“Breathless” One Life to Live Promo

I’m sorry, I don’t care how "breathless" next week’s One Life to Live is supposed to leave us, but the Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty (Susan Haskell) scenes are just disturbing. I’ll be fast forwarding through them. With any luck they’ll have Marty create "the mood" by playing "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" in the background.

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    Dang it I can’t be ‘pro-rerape’ ;( but outside of the possible ‘rerape’ I am looking forward to that, the promo was amazing and I can’t wait :).

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    I cant freakin wait OLTL is bringing the hotness right now with that preview. Are the babies going to be switched and Todds getting Tesss baby! I still love ya OLTL. :P

    Hey Luke do u still talk to Lisa, if so is she still watching her shows, i wonder what she thinks about that hot mess Guiding Light.

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    Ppl don’t throw stones, but I think this Todd & Marty pairing is great.
    I don’t advocate rapist being w/their victims and basically mind raping them again, but Trevor and Susan handle it w/this something I can’t explain that is making me love it.
    IMO there will be payoff w/Marty getting her memory back and it’ll provide for great story.
    My thing is that I wish Dena never created the John & Marty pairing, b/c I don’t see the chemistry there, but there’s w/Blair & John and I thought I would never say that.

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    Todd have Marty have AMAZING chemistry! :D I love them together.

    Kristen Alderson really needs to acting classes.
    Cole is not there when his child is born? Wow. great decision by the writers. flucking idiots. WTF wants to see Marcie there? BLAH!

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    I agree with TSJ/SH having amazing chemistry, i have liked the pairing up to the possible sex ;-/ i don’t want them to have sex with out her knowing he raped her in the past.

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    You really just now began ffwing them Luke? I’ve been doing so for the better part of 3 weeks or so now!! They’ve at least been somewhat lucky with us and we are still watching the show while with some like Jamey they’ve lost and if they keep this crap up it’ll be more of them than us!

    Nope, rerape doesn’t do it for me.

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    Ugh, I never know how I feel about Todd and Marty. Perhaps that’s a good thing, it keeps me tuning into their scenes, but still I remain conflicted, so a big part of me is happy we’re finally getting to a conclusion!

    I’m confused, though. Is Tess switching babies? Maybe it’s the migraine, but I can’t figure out the necessity of it, unless something happened to her baby?

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    My eyes are burning just watching that scene with Todd and Marty in bed. I just hope it’s one of Todd’s screwed up fantisies.



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    Courtney fan4life

    nope its been confirmed by SOD

    And im not disgusted by it BECAUSE ITS A SOAP! Luke raped laura. Ej raped Sami. i mean its a dam soap.

    And Todd and Blair and John and Marty are what would be soooo boring.

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    The one thing I agree w/that everyone is saying is that Tess needs to go.
    Poor Bree. The role that should’ve got her Emmy noms in 06 & 07 for Yng. Actress (screwed up in 07 by submitting Lead) has turned into a joke and it is sad. And when I rather want to see Bree’s Jessica more than Tess, again we have a problem.

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    I agree, it is a show, we are perfectly fine with the countless other rapemances so why is Todd/Marty so forbidden????? because it was a ‘gang rape’????? I am sorry but the whole having a gun on Sami thing bothers me more, yet how many EJami fans are there???????

    I am not supporting rapist going after their victims and doing what Todd is doing but its a psychological storyline in a show, yea its lasting a bit long and they are pushing the storyline far but would you guys still be tuning in if Marty had all of her memory and was STILL falling in love with Todd???

    My guess is the same majority that is up in arms over it now would be up in arms over it then.

    My point is that we deal with so much rape on these shows and people falling in love with their rapist that it really desensitizes you to the whole thing. Also i think alot of people (not talking about you Podcastjunkie) take these shows way to seriously, they are shows, and you can tune out so if the storyline is bothering you that much just tune out, not like you watching it really matters anyways ((unless you have a nelsen box in which case KEEP IT ON and just go in another room)).

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    If I were going to stop watching soaps when the rape victim fell in love with her rapist, I would’ve stopped watching back in 1981 with Luke and Laura. Since then there have been Roger and Holly, E.J. and Sami and now Marty and Todd. Did I miss anyone? Hell, Days even had Jennifer fall in love and marry Jack, not that he raped HER, but I can’t imagine any rape victim IRL fall for a rapist, whether she was his victim or not. The thing that makes this s/l a little different is that the same actors are not in the roles and that Marty doesn’t remember her past. I don’t want them together as a long-term couple, but I can’t wait until Marty gets her memory back and gives Todd what’s coming to him. What on earth will Vicki say when she finds out, not to mention Cole, Starr and Blair? This is the stuff of good soaps.

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    Well off course everyone is 100% entitled to feel however they wanna feel about this, but I guess I just was caught off guard by some of the responses. As far as the other rapes in the history of soaps, I wasn’t watching G.H. during the Luke & Laura rape period so I haven’t seen that to have a reaction to and I don’t watch Days at this time so I haven’t seen the EJami rape either. I guess this is my reaction to a storyline like this after hearing so much about the horrible nature of it. I wasn’t watching O.L.T.L. then either so I have no visual recall for my reaction just my beliefs on rape being one of the 3 worse things you can do to a woman. I have seen one rape though take place while I was watching. I do remember seeing the current Margo raped back when I still watched ATWT regularly and I loved that character and remember how much it shook me up then. I don’t remember ever seeing any others….. I guess I just didn’t think the responses would be so mixed thats all. I’m with sueboo though, personally I can’t watch till its finished. I guess i’ll have to check the spoilers and see when its coming up to being over.

    Oh and I do agree none of us should take this stuff too seriously because it is a soap after all is said and done I suppose.

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    Oh NO!!! I really can’t believe they are “going there”.

    The brutality and violence that was so present in the original Marty rape that is now supposed to be some kind of love connection really really really bothers me. Soap or not, I am sick of women being made the needy victim and I don’t care that she will get her memory back and bust Todd’s a**. For now it is just really twisted and squicky. Is this supposed to be some stupidly clever twist that Todd falls in love with the woman he once raped? Seems to me there are so many others stories to be told I would not need to FF through.

    I can’t wait for this crap to be done…and the Tess/Jess mess…OMG. I cannot stand Bree’s acting. I want to smack that smirk off her face! Why did they have to dumb down everyone to make it remotely plausible that Tess could do all the stupid crap she’s done to everyone. My god…the real Tina would have NEVER EVER let Tess get away with what she has….what a waste to bring AE back for this awful storyline.


    Good parts…Viki is back + Charlie- finally! And Robin Strasser rocks!!

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    I hate the Todd and Marty SL. It reloads Todd into being as much of a dangerous monster as he ever was. The progress and changes the character had achieved in the last 12 years seem to not have occurred after all. Maybe Todd is traveling in time too.
    I think RC has done a great job but if this is his idea why haven’t some of the higher ups stepped in? I don’t like network meddling but we’re passed the point where interference is called for.
    I keep grimly joking about them bringing in Powell or Zach for a love triangle but I’m starting to wonder if that’s not as absurd a possibility as I think it is.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The reason people have a problem with it is because soap operas haven’t always just been, and I use this term quite loosely, entertainment. Once upon a time, they were also socially relevant, especially the Agnes Nixon shows.

    Todd raping Marty wasn’t initially told as a story with romantic undertones. It was about a group of misogynistic guys who decided because a young coed had been promiscuous,  of her own free will, that she "wanted it", so they brutally gang raped her. That’s why people have a problem with it.

    The other rape storyline you mentioned were not rape-mances. They weren’t constructed to actually tell a story about a rape victim falling for her rapist. Gloria Monty regretted having Luke rape Laura after she saw their chemistry and even had the storyline altered after the fact to call it a "seduction". It was never mentioned again until post Elizabeth’s rape well over a decade later. GH never played it for shock value or a Sweeps Period stunt, complete with tacky, shameless commercials and promos exploiting a storyline that was originally conceived about a woman’s right to possess her own sexuality.

    Days has also said they regretted the situation with Sami and EJ, which wasn’t rape, it was coersion or blackmail IMO. People have been blackmailed into sex on soaps since day one, I never understood why they called it a rape, Sami sleeping with someone she found both alluring and repelling all at the same time in order to save Lucas’s life was not the same thing as Marty being gang raped and passed around like a piece of meat, ripped to shred by a pack of wild dogs. Plus Sami is a daytime villain who drugged a man and had sex with him herself, which does in fact make her a rapist, so her falling for EJ, in her own right mind, is not the same as Marty Saybrooke being romanced by her vicious attacker while suffering from amnesia.

     Soaps have nothing if they don’t have their histories and when newer regimes, execs, etc. come on and molest the classic stories of yesteryear it pisses long term fans off and since soaps aren’t gaining any new viewers, that is a dangerous and potentially fatal mistake. They’ve already driven off millions of older fans who watched for generations by shoving youth down their faces, now they are going to drive the rest of the core, soap-obsessed fan base away by mangling the only thing they have left,  their memories of the powerful, groundbreaking, classsic stories they once loved on these shows. That’s exactly what’s happening right now at OLTL.

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    ITA with you Jamey!! I have been a fan of OLTL for almost 35 years, most of my life, I have been a faithfull fan of OLTL, watching all of the ground breaking storylines that OLTL has done. And even thou there are people who only think that it’s a soap, the true loyal fans know that OLTL deals with controversal issues.

    I watched the storyline when Todd, Zach & Powell walked into the bedroom of the frat house and brutally raped her. The fear, the agony, the pain that Marty suffered was portrayed so real by Susan Haskell that that storyline earned her a Daytime Emmy, along with Rodger Howarth, Hillary B. Smith and Robert S. Woods.

    That storyline was the most socially issued storyline on daytime for that time, because at that time, OLTL and Michel Malone, had the balls to throw such a issue like that out their. So today when I see Todd brain-washing Marty, who has ahmnesha, gets her to fall for him and now he is going to get her to “make love” to him, to me he is raping her all over again, physically and emotionally.

    Yes, it is only a soap, but as a longtime veiwer, this storyline makes me sick. I suggest for those who have not seen the original gang rape storyline, to look it up on YouTube. To see the gang rape of Marty Saybrooke go to YouTube and type in OLTL The Spring Fling 1993 Part 1 by RHFAN75. Watch the rape and trail and then come back and say that it’s “ok” for Todd & Marty to be together.



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    Jamie you didn’t leave anything out…well said..

    If they really wanted to profit off of TSJ and SH’s chemistry- they should have brought her on as John’s long lost wife Caitlyn- not Marty!

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    Jamey, I with you on this s/l because even it is a actor who is playing the character of Todd and wasn’t around when the actor was playing Todd then, it is still gross and is a mistake of the writers to think that we want to see a rapist emotionally and psychological raping his victim all over again. And I feel that the character of Todd will be forever ruined by this stunt and I won’t be liking him anymore after this. I think this character is done and I hope that Marty takes Todd out. Thanks, Frons, for this gross misrepresenting of rape victims all over again.


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    Kudos for the Deana Carter reference. I didn’t think anybody else remembered that song.

    As for OLTL, Frons and Carlivati deserve a punch in the junk for putting this on screen.

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    If this does happen, all the respect and kudos I gave to Carliviti will be taken back. As far as Frons goes, he’s a sadistic pig.This is a slap in the face to not only longtime viewers who have stuck by OLTL, but it’s a slap in the face to all the rape victums who watched the original gang rape storyline and got the courage to fight back because of Marty changing her ways and fighting back.



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    I’don’t watch OLTL very often but I’m disturbed by how hooking up women with their rapists is seemingly considered an acceptable thing to do on soaps. I don’t care if it’s just a soap opera,their is no good reason to do that kind of storyline, especially in the 21st century. It’s disgusting.

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