Blake Gibbons on Dexter

General Hospital’s Blake Gibbons is set to appear as a white supremicist in next week’s episode of Showtime’s hit show Dexter. Check out the preview clip after the jump.

Thanks to Dr. House for the tip!

(If clip does not play it may be because it no longer appears online.)

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    Last week, the guy that played on Port Charles, I believe he played the character of Frank, appeared on Dexter. He had a brief scene as a man on his honeymoon.


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    I saw the previews last night and thought that was him. Thanks for the confirmation. He has landed a great guest spot; Dexter is so creepy good.

    I’ve always thought the bartender on GH should have a bigger role. Glad I can watch him elsewhere, even if it is as a, er, skinhead.

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