Natalia Livingston returning to GH?

Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily) was spotted on the set of General Hospital. According to reliable sources the actress was allegedly reading for an entirely new role on the show. Because this worked oh so well with Sarah Brown.

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    i was really excited because i adored emily, up until i read “for an entirely new role on the show”. definitely agree, worked sooooo well for sarah brown. ugh, why didn’t they just have emily disappear a-la helena cassadine and then bring her back that way? wa-la. bump this “entirely new role” crap.

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    ugh, what about the other Quartermaines that they slaughtered? Bring back the entire clan…. wouldn’t that be..ummmm… hilarious if they were all resurrected as a different family. LOL

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    I’ll take “boring” characters like Emily any day over yet another annoying “feisty” mob chick (I’m talking to YOU, Olivia!). But GH is whacked if they think bringing Natalia back as another character this soon after killing Emily off would work. Maybe it’s an amnesia story, or something like that.

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    Huff n Puff back? Asked me that one year ago, I would have said no.

    However, NL seems like a sweetheart, plus she looks fierce with that haircut. If she were

    A. playing Emily a thousand times less saintly and self-righteous than she is usually written,

    B. leading the ressurection of the entire Quartermaine clan, including Alan,

    and C. replacing ShrewLu, Yawny and Snarly, while diminishing airtime for Sonny and the rest of the “good” mob

    … then she can’t come back fast enough!

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    I could go for Emily’s death being faked by Helena and she came back with a personality change. But on the other hand if I had to pick a Quartermaine to come back from the dead it would be AJ.


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    I want Emily Bowen Quatermaine back. Not some new role for Natty.

    What a slap in the face for us the fans would it be if she came in as a totally new character..
    Natty’s new character meets Nikolas… ‘ Hey, I’m Nik cassadine’


    Or when she sees Monica? OR Jason? Or Liz?

    They would have to ignore each other. NO FUCKAY!

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    Emily was boring goodie to shoes, if she does come back on the show she needs to have more of a back bone and not sound so breathy. Maybe she faked her own death to hide the fact her breast cancer was back and didn’t want anyone ot know. Not everyone makes it when they have cancer, it is unrealistic of most soaps.

    I think Guza really hates Jason and Liz to never allow them more than 2 minutes of time together.

    SOAPS are the best way to lounge away a day! autumdew777

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    I’d take any Quartermaine back but that’s the only reason I’d be willing to have Natalia back on my screen. I think Helena could be used as a soap plausible explanation for undoing Em’s death. But I think I’d prefer a recast who is slowly revealed to be Emily, with a new improved personality but not too drastic.
    I think Natalia should be sent to Peapack as the new Michelle Bauer.

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    I am all for her coming back but I would actually love it more if they did a whole ‘Princess Gina’ type storyline with her and had Nicholas think she was Emily but not really know if it was or not and then have it turn out to be her.

    At the same time they can give Emily a edge which she can keep when she gets her memory back.

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    Sam Morgan

    I like NL, but I would want her to play Emily. Having Sara Brown play a different caracter on the same soap is just weird as it will be with Nattie playing someone else, besides Emily’s twin. The only way I want Emily to come back is if Helena payed some women to have plastic surgery to look like Emily so she could kidnap Emily to stop her from marring Nik or to steal the unborn child she was carrying and the fake Emily was the one who was killed.Either Diego was in on it or it was just lucky for Helena.

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    First of all, I think Sarah Brown is doing a great job. I don’t think of her as Carly at all anymore! As for NL, if they do bring her back this early as another charactor then they will have to acknowledge the fact the she looks so much like “Emily”. They can’t have her just stroll up to Monica and not have any reaction at all. It’s just too soon. But, please let her have more of personality. They took the “Saint Emily” thing too far….BORING! And please leave Helena out of it! Talk about beating a dead horse!

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    Yes. I would accept Natty in a new role because I love Natty’s acting ability, and I want her to act with Maurice Benard again as a new character because that way other people wouldn’t complain about the age difference between Sonny and Emily again. :)

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