Karen Harris’s Life In General Debuts Today on Strike TV!

Today’s the day! Life in General, the soapstastic, labour of love from General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift scribe Karen Harris debuts on Strike.TV. Starring past (Brynn Thayer, Lindze Letherman) and present (Arianne Zucker, John Ingle) soap faves, Life in General is a smart, sexy, campy glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of daytime’s most popular drama, Greenville General (also a Strike.TV show-within-a-show from Harris), experienced through the eyes of long-suffering soap writer (Is there any other kind?) Winifred Marshall (Zucker) .

In the pilot episode, Winifred has to deal with meddling network execs, a demanding executive producer, an aging, figure head series creator, a bed-hopping leading man and a volatile real and reel life supercouple, all while managing to put out a soap opera five-days-a-week. If you like character-driven, good-old-fashioned soap opera, Life in General is the show for you.

FYI: For those of you who loved the amazing dream sequence reunion of Robert, Sean, Tiffany, Anna, Mac, Luke and Robin on Night Shift, Harris co-wrote the episode with series head writer Sri Rao.

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    I iust watched! It’s pretty good! It’s pact full of great daytime stars, present and past. Arianne Zucker’s character is very different from Nicole (her character on Days) and she does a really good job. It was nice to see Lindze Letherman and Scott Clifton, I miss them on GH. John Ingle was great as always.

    I’ve always been intrigued by the drama that goes on behind the scenes on a soap set, the soap press doesn’t really cover it. Since this is written by an actual soap writer you gotta figure some of these things really do go on!

    The episode is short, about 9 min, so it’s a nice quick watch. I’ll definitely be watching to find out what happens next.

    Does anyone know if we’ll see the character of Courtney in upcoming episode?

    Also how often do they release new episodes?

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    Courtney fan4life.

    LOL. i so Agree with you. to be totally honest, sorry if this sounds shellow. but my dislike for georgie goes way beyond the character. it was because i never really understood the attraction that veiwers had for LL…of course that was until i saw her in life of GH when her appearance sparkled and i withness the sexyness that she could have brought to georgie.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The first episodes of Life in General and Greenville General are in essence pilots. The hope is to draw advertisers in order for the shows to get picked up, so watch, watch watch! And tell all your friends to watch!

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