Live+7 Benefits Struggling and Strong

The Live Feed is reporting that the DVR Live+7 used by primetime TV has helped a slew of TV shows achieve marked gains in ratings. Life, Lipstick Jungle, Heroes, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Smallville, Prison Break, Boston Legal, Terminator and Chuck all had viewership gains of 17 – 36%.

No wonder several of these smaller shows have been picked up by their networks. What I don’t understand is why the ratings for daytime soaps, which require an even larger commitment to watch, aren’t calculated on Live+7? Imagine the percentage of viewership increases the soaps could have if their ratings were calculated with Live+7?

Visit The Live Feed to find out how much your favorite show’s ratings increased with Live+7.

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    I wonder, too, about live +7 and +3 ratings for soaps. Do the networks even have Nielsen collect them for soaps? If not, why not? I agree that it seems it would increase the overall audience for soaps even more than it does for prime-time shows. Personally, I rarely watch my soaps on the same day but rather wait ’till I have two or three episodes saved up on my DVR and watch them back to back one evening or on the weekend. People that work during the day don’t have really any other option most of the time.

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    I watch EVERYTHING on t.v. unless for some reason i can’t or I have nothing else to do ad i watch it live and that is very rare.

    So when more and more people are consuming their content online i really just think the Nelsen system is something from the stone age that is ready for retirement.

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    Does DVR mean that people are watching the commercials? I thought that was what the advertisers cared about?
    Sometimes with Tivo, shows are recorded even if you don’t request them… Maybe I don’t trust the rating system, but I also don’t trust DVR viewership.

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    The whole DVR system is weird if i remember right.

    They can tell what ad’s you skip, how long you skip and such.

    But they count the show it self as ‘watched’ if you do or don’t watch the ad’s ((If i remember right))

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    oh, yeah, I record like 3/4ths of these shows. I have to be at school from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm, so I don’t even watch anything live anymore. I catch up over the weekend.

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    i really doubt many people are going to watch 7 days of recorded soaps against waiting a week to watch one episode of a primetime show. i find it hard to watch one hour let alone seven and imagine if you record more than one soap plus your primetime shows you won’t have time to do anything beside sit and watch tv.

    Can’t speak for anyone else but the reason I dvr anything is because I am too busy to watch it live and my life doesn’t slow down on the weekend it actually picks up.

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