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Looks like I’m not the only one that’s happy about the status of The Young and the Restless these days. TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco has deemed November Y&R month in this week’s Nelson Ratings. Branco urges fans to help Y&R reclaim a 5.0 rating and even suggests that General Hospital’s Finola Hughes should join the show (see below). Personally, I’m all for it.

I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Finola Hughes should join Y&R in the role she was originally cast in: Sabrina’s mom, Zara. Think about it: Zara who could help heal Victor’s heart.

Its official, Nelson is my new BFF! It’s safe to say that fabulous Ms. Hughes’ talents will be utilized on Y&R, unlike the screwball way GH portrays the actress’ character. She wouldn’t even have to be Zara, but another character who can go toe-to-toe with the heavyweights at the eye network.

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    While I will agree that November looks good for YR it isn’t what i am looking the most forward to lol.

    USA Soapwise i would go with OLTL, with YR in a close second.

    Total soapwise i would go with Eastenders (uk) and the big Who dun it that is about to happen, I CANT WAIT, the actors are really looking forward to it and saying that this is going to be a classic who dun it like they had in the past (Who Shot Phil? etc).

    YR mite be good but it’s still no EE lol.

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    “YR mite be good but it’s still no EE lol.”
    That’s your opinion J. Go watch your EE. LOL Y&R is the only daytime must-see tv for me now. It just keeps getting better everyday.

    Finola Hughes could only make it better. I’d love to see her go toe to toe with Victor.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Finola can be a brand new character on Y&R if CBS decided to take another run at her. The possibilites are endless for her. She can steal a scene with Eric Braeden (Victor) and also tangle with Jill and even Gross Gloria.

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    :P I know i just like pimping EE lol

    I do agree that YR is really good right now, i think the reason i am looking forward to OLTL more is because i have liked OLTL longer then YR lol.

    I do think that YR has the best SWEEPS plan for CBS (And it beats the pants off DAYS) but i am still holding out hope for ABC to pull off a good sweeps but in the end i am betting YR will be the ‘show you should have watched’.

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    Nelson’s column today devoting itself to Y&R thru the month of September to leave room for Nelson to analyze, enjoy and eat up every delicious second (or every other second) right now. And he is absolutely correct about Thom Racina’s scripts. When I see his name pop up as that episode’s script writer, I scream inside like a high school girl encountering The Jonas Brothers in the mall. There is absolutely no phone calls and no distractions. His dialogue is so rich, so smart and ramps the described drama by the head and breakdown writers to it’s highest level. Sheffer and Ms. Bell, as well, have mades uch an incredible improvement with everything and it proves the thing many fans believe, that if they write a good story, people will watch and enjoy it. The production has not changed at all. It is still the gothic, lush show with an obvious high-end budget for sets and wardrobe. They built a set, the French chateau, just to burn it down. There was also the hotel room in Rio that Nikki and Paul were in, so they are not scrimping over there. The one improvement this show needed was a long-term vision, an appreciation of the show’s core and history and simply, great writing. The shows are more cohesive. The intertwine, weave and bob, through and over each other. The dislogue is natural, makes it’s point (and aren’t pointless, LML) and stories are moving in organic, slow plot points that are character-motivated. The core has been pushed to the center and forefront of the show. The Newmans, the Abbotts, The Winters crowd and the Fisher/Bladwins. It still has problems, yes, like Nelson said, there are a few actresses that need to go NOW. The young girl who plays “Eden Baldwin” is probably a lovely, sweet girl but “Eden” is a loud, annoying, whiny, facial-tick having mess. I am not F-F’ing a minute of the show so I have the pleasure of cringing when she is on. It is unfortunate too because I think they have her planned for a romantic Paris trip with Noah Newman which would establish them as a new, young, up and coming “legacy” couple. I can only hope they will re-cast her because of the major negative fan reaction but I am not sure how TPTB at Sony/Bell Prods. feel about their fan’s wishes. They haven’t re-casted “Heather” or “Colleen.” I like Christal Khalil but they do not write “Lily”lile they should. It should be young-Dru, tough, independent and fierce, not whimpering about being lonely, being a martyr for your wimpy boyfriend and letting you best friend take your job, no problem. Dru would never accept any of those things and neither should Lily. But everything else is in very good or still improving condition. I started to notice back when Sheffer first joined the show, from the very first episode I noticed a change. I did not want to say anything here or on some of the forums or boards because I did not want to be pummeled or beat down for saying I already thought it was better. But slowly and to my delight, the rest have joined me. Nelson actually validated my feeling and I was able to show that to someone who has been a “so-so” critic of the new writing team’s efforts. He feels that it will “never be the same brilliant, beautiful, complex show that it was in it’s prime.” No soap opera will ever have it’s prime again. That is why it’s called it’s “prime.” The period during it’s greatest commercial succes, story line reaction and superior acting, writing and production. Those days are over for the genre. But, you have to enjoy what is going on now. If it sucks, I understand. GL is my biggest surprise for the show that will never be the same and I am doubtful it can ever be good again too. I think the damage cannot be repaired in Springfield. They have changed the entire essence and meaning that GL stood for. Y&R has never lost it’s essence, it’s soul. It was always there, waiting for someone to pick it up out of the river much like I think someone did to Drucilla, to dry it off and nurse it back to health. Thank you Dr. Bell and Dr. Sheffer because you have perormed beautifully. I LOVE Y&R again

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    Wow, KingTV, I really loved your post and pretty much agree with all of it. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, though – Thom Racina has been fired by Y&R. And it was done over the phone. Very callous; shades of Adrianne Leon’s despicable firing.

    Speaking of Adrianne Leon, when is that hair model that replaced her going to herself be replaced? It’s stuns me that Tammin Sursok and also Vail Bloom manage to keep their jobs despite their inablity to act. That gal who portrays Eden might possibly be okay eventually someday – except I just can’t stand her voice. It’s like a knife through my brain. I just can’t listen to it for years to come – she’s gotta go.

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    And personally, Janice Ferri Esser is the best scriptwriter on the Y&R staff, and she also has a long history with the show. She captures the Bill Bell essence in her scripts more so than anyone else.

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    Of course he was fired via phone, he was a scriptwriter and never stepped foot inside the Y&R studios. Racina said himself that he wrote all the dialogue for his scripts at home and never personally met Maria Arena Bell or Hogan Sheffer face to face.

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