Ridge and Rick on The Soup

Leave it to The Soup to say what so many feel about one of our favorite soaps and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rick and Ridge.

Thanks to Lin for the tip!

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    LOL! I don’t watch B&B, but I notice that Erica does the same thing on AMC, except she uses first and last names ALL THE TIME, even if she’s talking to someone she knows. For example, she’ll be talking to Opal and she’ll say, “my husband, Jackson Montomery” or “my daughter Bianca Montgomery”. We know who you mean, Erica and so does Opal! It drives me nuts.

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    Love The Soup! I actually saw this on The Soup before I got around to watching my DVR episodes of B&B. Couldn’t stop laughing when I was watching B&B later.

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