Joy vs. Elisabeth, Round ?

Boy oh boy, the drama at The View just won’t stop. Amidst reports that after Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into fisticuffs backstage and that Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie were teed off over Elisabeth wearing a pro McCain t-shirt on The View, comes this gem from yesterday’s show.

During the first segment Barbara paid Elisabeth a compliment only to have to come back in the next segment and pay Joy a compliment. Barbara did her best to laugh it all off but judge for yourself, from the look on Joy’s face, whether or not it was all in fun. Even to the most casual of viewer, it’s obvious tension is mounting on the show.

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    Jamey Giddens

    If they got into a fist fight they both need to be stiffly fined or fired. That is absolutely ridiculous. If Barack and McCain (doh!)  can debate without coming to blows, anyone should be able to. The View has descended into a Hot Mess. What will they do after the election? I feel the Springer midgets might find work soon.

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    Forget this! George Hamilton was on the show a couple of weeks ago and revealed he had an affair w/ his 28 year-old stepmother when he was 12?!

    And, if Barack and Obama can debate w/o coming to blows, I say he needs to look into medication!

    I know it was a mistake but I couldn’t resist, Jamey!;)


    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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    If you noticed Barbara’s compliment to Elisabeth (and I believe she said it twice) was kind of backhanded. She stated (and I am paraphrasing, of course) that she supports Elisabeth but added that Elisabeth is only being invited to support Palin (etc.) due to her success on The View.

    I would like to hope that Joy isn’t that immature that she really needed to be complimented (I would bet she was joking/teasing) but I thought it was very slick how Barbara complimented Elisabeth whilst making it very clear that Elisabeth remember how and where her bread is buttered.

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    Jillian Bowe

    I don’t think Joy was pissed about a compliment thrown Lissie’s way….. I think she was probably joking about it and Babs tried to be funny.

    Bob I’m glad ou picked up on Babs’s lil’ dig to Hasslecrack. It was a dig yes but she’s speaking the gospel! IMO, something’s going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I have a feeling that Hasslecrack’s probably getting an offer from Fox News to come to their station and Babs’s trying to clear up things on the low for people. If you were to YouTube last week’s show you’d see what I mean. Every day it was a lil’ compliement towards Hasslecrack and lil’ comments about her staying. Then Whoopi finally asked if she was leaving. JMO, maybe Hasslecrack’s thinking of leaving and Babs is letting her know that if it weren’t for the View she’d be known as that bug eater.

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    I think Joy was kidding also. I also think this show is a mess. I don’t care if they’re really fighting or not fighting, I don’t care about anything back stage- EH has to grow up. They must have some kind of review process whereby they evaluate the talent on the year of their contracts or something- is she THAT favored, that no one can look at this objectively and see how she’s coming across? BW informs her that audience/viewers were offended by the AmeriCAIN hero t-shirts- the viewers/audience who keep this show going, who keep EH employed and she brushed it off- basically telling the offended ones, screw off. She couldn’t have cared less, she was going to do what she wanted. Her boss was essentially telling, it wasn’t approved of, and she was disrespectful. Since when does she get to feel so self important and arrogant? Richard Dreyfus dared to part of the W movie and she was rude to him as a guest.

    Can this show simply hire a grown up with a conservative view? Please?

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    First off, this whole thing is stupid. I mean the t-shirt thing was dumb. Everybody knows who each of the people on the View are supporting. I wasn’t offended by the t-shirt, who the hell cares. Who gets affended by a t-shirt? I respect McCain (he’s not perfect, nor is Obama, who I also respect), he was a soldier who faught in a f*cked up war and became a prisner of war for six years. People do consider him a hero, that doesn’t offend me. People consider Obama a hero, that doesn’t offend me eother. Good lord, what happened to our right of freedom of expression and speach. There’s just to much bullshit, it’s stupid. I do believe there wouldn’t be such a mess is Joy wore an Obama shirt, no way. I could care less if EH left the View or not, hell take Joy with you, maybe there will be peace then on.

    Vote NadEr!

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    Forget this! George Hamilton was on the show a couple of weeks ago and revealed he had an affair w/ his 28 year-old stepmother when he was 12?!

    Season: WHAT?! Now *this* is what I want to hear about!! Not this silly Elisabeth H vs. the World stuff :)

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    I wasn’t offended by the shirt- I was mostly referring to EH’s attitude when she was told it did offend, including her bosses and she took a very arrogant attitude. She offends me, period, it doesn’t matter what she wears. I think, that while they have freedom of speech verbally, I’m not sure it’s ABC’s policy that they can “advertise” as such. that’s all I’m saying. the t-shirt thing was an example I gave, the topic at hand was Joy’s comment about BW being proud of EH. And, I think EH takes this job for granted.

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    Jamey Giddens

    That Elisabeth is getting a bit too big for her six double zero britches. They thought Star’s wedding was a mess, just keep watching. Political Barbie is about  to make Omarosa look like a timid kitten any day now!

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    I agree with Woopie, people will talk no matter if you are a male or female, they have nothing better to do. Maybe Sarah should have said when she received the clothes that she didn’t want them like Barabra said but no matter what, people would have talked. But the sad thing? This is what the media and the people are worried about. People are loosing their homes and jobs and they don’t talk about how we can help these people only that Sarah spent so much on her clothes. I saw on the news yesterday, a woman hancuffed herself to her house because the bank wants to take it away, how sad is that? That should have been the headline on every newspaper and newsshow. If I had money, I would have flown down to California to give her the money to save her house. But not, people are worried or talking about stupid stuff, what a shame what this world has come to.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Elisabeth has her head stuck in a hole. She knows dog blasted well 150,000 is too much damn money spent on a wardrobe when our country is in a recession! That’s what’s so ridiculous about the leaders of the Republican party. They build their loyalty as being the party for "Joe The Plumber" when Joe does not have membership to their country clubs.

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    I with you, Jamey, the Republican party is a joke and the money spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe was outrageous that they think that no one was going to notice? I dont blame SP, I blame the RP for being one thing and being another. I dont think the country is going to get out of the mess that the Bush administration has made.


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