LIASONADDICT, I’m with you, I want more than 5 minutes of Liason and I was thinking that yesterday as I watched Jason and Claudia. He can run to marry her and spent time with her, but not Liz . . . come on.

    Thanks for the scoops Regan, I am not a Carly fan, but I would not mind a Carly/Nik hook up. Nothing against Claire and Tyler, but I do not see any chemistry there and I did like the Carly/Nik scenes. Also, maybe, just maybe Carly would stay out of Jason’s face for more than 5 minutes. Anyone else agree?

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Do you think Guza told the truth about the LIASON part??
    Because if he will not put them together, and when I say together, I ment as a family, like my avatr, He will lose a lot of fans , including me!!

  6. Profile photo of allikat

    Are the rumors still out there that Maxie fills Elizabeth in on Jason and Claudia’s MOC? I think that Jason should be the one to tell her, because it will just be another reason for angst if Maxie gets to rub it in her face. Saw on another site that Jason is the one who kills Jerry, any truth to that?
    They can save all of their explosions and big budgets for sweeps and just put Liason together – that would make my decade, literally!!!

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the Liason will a Family’s basket. Guza loves the angst.

    Not sure if Maxie spills the almost MOC beans or not. The RUMOR was out there, it hasn’t been brought up in a few days.

    I have problems with pairing people who once severely wronged the other party. I would love to see Carly and Nik but she helped Jax keep his son from him. Just like Claudia and Sonny… that sort of thing does not work for me. But it’s a soap so I guess stealing one’s child and putting a hit out on a person resulting in his son being a veggie… well that means love.

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Liason Scenes… they meet up at the wedding. Before the drama and from what I can tell, it looks like the couple who can’t be together talk about how this should have been them.

  9. Profile photo of elbugten

    Have you heard any names for the Scrubs baby? My personal feeling is that they won’t use anything that the viewers have already heard. I’m still holding out hope that Georgie will be honored in there somehow. If it were me, I’d name her Roberta (after her dad) Georgianna, and nickname her “Bertie”. As in Robin’s little Bertie (Birdie). Cute, no? ;)

  10. Profile photo of blackjack21

    jason/liz fans getting your hopes up over guza comments is futile! remember he said about a year ago that jason/sam and lucky/liz were the couples supposed to come out together? regan, is right he just likes to talk and say nothing.

    regan, you rule, as always!

    doctors? hospitals? a wedding & a baby conceived in love? a women assured of her man’s love? happiness and humor? is this still general hospital? regan, pinch me, is guza on vacation or something? oh wait, sam might be raped, jerry is killed, and laura is basically kidnapped – whew, i thought i was watching a soap opera for a minute, not the angst and death show. (ps – i know well placed drama is a soap’s bread and butter, but guza has a whole dairy farm full of butter and still wants more.)

    finally, i read and agree that jason really has no story of his own and just flits into everyone else’s. so i wonder how much he will really be missed if SB leaves? what do you all think?

  11. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Just saw that Sonny will be at the wedding , do you how the scenes between Sason will go???
    I would love that Jason and Sonny will be nice to each other, Robun was there Link, that brought them together!!

  12. Profile photo of kgbmc

    They all look great, even Coleman. I hope nothing stops it from going forward. Elizabeth and Jason should step forward and marry in their place if anything does interrupt.

  13. Profile photo of Dr.House

    Any word on Night Shift characters popping up on GH? And can we hope that Sri Rao takes over for Guza?

    Also, any chatter to the whole Spixie thing? Lately, it’s just been Maxie ordering Spinelli around kind of relationship and for the first time, I’m not really interested in their hijinks LOL.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sri Rao…. he has said in a few different interviews that daytime is too fast for him. NS3 seems to be on the table and with his success, I would think Sri would be back in the writers seat on NS.

    Spixie… not sure about any movement in the direction the fans would like. There is some GOSSIP out there but I’m thinking we’re still getting an M&M/Spixie triangle.

  15. Profile photo of autumdew777

    I think that Kate and Jax would be great together or actually get Ned back and pair Kate with him. At least then there would be another Q on the screen. Maybe Olivia with Jax, he has always liked a woman who has spirit and personality. I just wonder WHY he always gets Sonny’s cast offs. Why can’t they want Jax first.

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    Jax has had women who have loved him first and *gasp* never loved Sonny! Miranda, Chloe and Skye. Two he dumped for Brenda and one he dumped for a Brenda look alike.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

  17. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP… Sonny gets stabbed and dumped! Love it! Is it Karpov with a knife on the docks?

    What happens when Sonny finds out Jason almost married his soon to be bride?

    Will Sonny swoop in and take over when Anthony goes down for the count?  GH and their love to re-do their own storylines… Claudia won’t help dad when he collapses.

    Reunited and it feels so… well not good when Luke and Laura reunite and Laura’s just learned that her hubby is married to someone else.

  18. Profile photo of lilmomma

    hi im new posting her but iwas woundering did JOP sign the married certificate. and why did jason take it instead of tearing it up. have you heard the one about sonny marrying cloudia and jason stop it and says its not legal that he married cloudia do you know if this how this plays out and what it will do to liason

  19. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    “tired of these liason moments, i want something that last longer than 5 minutes between these two”.

    Do you know I was thinking the exact same thing…but it was more like tired of these liason moments lol…my frustration is just so up there.

    Liason is love

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