The Scrubs Almost Wedding Album

Take a look at some SPOILER Pics from the Scrubs Wedding! Enjoy!

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    Jamey Giddens

    My Lizzie Beth looks upset! That Spam or that Snarly must be sitting across from her! Someone get those beasts from her sight! I won’t have them upsetting Jason’s ONE TRUE LOVE!

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    Wow, considering Robin is 10 months pregnant, she’s finally looking pregnant more than a few months. Guess they realized that her pregnancy pad on GH: NS is more accurate especially since, again, she’s 10 months pregnant.

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    wow, it’s great to see all the hospital people there! and i do have to say jason and sonny should be there, after all robin and the boys were very tight at one point. liz does look peeved, what up with that? however, RH looks lovely in that shade.

    am i the only team sam that thinks robin sh/could have had a scene with sam? i think it would have been nice for robin to have thanked sam for bringing her back to PC where she saved jason, but more importantly met patrick. she could have even invited her to the wedding. since sam and jason seem to have come to some sort of truce, them sitting together would have been fun. I still say having sam and jason pretend to be back together to protect liz and her boys c/would be a humorous storyline that re-establish their friendship. her living with spinelli and jason, each in their own rooms, knowing the limits of the relationship. this would throw crumbs to everyone’s fans. sam could lend liz some clothes to sneak in to see jason which would be funny to see liz all sexed up(of course in my universe, this would lead up to jason and sam getting back together, meh). maybe sam could finally be the one to convince jason to find his happiness with his son (yes i am throwing up a bit in my mouth, but since sam and jason seem destined to never reunite, i’ll take what i can get). but i digress… Anyway, I’ll take any scene with sam forming female friendships.

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    Okay, PLEASE don’t stone me, Robin fans, but I’m looking at her pictures and all I can think of is Phoebe from Friends when she was very pregnant and she and Monica were wearing wedding dresses to make themselves feel better. They realized how stupid they were being and Phoebe says that at least Monica didn’t have to get her dress from a store called “It’s Not Too Late.” :)

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    Sam Morgan

    Why couldn’t Liz go to the wedding with her true love Lucky? I like Scrubs but I won’t be able to watch their wedding due to Liz and Jason going together. Hopefully if their is a real Scrubs wedding it will be with Jasam going together and LnL2 going together so I can watch with out losing my lunch.

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    Maybe, just maybe JJ’s Lucky was Liz’s true love, I remember being upset when JJ was supposedly killed in the fire back in 99, but when Liz walked into Jake’s and Jason saved her that was when she found her true love. I love Liason and I don’t care what anyone says, Jason is Liz’s true love. Hopefully Guza gets the axe and we can have a true love story before SB decides to leave, IMO.

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    Oh, there is no maybe about it, JJ’s Lucky is the true love of Liz’s life. Since, he’s gone I’m more open to Liz being w/ Jason. If Jonathan ever came back to the show I would duel w/ you Liason fans everyday! LOL! As far as I’m concerned Lucky is still being held captive by Helena and this Lucky is an impostor. That’s the only thing that could explain the catastrophe that has become Lucky, now.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    I love your scenario blackjack21……I guess we can dare to dream………………I really want Sam to get some female friends as well…I hate how they totally dropped her and Maxie….Liz looks devious in that pic….I like it….Robin looks GORGEOUS…..

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